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America’s Shittiest Website™ — The Illustrated Edition

Here’s what happened over at America’s Shittiest Website™ after Nancy Pelosi referred to “500 Million” American jobs: And here’s what happened there after Andy McCarthy, one of their own, talked about “billions of American lives” threatened by terror attacks: Ya think Andy “USA! USA! USA!” McCarthy was counting Central Americans, South Americans and Canadians too?


Two Minute America’s Shittiest Website™ Symposium

[link] Clint Bollocks: Obama’s election is just the excuse we need to throw affirmative action out the window. Linda “Not Cesar or Hugo” Chavez: America can no longer be called a racist country inasmuch as only 48% of the country voted against the Negro. Latinas, however, are still fucked. Roger Clodd: If a black man […]


Sure, if your job involves writing for the blog of America’s Shittiest Website™

He still had us at pornographic emails: Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal resigned Friday under the weight of a scandal involving the release of dozens of pornographic, racist and political e-mails on his office computer. But then he lost us here: Mr. Rosenthal was forced off the March 4 GOP primary ballot by the […]


Two Minute America’s Shittiest Website™

the corner Myths of the Jena 6 [Jonah Goldberg] I found an article from somebody in Jena that proves that no one in a Jena is a racist. In fact, the white kids who hung the nooses got shot in the face and the black kids got pie and ice cream. Also, while I’m debunking […]


The most beautiful wingnut (on America’s second shittiest website)*

Over at America’s second shittiest website,** Amanda Carpenter tries to fact check “Team Obama.” One prominent campaign message man has even lied about Obama’s admiration for a critique written by the former terrorist who conducted despicable acts in his youth, about the juvenile justice system. Obama Spokesman Bill Burton denied Obama ever wrote a favorable […]


America’s Least Plausible Person

Shorter Jo-Dough Loadberg, America’s Shittiest Website™ America’s Least Plausible Populist Because Paul Krugman has a beach house and two oddly named cats, there is no need for me to address the substance of his arguments. Well, okay, if I must: His arguments are stale. There. I win. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected […]


Why We Call Andy McCarthy America’s Shittiest Lawyer™

Everything Andy says would make more sense if said while he was wearing a pink bunny suit Andy McCarthy, J.D., America’s Shittiest Lawyer™, America’s Shittiest Website™ Al-Qaeda, Yes; DOMA, No More hypocrisy from the left: They insist that actual people have a defense lawyer in criminal trials but deny that right to DOMA which, you […]


America’s Worst Law Student™, Class of 2010*

ABOVE: Facebook shot of Anthony Dick (left); Screengrab of Tab Hunter from Damn Yankees (1958)(right). Shorter Anthony “What a” Dick, America’s Shittiest Website™ Re: Litmus Test for Enlistment What the Army needs is more white supremacists and fewer Negroes. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all […]


The Reason It’s Still America’s Shittiest

Somewhat Shorter Snidely Kirsanow, America’s Shittiest Website™ Let Them Eat Cake Instead of going to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation, Obama should give the cost of that trip to the U.S. Treasury to help pay off the deficit he created. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all […]


Committed To Being The Shittiest, Now and Forever

ABOVE: Heather Mac Donald (the Sadly, No! tour de toilettes continues) Heather Mac Donald, America’s Shittiest Website™ Hispanic 101 Hispanics aren’t really a separate race the way Negroes and Whites are separate races. Oddly, though, almost all Hispanic girls are sluts, but that’s just a statistical observation, not a racial slur. In fact, “Hispanic” is […]