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Frederick from BeatBushBlog draws our attention to this contest:

George Orwell Bush contest — CASH PRIZES!
In George Orwell’s 1984, the three fundamental tenets emblazoned on Oceania’s Ministry of Truth were:

  • War is Peace.
  • Freedom is Slavery.
  • Ignorance is Strength.

    As thousands have noted, these principles guide the Bush administration. I’ve been looking for the best statements of these principles by Bush or other high-ranking members of his administration. Bush actually said the first one: […]

  • Check out Frederick’s blog for the details, and make the world a better place. Also, cash prizes.


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    Channel surfing on the AM radio dial I came across a Sean Hannity call-in segment. Like passing a wreck I experienced an uncontrollable urge to gawk for a minute or two. A young, ardent female Bush fan called in to slurp on Sean and bash Kerry. One statement she made starkly defined the mentality of many on the right. Hannity asked her the main reason she preferred Bush over Kerry. She very matter-of-factly stated it was because “Bush liked war and Kerry didn’t”. Surely a sentiment shared by millions, and reason enough to wish Osama could somehow just target the roughly 1/2 the population voting “R”.


    Indeed there are fundamental differences between conservatives and liberals; republicans & democrats. The coming election has made the expansive divide between the two greater than ever.

    So, in the interest of understanding as much as I can about all side — in the interest of making an informed decision — I have opened myself up to the various outlets that intend to show each in its true light.

    Finally, it is clear: Neither Bush nor Kerry is worthy of my vote. Sadly, there is no viable third party candidate to vote for either.

    Bush loses because he is too much like the highschool football star; he is strong and resolved and ready to fight and win — but also oafish and completely dependant upon the puppetmasters for guidance; his vision is clear, but self-serving. Bush is not evil nor is he a bad American, rather he is simply illequipped to manage the tasks necessary to navigate a dangerous future.

    On the other hand, Kerry is equally illequipped. John Kerry is the classic example of the Liberal Paradox; The ultra-have fighting for the cause of all have-nots. Kerry is campaigning on a platform of fluff. John Kerry understanding the plight of the common citizen is much like a blind man understanding the color blue – he has no frame of reference. Kerry exeplifies what I have come to understand by listening to Liberal radio (and on blogs just like this one):

    1. Liberals love Americans, but hate America.
    2. Liberals desire success, but resent the successful.
    3. Liberals purport to expose facts about American politics; while they propagate opinion as fact in the absence of facts. (or when the facts controvert their agenda)
    4. Liberals invite intelligent debate, but respond mostly with epithets and unsubstantiated personal attacks.
    5. Liberals believe that inalienable human rights are worth fighting for ? except when there has to be an actual fight.
    6. Liberals demand high wages for menial jobs?then act surprised when American business can?t afford to do business in America.
    7. Liberals appeal shamelessly to the plight of the middle class yet believe that it?s okay to tax their hard-earned dollars over and over and over again.
    8. Liberals believe that voting one?s conscience is a fundamental right ? as long as one?s conscience is voting for the Democrat; otherwise, the vote has been wasted. (Yes, they actually said that on Air America)
    9. Liberals advocate a safe and secure America, as long as the borders remain open and law enforcement doesn?t get too involved.
    10. Liberals, educated and astute, analyze current events and observe the world as it is? then pout and whine and complain and cry more than my 3 year-old daughter.

    Look deep within yourself and answer this question: Does either candidate truly care about you?

    Bush, Kerry… take your pick. It’s a no win situation for us all.


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