If you squint really hard, you can see a magical rainbow

Instapundit (surprise!) links to this post with these words: “GERARD VAN DER LEUN has some thoughts on where Bush-hatred is heading.” What has the esteemed blogger seen?

Based on the lyrics of Eminem, Van Der Leun (VDL) argues that the logical end point of Bush hatred will be an attempt on his life. VDL observes:

We expect our enemies to hate the President and to seek to do him harm. We do not expect members of the loyal opposition to allow their rhetoric and their “cultural standard bearers” such as Eminem (“I set precedents and the standards…”) to poison the political system to the level that some of their misguided ilk take it upon themselves to take a shot at Bush “for the sake of the greater good.”

We missed the memo on when Eminem became leader of the “loyal opposition.” (Indeed, we missed the memo as to when the US became Canada or the United Kingdom where one might use that expression, but we digress.)

Perhaps this visitor put it best:

Well, that really is the last straw.

I hope, for the good of the nation, Eminem withdraws from the field of Democratic presidential candidates.

Jeebus boys and girls, get a fucking grip already. It’s a song by Eminem, not the platform of the DNC. VDL referred to the song as a “minor moron moment.” His post reminds us of Norbizness’ mention of the Freepers and Their Unmedicated Firebrand Lunacy. Pretty soon someone (Matt Drudge?) will reveal that the letters in “Ahmad Chalabi” can be rearranged to “A Cabal Had Him” which proves his conviction in Jordan is bogus. But so everyone can sleep safely, the secret service is on the case.

Oliver Willis is equally unimpressed.


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You know, I hadn’t thought about that anagram deal. I’ll get right on it. Thanks.


Just for clarification’s sake, Gerard: it is a satire site, right?


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