All star wankerdom

It’s a good thing we don’t read InstaPundit too often:

but this time I’ve got an all-star team of guestbloggers coming in: Ann Althouse, Megan McArdle, and Michael Totten

The woman who fancies herself Amber Frey, the one who fancies herself an intellectual, and the man who fancies himself a liberal. (He also has the world’s worst -and dumbest- suggestion: “Link to Michael J. Totten with the logo button.” Uh, Sadly, No!]

It’s an all-something cast, we’ll grant you that. IP has been able to use his free time to write such wonderful insights as:

. That will expand [blogs’] impact considerably. On the other hand, they’ll grow less significant, in a way, because they’ll grow more ordinary. Like other communications media, from newspapers to email, they’ll just become part of the background, and their particular thread of impact will be less noticeable.

By that logic, according to our calculations newspapers stopped being significant in 1957.


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You know the rules! Don’t try to apply “logic” to wingnut theory. That’s not a fair fight!


“…they’ll just become part of the background, and their particular thread of impact will be less noticeable.”

He’s been reading Dark Window!


Thanks Yosef for showing us once again why you are our favorite hottest new conservative writer on the web!


BTW, happy belated. That was your present. (Awful fierce what that PeteM guy did for your bday.)


He’s been reading Dark Window!

Well, considering the only person we’ve ever had an impact on is Seb, that’s not much of a loss.

And Seb, in spite of our long-running feud, I have to give you major props in one area: You pick way cooler all-star guest bloggers than Instapundit does.


You have a great blog!


I really enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the great work.


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