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Another Shocker From The Allegedly Gay Patriot

ABOVE: B. Daniel Blatt, the Allegedly Gay Patriot B. Dan Blatt, The Gay Putztriot, December 17, 2010 Harry Reid’s Partisan Game-playing The reason that DADT won’t be repealed has nothing to do with the Republican party. It’s because of Harry Reid, who believes that repeal gives gays one less reason to vote for Democrats. B. […]


Gay Patriot Is All A-Twitter About Iowa Results

Even pigs would probably draw the line at contracting for hits on people in PETA in order to assure each pig’s freedom to become bacon and be fried up in skillets across the country. So, in that sense, as this tweet shows, even your average pig is smarter than Bruce Carroll, The Gay Patriot: Does […]


How About A Little Gay Patriot For The Fourth?

ABOVE (left to right): St. Ronnie, Patron Saint of The Good Gays, and Bruce Carroll, The Gay Patriot Who is going to stand up for beleaguered straight people if the gay Republicans don’t? Over at the “Gay Patriot,” Bruce Carroll predictably is outraged at yet another example of how the gay traitors have their big […]


Gay Patriot Foot, Meet Bullet; Bullet, Meet Gay Patriot Foot

Yesterday we called America’s Dumbest Homosexual™, the illustrious B. Daniel Blatt, a “wretched, illiterate prick.” It appears that the “illiterate” jab must have hit home because Dan felt compelled to prove his literacy by posting an item “correcting” an AP headline with, it almost goes without saying, hilarious results. Here’s a screen capture, which I […]


BREAKING: Gay Patriot Election Scandal!

ABOVE: Kathy Shaidle, the real “Conservative Blogress 2009” Sometime overnight, Kathy Shaidle was removed by the Gaytriots from their Blogress election, allegedly because she asked to be removed. Just like, as you might recall, Gore asked the Supreme Court to decide against him. Before this little bit of Florida-style election rigging, Ms. Shaidle had almost […]


Shorter GayPatriotWest

ABOVE: GayPatriotWest Sarah Palin: Diva For Gay Republicans? Who cares if she is opposed to gay marriage? I’m voting for her because she has Audrey Hepburn’s hairdo. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


New Wingnut of the Week: GayPatriotWest (UPDATED)

ABOVE: Sole surviving member of thenow-defunct Chickens for Col. Sanders [Post updated below the fold with an official acceptance speech from this week’s NWOTW] Meet B. Daniel Blatt, a.k.a. GayPatriotWest, one of the co-bloggers (along with Bruce Carroll, a.k.a. GayPatriot) over at the riotously delusional PJ Media site, Gay Patriot — so-named by this gay […]



ABOVE: Erik Olsen Well, well, Dan and Bruce, the Dumb and Dumberer of gay wingnuts, have given full Gay Patriot posting privileges to Hollywood NeoCon, one of their legion of dimwitted commenters, who now calls himself Eric Olsen and has decided to let us know why so many black gay men are becoming infected with […]


Do Gay Wingnut Cattle Dream Of Electric Cattle Prods?

Dan Blatt — aka America’s Dumbest Homosexual™ — cuddles with his current boyfriend. Shorter Dan Blatt, The Allegedly Gay Alleged Patriot: Well, in recent days, Log Cabin had started sounding like Republicans If I had a paying job and if I were really gay, I would totally support the right of my boss to fire […]


Do Gay Elephants Dream of Ivory Keyboards?

ABOVE: Bruce Carroll, America’s Most RidiculousHomosexual™ When the Obama Administration announced yesterday that it would stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in lawsuits challenging DOMA’s constitutionality, I thought: “At last, something Obama has done that even America’s Dumbest Homosexual™ and his blogging cohort at GayPatriot Bruce Carroll (aka America’s Most Ridiculous Homosexual™) won’t complain […]