Apologies for the delay

Which for all intents and purposes is an apology for the fact that I got nothing, and have been looking at that empty bucket for nigh on three weeks hoping that one morning I will awake and find within sustenance or inspiration, but each day has ended in a failure to see the worthiness in an attempt to find a gag writhing within the daily assault on the body politic, both currently occupying the same bag and being set upon by cloven hooved and cliven brained reprobates for whom an entire new lexicon is going to have to be established to deal accurately with the new norms that are being committed to the cultural asylum on a daily basis, so that some new, coarser, and more agregious ones can take their place on the morrow.

Simply keeping up with the Madness is nearly a full time job, and as I may have mentioned It is my belief that one of my favored vectors of humor is hanging by a thread which is all I will say about that for fear of contributing….

So in any event, tapping back into some Sadly Lore and to justify this exposition…It is now finished and if you so choose, you may now comment upon a thread about nothing…


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I was too young to understand what the Reagan crew was doing, the nut jobs they were appointing to our courts, etc.

W, however bad they were and however they stole the elections of 2000 in FL and 2004 in OH, I was looking forward to 2008 with Hope indeed — congress flipping in 2006 was amazing.

Until Congress goes Dem again, I cannot have any hope


Judge Roy Moore? Nothing? You really are in the dumps, poor thing. Come on, get back out and fight the good fight with us.

Flagsupporter Freedom

Oh, you poor triggered liberalz how you are now eating SHIT thank GOD we have taken are country back! The media will soon be broughed to heal and you will stop biasing the economically anxious againts the free market which is what SOROS SOROS SOROS and homosexuals. No more illeagles voting for free stuff and Obamaphones are cancelledd.

Not sure if this is the real Ruppert or a fake, because it has been awhile since I have aseen one of them in the wild, and have to admit that it has taken it so long to return for a proper high minded gloating…..



So the important thing is that now is not the time to talk about gun control because reasons. Not that anything’s going to happen.

Sandy Hook didn’t result in gun control – but we already knew that many lawmakers have no souls. Giffords and Scalise getting shot didn’t result in gun control, so it doesn’t even matter to the Congresscritters that they might be actual targets. There seems to be no victim of gun violence so outrageous that the US will ever curb gun rights.

I guess the solution is to ban all large gatherings of people to limit the carnage that a single shooter can achieve. The answer to school shootings? Eliminate schools – everyone can be homeschooled or maybe there’s an online remote learning solution. These are just minor inconveniences – and hardly sacrifices at all for the greater glory of the Second Amendment.


I fully realize the importance of watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and schoolchildren, and how very little the petty lives of actual human beings matter next to this hallowed goal…

… but, uh, there is such a thing as watering a plant too much, y’know?


Too much watering leads to root rot, dunnit?



First the back story:

Sadly here in LEAFS SUCK, chickens are still verbotten but there are efforts being made to change that.

Those efforts have paid off. City council just approved a pilot program to allow up to four chickens. It’s only being rolled out in a limited number of wards in the city, but the path to backyard chicken legalization is now established.

I only wish Rooster Shamblin were still around to share this great victory.



Huzzahh!!! Good news like that doesn’t grow on trees!

Coach Ryan Cooper

Wuzza-wuzzup, silly centrists? The funky fact of the matter is, the COOPMEISTER totally PWN3D Duh-Nahesi Coates! Ya better believe that this crybaby needs to realize that progressivism is on the march, and quit the whining! Badoodle-boo-yeah! And if it’s not, maybe he should just get a rich daddy, like the COOPMEISTER, ya freaks!

I just hit you Hillbot dinguses with a SPREAD of LEFTISM! Ry-dude out.


Damn it is yet another Coach….And this one is some hot young actor….Nice to have you aboard, or back in another pair of pants old friend!

Imma gonna save that spread for my morning toast and start the day out right!

btw, you should be good to go after this one!

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