Shiny and new!

Well, we got as far as installing MT3.12.

Look for us to restore the old content any hour now.

Update: We fixed things up as best we could and while the template needs a bit of work, all should be fine. The only thing to note now that is a few people are still getting the old site and leaving comments there — keeping them busy in their own, bizarro alternate universe. 🙂


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“Posted by Melody”? Who the hell is Melody? Oh wait — there’s an annual “Melody Amber” chess tournament in Monaco. So obviously “Melody” is, for those in the know, code for your beloved Amber Pawlik! Are you two finally, officially, an item? What does Mrs. No! think of this? (Or was she just a figment of your imagination, much like Bernard Kerik’s nonexistent nanny?) If there really is a Mrs. No!, do you and Amber have a “love shack” a la Kerik to avoid Mrs. No! catching you and Amber in flagrante delicto at your home?


You’re in Germany, right? So what’s with the calendar starting the week on Sunday? Come on! Teach those backwards provincials a lesson in logic!

Sheesh. Next thing you know you’ll be doing measurements in miles and feet….


Truth is we absolutely hate the calendar but just can’t be bothered to fuck around with the template tonight…


This is new and scary. I don’t like change, change is wrong and bad.


Frederick, I think that Melody is Dahonger’s girlfriend with the rack.


Wow! The comment box is so big and bright I can see it even through my cataracts. Thanks. Also, an embarrassing confession: The first few times I got netted up in the Dahonger site, I was afraid to enter. I thought it was some German gay porn site because “Dahonger” sounded like a naughty German word. So when you guys see “Dahonger” and think “what a rack,” I think of something else. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.


It IS bouncy and bright and shiny! I’m so happy to see the cool kids here.
Can I carry anyone’s books?


I like what you’ve done to the place.


Whoaoza! The place smells spankin new. You need to bring in a wet dog to get a lived in odor. A few more snarky posts will also do the job.

Congratulations! You did this without our having to encounter the DaHonger again.


oh yeah, what happened to your links? You know, I use this site as my launching pad to Blogosphere.


Well, I love the new look! Black is so slimming!


I don’t like change, change is wrong and bad.

?Change is good. You go first.? ? Dilbert.


Exciting and new!
Come aboard. Seb’s expecting you.
Life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow, it floats back to you!

MT3.12 Boat!


Sadly, No! soon will be making another run,
Sadly, No! promises something for everyone!
Set the course for adventure,
Your mind on a new romance…


It looks great! Of course, now it looks darker than “The Dark Window”.

While you are it, any ideas I can fix the horrible color scheme and style that blogger has as one of its defaults? I know it won’t improve my blog entries but at least it might make them look better.


Bill S-

What would be the next line?

“It’s Seb!


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