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The World’s Greatest Shorter and I Didn’t Even Write It

It’s just too wonderful. Kathy Shaidle, PJ Lifestyle*: The Poor Get Poorer: 3 Character Traits That Undermine Prosperity Ladies and Gentlemen, Fluberts of all ages, you are about to bear witness to possibly the greatest shorter in the history of shorters. Ready? Go. Shorter (or the last port before Jungle): Gluttonous, slothful, irresponsible and entitled: […]


Four Feet Four Inches Of Stupid

ABOVE: Ugly on the outside (right); ugly on the inside and outside (left) Kathy Shaidle*, Five Feet of Furry First they want to get ‘married,’ now they’re developing a lucrative sideline as crybaby tattletales I don’t understand why these prissy fairies don’t see how hilarious it is to call someone a fucking faggot. Cracks me […]


Five Feet Of Fail

It’s hard out here for a wingnut. One day you’re riding high on the hog in the catbird seat, literally the cock of the walk (and sparm at that), like on the day not long ago when the news breached the grillcloths of America’s AM and satellite radio sets that a young Army recruiter had […]


Scandal in the Blogress-O-Sphere

ABOVE: GayPatriotWest What better way to start off the New Year than to wander over to the House of Gay Shame and see what’s up. If we’re lucky, we might find Bruce and Dan explaining why the criminalization of sodomy wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Or maybe they are planning a gay field […]


Dan The Magic Homo

ABOVE: The Gay “Patriot” West Since the rest of the Sadly, No! office staff is apparently off on some tequila-lime-meth bender and likely won’t be back for some days, it has devolved upon to me to keep this place open — and without much time during the day to do it. So let’s go looking […]


BREAKING: Gay Patriot Election Scandal!

ABOVE: Kathy Shaidle, the real “Conservative Blogress 2009” Sometime overnight, Kathy Shaidle was removed by the Gaytriots from their Blogress election, allegedly because she asked to be removed. Just like, as you might recall, Gore asked the Supreme Court to decide against him. Before this little bit of Florida-style election rigging, Ms. Shaidle had almost […]


Four Feet Six Inches of Stupid (IMPORTANT UPDATE)

ABOVE: “The World’s Tiniest Racist” In what has to be the worst idea since lawn darts, the dim-witted Gay Patriots have decided to hold a contest to determine who is the “Grande [sic] Conservative Blogress Diva 2009.” There’s enough funny here to keep us busy until 2012, even leaving aside the faux-French “grande.” For instance, […]


Let Them Eat Ayn Rand Novels

When Canadian über-wingnut Mark Steyn praises someone, particularly when it’s another Canadian wingnut, you can rest assured that the person being praised is likely to be as crazy as a closeted congressman on crank. So, say hello to Kathy Shaidle, a Canadian who, from her front-row seat in Toronto, knows more about poor people in […]