I got news — Gary Fogel had cancer!

Seinfeld episode 099, The Scofflaw:

GEORGE: (broken, shouts) Gary Fogel never had cancer!
JERRY: So what was wrong with him?
GEORGE: Nothing!
JERRY: So he’s been lying to me for two months?!
GEORGE: That’s right.


JERRY: Did you know he was so worried about losing more hair if he had to get
chemo treatment, I bought him an unlimited gift certificate at the Hair Team For
Men, just to put his mind at ease?

Meanwhile, in Canada:

LONDON — A man who claimed to have cancer in order to con the equivalent of more than $450,000 Cdn from family, friends and well-wishers was jailed for four years yesterday. Judge John Burke told Glenn Rycroft that his actions were mean, wicked and heartless. …

He then claimed to have a brain tumour and used further sums to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

No news on whether or not a membership at the Hair Team for Men was involved.



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