Well, it’s a study by Howard’s standards

Howard Kurtz writes about The Daily Show and Jon Stewart:

Stewart, who has called the Iraq war a mistake, is more likely than Jay Leno or David Letterman to ridicule Bush while going easy on Kerry, the Project for Excellence in Journalism found. “He’s an outstanding comedian, but clearly he does comedy from the Democratic left perspective,” says Republican strategist Mike Murphy.

Kurtz has to be referring to this study:

The opening monologues of the three late-night comedy shows-The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and The Daily Show were studied for the presence of the seven narrative themes. Video tapes of the shows were used for the analysis. Program re-runs aired during the content analysis period were discarded. In all, 33 shows were studied, broken down as follows: The Daily Show-9

Nine fucking shows — did these assholes learn statistics from Trying To Grok?


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Who would be surprised that a right wing group established to bully the press would do a study to try to bully comedians. That would be like invading a country not involved with 9/11 and saying it was because of 9/11. Only evil people would do that and only stupid people would believe them.


Howard falls in the same trap as Tucker did last week, to his sorrow: he’s assuming Jon Stewart is a news guy, when in fact, Jon Stewart is a comedian who makes a living showing how absurd the programming that passes for news is. With Kurtz jumping into the mix, maybe it’s time to give Stewart a column in the Onion or something that Kurtz can consider direct competition.

If the news guys (I won’t call them journalists) can’t distringuish between a journalist and someone who is making as much fun of the media, as Stewart clearly is, it’s a very bad sign for their profession.


“The consumers of TV satire 40 years ago were assumed by the satirists to be pretty well-informed people already.”

“Nuff said?


Do Stewart’s political leanings have anything to do with anything? Seriously, that makes no sense at all. He’s a comedian. You watch the show to laugh, not to stay informed on current events.

Well, then again, maybe Howie watches to stay informed on current events.


Why do the facts hate George W. Bush?


George, you nailed it. The problem is that no one who knows what’s going on thinks Bush can pass the laugh test. Kerry is just plain not as laughable as Bush and the media’s handling of the news.


The only comedy show that doesn’t regularly make Monica Lewinsky jokes is accused of being in the tank for Democrats? Leno and Letterman don’t realize that “gag” lost its steam years ago.


I have a better beard than Wolf Shnitzer. I want to make millions reading a teleprompter, too!


The Daily show dosen’t have an “opening monologue”. What a bunch of dumbasses.


The underlying assumption, for many people, is that for the Media to be “fair” and “balanced” it must present criticism of opposing parties in equal numbers. This can only be considered a valid method of comparison if members of opposing parties do or say stupid things in equal numbers.

When you’ve got George Bush for a president, you’ve got a comedy gold mine.


Howie, you ignorant slut!


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