Are we the only ones that missed this?

We need to pay more attention to things. The Washington Post, April 19, 2001:

An influential energy task force headed by Vice President Cheney has broached the possibility of lifting some economic sanctions against Iran, Libya and Iraq as part of a plan to increase America’s oil supply. According to a draft of the task force report, the United States should review the sanctions against the three countries because of the importance of their oil production to meeting domestic and global energy needs.

The April 10 draft acknowledges that sanctions can “advance” important national security and diplomatic goals. But it adds that United Nations sanctions on Iraq and U.S. restrictions on energy investments in Libya and Iran “affect some of the most important existing and prospective petroleum producing countries in the world.”


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Fortunately, since then the sanctions against Libya have been lifted and Iraq is our ally so there aren’t any sanctions there either. That’s why the price of oil has “dropped” to record high levels.


Can we get somebody to hit Duelfer over the head with a copy of this until he screams, “All right, already! Cheney thought the sanctions had done their job! Stop, stop!”


This makes it even more ridiculous and unbelievable that the press corpse was taken in by the Bush/Cheney snake oil re: Iraq.

The press knew what B/C was after in Iraq. They knew that the justifications were nonsense; the only surprise to them was the degree of the lie.

They knew, and they stood by and let this war happen. Not only that, they cheered as we rolled into Iraq to kill their citizens and seize control of their oil production facilities.

Excuse me, I have to go vomit.


Iran, Libya and Iraq! It looks like Cheney has some trifecta action going here.


Considering the date of this article, it’s almost sad. How much more of a trail does the press/public/everyone need before they would even start to grasp the reality of this. Far fucking out man…


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