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There’s Got To Be A Porning After

K-Lo, like a traditional upstate New York roast-beef sandwich, is a bit soggy on the bottom though on a roll. Anonymous [Kathryn Jean Lopez] The piece we published today on the devastating effects of pornography has kept a steady stream of e-mails coming into my inbox. Make that ‘a steady stream of e-males coming into […]


Usually The Answers To Obvious Questions Are Obvious

ABOVE: Eric Scheie of “Classical Values”“Si post fata venit gloria non propero” Eric Scheie, who appears to be a bargain basement Victor Davis Hanson, got a heh-indeedy from Instahick and a jiggle of the love handles from Jonah the Whale for an extended whine about what a shame it is that kooky conservatives are calling […]


Pericles Shrugged

Victor Davis Hanson, NRO: Damnation of Memory: Persecuting his predecessors, Obama would establish a poisonous precedent. When a party enters power and attempts to investigate…excuse me, let me put these goalposts over here, thank you. Um, when a party won’t even play fair by conducting its baseless investigations while its adversaries are in power, then […]


Full Fathom Five

It’s hard to account for the cheap shots that thoughtful observers have leveled at Jonah Goldberg since the Whitewater and Lewinsky follies brought him before us. By this I mean that no, it’s easy to account for them, because Jonah’s career as a public intellectual suggests a Crank Yankers puppet that calls people up pretending […]


Two-Minute National Review Online

Shorter Victor Davis Hanson: We need a new kind of leader, one who shows his independence from Wall Street by cutting rich people’s taxes. Shorter Hans A. von Spakovsky: Executives must have a short-term economic incentive (and government subsidies) to rebuild the same businesses that short-term economic incentive caused them to destroy. Shorter David Kahane: […]


While We Must Do, Ace Must Only Be

ABOVE: Dude, you ought to see his traffic lately Shorter Every Post at Ace Of Spades HQ That Was Posted by Ace in the Roughly Four and One-Half Hours Between 4:15pm and 8:49pm on Thursday, November 6: Comedians Declare They Just Can’t Find Anything At All Funny About Barack Obama —Ace Comedians have a clear […]



ABOVE: Victor Davis Hanson Victorates Daviskopita Hansonopolous is over at America’s Shittiest Website™ explaining why filthy rich Republicans are just regular guys while moderately wealthy Democrats are elite, arugula-munching, viognier-sipping, wind-surfing, book-reading, French-speaking, prissy-pants elitists: The week’s theme in the Obama campaign, prompted perhaps by Michelle’s comments about the unfairness of characterizing her husband as […]


Shorter Solons Of Neoconservatism

Shorter Victor Davis Terence Trent D’Arby Hanson: Revisionism and The Iranian Non-Bomb If Iran is actually not, in fact, developing nuclear weapons, then, um, this is a big success for the White House, and Bush opponents are wrong and in trouble. No backs, infinity.1 [runs away] Shorter Michael Ledeen: The Great Intelligence Scam This so-called […]


Wingnut Stuffing

As always at this time of year, as always, I am thankful for you, dear readers, you gorgeous intelligent sexy creatures you. But this is also the time of year that the conservative talking heads who spend the other 364 calendar days being horrible to people put on a noble face and talk about kindness […]



Above: “T.E. Lawrence, Billy Hayes, and Charles Johnson.” Someone put a nickel in Roger L. Simon this week! He just can’t seem to shut up, no matter how little sense he makes: I don’t like to make predictions – most importantly, because I am lousy at it and have a terrible track record. If you […]