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How does morality work?

It’s time again. Victor Davis Hanson wrote another column. To be fair, he writes columns faster than I can compose my criticism of them, but I never said he was lazy. His most recent column “Moral Equivalence in the Middle East” Moral Equivalence in the Middle East should start ringing warning bells at the first […]


Not quite dead

I’m having a rough time. but enough about me, how are you doing? And more importantly, how are the people to whom we entrust the solemn duty of serving us the preferred propaganda of their corporate masters and the crackpot billionaires that own them? Here’s Jonah Goldberg being a hack again. Obama has called […]


In the news

If you read the news, and I can’t really recommend it given the dullards who are writing it, the quota of advertiser-vetted bilge they are asked to write, and the richer dullards who edit them, you may have noticed that people are getting shot and otherwise killed at the hands of the police. This has […]


Let’s check in with some old favorites

Just checking in with Jonah Goldberg: Was Fascism Right-Wing (Again)? Yep. Still dumb as a stump. What is this, like a decade of being wrong? Let’s see who Dr Victor Davis Hanson wants to get off his lawn today: The Westernized Anti-Westerner What accounts for hatred of the West by people who voluntarily spent years […]


A Few Good Mengeles And a Brastickle

Today is partly a good day, as all of the Pitchers and Catchers have reported to Spring Training. Baseball season begins, which always places a positive spin on my mood. But as usual, the Universe finds a way to temper my good will. [Update: Apparently I have been taken down the primrose path] Yay me. […]


Meat Pie Innovation Will Save the Day

~There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and its morals aren’t worth what a pig could spit and it goes by the name of~ The National Review Online. Sir Victorious Davisson Hansonsonsonson von Hans, National Pew Pew Fantasy: America’s Big Fat Advantage Ha […]


Hispanic/Cuban Outreach

Not that kind of outreach, you sick pervert! Dennis Prager, National Meltdown: Seeing No Evil Republicans need Hispanics to become honorary whites to have even a hope and prayer of being electorally viable. They need them as much as a junkie needs another hit. And you can tell that the smarter* heads in the cabbage […]


Lessons Learned

A mental photograph of the current state of the collective right-wing following the recent election. Various National Review “Writers”, National Review It is very tempting to get over-optimistic about the results of the last election. While things aren’t perfect (way too many people were still willing to vote for an open sociopath out of tribal […]


So Apparently the Entire Right Wing Has Decided They’re the Neighborhood Watch From Hot Fuzz

The South will Whine Again! Victor Davis Hanson, White Supremacist For Hire, America’s Shittiest Website: Ten Things We’ve Learned from the Trayvon Martin Tragedy I’m gonna be fully honest with you. I’ve been veering away from the full out wingnut explosion with regards to the brutal and unforgivable slaying of Trayvon Martin and the criminal […]


I’ll Bet He Read Waterboarding For Dummies

ABOVE: Tevi Troy Shorter Tevi Troy, America’s Shittiest Website™: Reading into Cheney’s Reading It was unfair for the Washington Post to say that Cheney didn’t read while VP, because, even if he didn’t, he met with writers like Charles Krauthammer and Victor Davis Hanson. Shorter ASW™ Commenters, America’s Shittiest Website™: Reading into Cheney’s Reading Books? […]