Can’t somebody else do it?

When we let other bloggers do our work (mocking the differently abled) for us:

  • Tim Lambert, fresh from his whooping of InstaPundit, takes a whack at Steven “I’m not posting anymore but here’s a post anyway” Den Beste. The results, for Steve-oh, are not pretty:

    Den Beste also draws two trend lines for each candidate. However he seem to have constructed his trends by just eye-balling the graph. This is not a good technique for constructing trends since it is far too easy to find the trend you were expecting or hoping to see. To get trends that are not effected by subjective bias you need to use statistics.

  • Roger Ailes points out that Andrew Sullivan isn’t just an idiot, he’s an idiot who celebrates getting money from bigots:

    Precisely how dense is Sully? He thinks the blogad on his site for the smearumentary Stolen Honor “funnels a few Sinclair dollars to the blog.” He also believes he’s running an “ad from Ann Coulter.”

    In fact, both ads are from NewsMax is giving away the Coulter book to idiot subscribers.

  • Over at elementropy, retardo introduces the game that is sweeping the nation:

    Of course it’s simple. A Rightwing Nutcase simply finds a subject that he has always favoured but is universally repugnant to the civilised world, and makes an argument of “exceptionalism” for it. Shall we conduct a test? Yes? Okay, think of something unsavoury or wicked in a banal way, first. Ahh, yes, there’s the two subjects mentioned above:

    So go over there and add your own suggestion. He’ll give you a prize if it’s any good.

  • Luis Poza of has a rather depressing summary:

    It’s more visible in Philadelphia than anywhere else as of tonight, where the Bush campaign staff attempted a last-minute drive to shuffle around polling places in Philadelphia–again, a predominantly black city in a predominantly white state. The Bush team argued that they wanted to relocate 63 polling places because they allegedly lack sufficient handicapped access, and because of “intimidation.” Said Matt Robb, the Republican leader of the 48th ward in South Philadelphia, “It’s predominantly, 100 percent black. I’m just not going in there to get a knife in my back.” Another gem of a Republican said they were trying to change polling places in black neighborhoods because “The black neighborhoods are the ones that do the funny stuff. What are you supposed to do?”

  • And finally, Uncle Horn Head asks a question we cannot even reproduce here.
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    Things are getting ugly here at S,N! I’m scared.


    Another good source of priceless wingnuttery is Slate. What they lack in spelling ability, they make up for in pure hilarity.


    Hey, Seb! Found another one for you

    Can I do a takedown of a wingnut as well as Seb? Sadly, No! Ladies and Gentleman, I present the Amazing Beldar!


    With Dan Beste coming out of retirement, can Gerald Cooney be far behind?


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