Unsubscribe information for dummies conservatives

Among our favorite emails here at S,N! are those we get from Human Events Online. Every single one of those precious messages includes the following note at the bottom:


To unsubscribe from this list, simply send an e-mail here and include the word “subscribe” in the subject or first five (5) lines of the message body, and we will promptly remove you. [Emphasis added.]

Right (wink wink.)


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People fall for it. It’s a percentage thing.


Maybe they read the Canadian voting instructions one too many times.


I had a similar experience with a CBS Marketwatch newsletter.

E-mail: To unsubscribe, don’t e-mail us here, go to this web page.
Web Page: To unsubscribe, e-mail us at the address we told you not to use.

It did work eventually, it was just confusing.


Hmm, … mabey you will understand if I put it this way.

I unsubscibed from it … before I decided to subscribe to it..


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