It’s Gonna be Huge! Huge, I tell you…

“Another night up and down, up and down, up and down, like a literal elevator in here…”

Failing with tremendous aplomb to allow Circe the goddess of dreams Mythology to take control of the ship and take her out for a, hell, a three hour tour, would be appreciated at this point…And whip up some tiresome entertainment leaving me spent and ready for sleep when I disembarked….But for some reason I suck, am out of favor with the gods, or who knows, currently under some Odyssey or somesuch so here we are.

Among the shit racing through my mind chiefly among them looms like a poorly fitted suit crumpled up in the chair in the corner that I see in a flash out of the corner of my eye upon waking with a shock and realize that it is a pile of my clothes, and that I am alone in bed, and that a quick check with the hand indicates that I do indeed still have a full head of curly hair, and that I am not a shirtless, balding, bespectacled, short, fat guy, from queens, just a very tired opposite of all that, dude in recovery from a shitload of trauma with an unstoppable train of gears spinning a’skull…

I wouldn’t call ’em Trumpmares exactly, because to be honest, the continued bucket footing and clomping around in arguably the least presidential fashion in the course of history still has its charms, and so far the bucket brigade that followed him into congress are led by two morrass-ons more concerned currently, with their legacy, than with burning the place to the ground…I would imagine that some phones have been burning up in certain district offices about taking away grannies healthcare, and that they are feeling the heat that that wily negro had baked into the system when he did that most Hitlarian thing in the history of the misuse of Hitler metaphors, and gave everybody, and the poors included, a chance to enjoy that modicum of security that health care as a right provides…You know, the same one enjoyed by every other civilized nation on this Planet of Earth!

So that Wily Wabbit has Elmer Trump bucket footing through the wood with loaded shotgun preceded by the cloud of woodland fowl this horror alights in front of him giving bugs enough warning to provide time to set up staging, a stage itself for the denouement, sell tickets and pack the house, because he knows that everybody loves seeing Elmer be-sooted after he has managed, once again to shoot himself in the face and destroy yet another gun at the same time.

So far this one is the best of the bunch, though there was a momentary thread that had one in which Trump was George Costanza’s younger brother, but I could not bring that one to shore, nor find a good image of Fudd with destroyed gun, but I am sure you know what I am talking about…


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Trumpmares are a thing, leading to trumpsomnia. Stay brave, it’ll take a lot to completely fuck this country up.


Combover Caligula: the ultimate Demonrat one-man sleeper cell?!?!??!

I like how once they spin hard & fast enough, the poor chucklefucks literally begin glowing … the ways of “BOB” are many, his wonders to deform.


I’ll see your “One-Man-Democrat-Cell” and raise you a “George-Soros-Is-Making-Weed-Stronger”

Pupienus Maximus


Yet another reason to give our thanks to George Soros!

Pupienus Maximus

“Ten times Trump asked [German chancellor Angela Merkel] if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany. Every time she replied, ‘You can’t do a trade deal with Germany, only the EU,'” the official said.

They continued: “On the eleventh refusal, Trump finally got the message, ‘Oh, we’ll do a deal with Europe then.'”

Nuclear facepalm.


Evidently listening is not a strong point

Nor is short term memory

Nor is basic knowledge.

Nor is reading.

We’ve got a president who rode the short bus to school.

Thanks, Russians.

Thanks, rubes


OK, work with me on this for a minute.

What if President Dunning-Kreuger were to do just ONE great thing, and then resign from office?

He’d go down in the history books as a great man instead of an abysmal failure.

Perhaps if he were to go to the wall against the GOP on behalf of WV coal miners pensions?

i know, I know, Pence is no better.

But at least he’s crazy in a more traditional GOP way. And the GOP are crazy enough without adding any of Trump’s crazy to the equation…

Think about it…

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