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Yesterday, in case you missed it, we had to take a day off from our current job (teaching business English) to fly to Hamburg for a job interview. At the start of our class today we asked the students what they had done the day before. The first answer we got?

We did a lot of preposition related program activities.

We don’t just hate America at Sadly, No! International — we teach the world to hate America.


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Is that a multiple of hating America, or does that cause exponential hating America growth?


I shall use this anecdote the next time I am on the “O’Reilly Factor” dicussing why we should boycott French-speaking Canadians.


Dear Mr. No:

Recently I picked up my morning Washington Post, innocently flipping to the style section in order to enjoy Garfield’s delightfully asinine misadventures, when I was unwillingly, indeed violently assaulted by this article about a young man who has made it his mission to tell people that punk rock and conservatism are not inherently conflicted – complementary, even. Because of course, we all know that what Punk was really missing was empty traditionalism and a slavish obedience to authority.

As fate would have it, the young lad has a web site, and it is everything you could hope it would be. I would be personally grateful if you would do me the favor of teasing him until he develops a speech impediment, or possibly a nervous facial tic.

Yrs. respectfully,



Conservative punks are one thing but what about conservative goths?


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