Shorter Republican Outrage over John Kerry’s remark about Mary Cheney

To quote just one source:

John Kerry should have left Dick Cheney’s daughter in the closet where she belongs.


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At this point, it’s probably best to move on. I hope Kerry keeps saying he doesn’t understand the outrage, considering that Dick and Lynne have been using her gayness since 2000 and were the first to bring it up in this campaign. He will probably get more points for being consistent than if he now says “oops, I am so sorry, I forgot so many bigots were supporting George Bush and might be offended by it”


Homophobia is a winner for the Right. Don’t believe all those polls and studies about sizable numbers of Americans being tolerant of gays. We’re a prudish, superstitious, backward, provincial nation with untold reservoirs of sexual hangups. Wanting to appear progressive or tolerant may lead many to tell a pollster, friend, co-worker or relative they are accepting of homosexuality but mostly they’re lying. The vast majority of this nation is afraid, resentful, confused and/or repulsed by homosexuals. You want to believe America has made significant progress in achieving acceptance of gays? You’re deluded. Bush and Rove know this is the true state of affairs and they campaign and govern accordingly.


You know, you could delete the “by homosexuals” and the statement still holds:

“The vast majority of this nation is afraid, resentful, confused and/or repulsed.”

Just think of the energy (and money) wasted in keeping ourselves and others in this state.

Do you think that, in some hugely dysfunctional way, we must really enjoy being like this?


Miss, I don’t enjoy it. I haven’t traveled much in my life but I spend more time lately wondering if people in other nations exist in such a sick enviroment, even if for entirely different reasons unique to them.


Was she in the same closet where Seb kept Amber Pawlik? He just can’t seem to remember to keep it locked.


I wonder if Steve lives in Fresno… Other countries are just as screwed up over the same or different things. People are inherently flawed and we will never get over this any more than we have “settled” civil rights and feminism.



I’m not sure if it’s a “vast majority,” though you are right that it’s a statisically relevant portion of the electorate.

I do have to wonder how many people would consider not voting for someone because s/he has a gay daughter. Once again, I think it’s statistically significant, but that’s a sign that our country’s in really bad shape.


Dammit, if you had found that 4 days ago it would have saved several posts of dreary spittle-drenched rage…

James J. Dominguez

Same old bullshit, reheated in Karl’s microwave.

Take something perfectly reasonable that[Kerry/Gore/Clinton/Edwards] said, twist it into something unreasonable, pretend to be outraged, wait for everyone else to be outraged when they believe the lies.

The current lie is twofold, but mainly that Mary Cheney was closeted. She’s out and proud. The other lie is that she was not a reasonable name to bring up during the debate. She’s the daughter of the VP, and she’s politically active in his campaign.

Now, if she was closeted and not involved in politics, it would certainly have been wrong for Kerry to mention her during the debate. Outing a closeted gay family member on national TV would have been a dispicable act. Of course, Kerry didn’t do that at all, but that’s what Rove want’s you to believe, the slimy little turdblossom.

James J. Dominguez

I put an apostrophe in a present tense verb!!!



You know what’d be really weird? If Adam Nagourney or any of the hacks quoting BC04 mouthpieces on this would ASK MARY CHENEY what she thought. Of course, she’s probably hard to find, since she’s only the DIRECTOR OF THE VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN.


I’d simply like to say that its more appropriate for Cheney to talk about his daughter then it is for an opponent. Its his daughter he has that right. But you liberals never seem to see the big picture, so I am unsurprised.


Democrats (especially lesbian Democrats) should be very careful about mentioning the fact that Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter is also his lesbian campaign manager, as it makes Mrs. Cheney (the published author of lesbian stories) very, very uncomfortable.


My word. A whole lotta “steves” responding to this post, but the strangest by far is the freeper Steve who not only is too chicken to provide his email address, but also doesn’t think anyone besides Dick & Lynne have the right to talk about a 35-year-old career woman (campaign manager) who happens to be a lesbian. What’s the matter, Steve? Do you think being gay is an affliction or something? Liberals don’t. That’s the bigger picture.


Well melior, thats a a common liberal action.. You people are the kings and queens of assumption. I happen to have two gay friends, one of whom is a black man… Oh my god, what a surprise hey… He is probrably one of the best people I know and certainly has the best sense of humor. He thought it was a low tactic to use Lynne in a sentance that didnt require her name be mentioned as well. Why say Lynne when unless his point wasent to direct the publics attention to the fact Cheney has a lesbian daughter. If anything it was a lame attempt to get homophobes to turn thier back on the republican party. Now who has a problem with gays? Nice try my friend. BTW. I entered my e-mail, must not have case it dosent again, it is ..And I will address myself as Steve C from now on.. So sorry


The above is for SED not melior, my mistake.

N. "The Chairman"

Why was Kerry not allowed to mention Cheney’s daughter but nobody said anything when Edwards did?

Ten times more importantly, why was Kerry not allowed to mention Cheney’s daughter, while Alan Keyes is allowed to make sweeping declarations about lesbians?


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