Now that’s a review!

From the “member book reviews” of Celsius 41.11 (the temperature at which the movie of the same name was made:)

Have not seen the DVD yet [sic,] but can comment on Haliburton. According to my information Haliburton is one of two Companies in the World that can rebuild a country. One is Haliburton mostly using American labor or American Contractors. Dick Chaney did work for them as a consultant expert on how to aquire Government Contracts. I would think their Contract with Mr. Chaney would be something very similar to a backer of a major Hollywood Movie. The better the movie is, the more money it makes, the longer it runs, the more money the Backer makes even well after he put up the money. How does this differ with a Contract Dick Chaney might have with Haliburton???

Oh, that Dick Chaney guy was just a consultant. If by consultant, you mean CEO. As for the movie part, we’re really not sure where that came from.


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Perhaps they got Dick confused with Lon Chaney.


Shorter book review: [sic] [sic] [sic] [sic] [sic] [sic] [sic].


I don’t know what–or who– I’m talking about, but I’m going to talk anyway.


Kerry’s “intellectual tongue” made her “quiver all over”??

Poor thing. All she’ll ever get from Bush is a stump speech.


According to my information Haliburton is one of two Companies in the World that can rebuild a country.

The other company is Quiznos.


Yeah, I bet those furry, mutated rodents can really build! They sure can sing and play the guitar well.


They’re called Spongemonkeys! And they are genius!

James J. Dominguez

We like da oil!
Cuz it is good to us!
We like da oil!
But not as much as hard-right fanatical Christian fundamentalism!
Cuz that’s more use for eating BABIES!!!


I like her Capitalization. It’s like she original wrote her Review in German, then translated it into English but left all of the Nouns capitalized anyway. I realize that I’m only picking Nits here, but the Rest of it is just too stupid for Mention.


Who is Brett Farb? Does he play defense, because if he plays offense then I don’t see how “Curt” Warner telling him what the play is would hurt all that much. What the hell is this lady talking about, does she speak English as a second laguage (not that that’s a bad thing) because if its her native tongue she should be ashamed.


Nevermind, I just read the end of her little rant where she recommends, and Treason. I think its safe to say this women is not balanced.


fuck u


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