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Two-Minute McArdle

Which Half? If, as this Cato scholar claims, half the money that the US spends on health care is wasted, then perhaps it’s because we’re supporting the rest of the world in terms of health care research, or maybe something like that. PKBlog! I see Paul Krugman has a blog, although I must say it […]


Please, Bid The Sickness Cease

Ol’ VD Hanson is rilly, rilly upset at a lot of people right now. He’s upset at liberals, first and foremost, for not taking NineEleven seriously enough. He’s upset with Noam Chomsky because….well, when has anyone ever needed a reason to be upset with Noam Chomsky? His name alone is like some sort of evil […]


This! Is! Sparta!

Don Surber channels T. Herman Zweibel channeling Victor Davis Hanson: Dems split on the war The Surge is working. The initial success on the field by the American army is splitting the Democratic caucus in the House between those who want to Lose At Any Cost and the Weathervanes Who Follow The Polls. I have […]


Turn It Up, The Radio

The Hugh Hewitt Show, spreading infectious crazy through the airwaves: [Hugh Hewitt]: Now I made the opinion known today that I think the New Republic is anti-military, because pro-military magazines would not publish something like this, that its intention was not to entertain, but to characterize and inform people’s opinion about the military. And is […]


Disgusting liars

Victor Davis Hanson today: While few would believe there is any good news from Iraq, in fact, there is. Finally, we are mastering counter-insurgency, partly due to trial-and-error, partly due to the sheer exhaustion of the Iraqis who went through the embraces of Arab nationalism, ex-Baathism, and al-Qaedism that at various times fueled the insurgency. […]


Tonight At Noonan

I turned on the TV and there was a show on about solving crimes through forensic procedures. This has proven a reliable indicator as to whether there’s something silly going on today over at Blogs For Bush. Above: Ma-wa-wark Noo-woo-woonan of Blah-wah-wahgs for Boooshkpfthp They’re loony, you know. The Defeatists are Wrong By Mark Noonan […]


Haiku of Townhall

Used to do this semi-regularly* over at Parrotline: John Boehner O! The perfidy! Corrupt and secretive Dems! Regards, Sen. Chutzpah Matt Barber Would-be top doc sez: Don’t stick stuff up my ass, fagzz! My head’s got first dibs! Kathleen Parker Men’s health? Women’s health? It’s a zero-sum game, peeps! So … weiner-take-all! Oliver North I […]


Laff Riot

A best of Blogs4Brownback collection: Against Science! Heliocentrism is an Atheist Doctrine Filed under: Faith, Science — Sisyphus @ 10:04 am What’s even worse than the debate raging in American schools about the teaching of the soulless doctrine of evolution, is the non-debate over an issue that rational Americans have foolishly conceded to the secular […]


May 2003 Is Calling … It Wants Its Insanity Back

What was that about ‘beating on a beached jellyfish with a baseball bat’? Gavin, I think I’ve found your jellyfish. It’s name is Symposium. It has cute little tentacles named Bill Bennett, Victor Davis Hanson and Mackubin Thomas Owens. Watch them jerk spasmodically, clinging pathetically to the last vestiges of life, unaware that the tiny […]


Two Minute Townhall

I’m not as good at this as Travis, so bear with me… Rebecca Hagelin: ‘Don’t listen to those “population bomb” hysterics, incontinent breeding is the only way we’re gonna save our civilization.’ John Hawkins: ‘Liberals are the real racists; also, they’re greedy and use so-called “science” as an instrument of fascism.’ Linda Chavez: ‘Poor Scooter […]