No we didn’t

Eric sends us an email to ask if we had anything to do with this announcement posted at Checks & Balances:

We at Checks & Balances apologize for the recent disruption of web services. Checks & Balances website suffered a hostile attack from a hacker who we have come to find out is a resident of Germany.

Reading on:

Our file server became to collection point for Nazi propaganda, music files for the singer Anastasia, and we believe even some pornography.

Nazi propaganda, Anastasia, and pornography. We can’t add anything to that (WCAATT, ? of The Dark Window.)


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Acquittal noted, now could you please direct your immaculate irreverence to NBC olympic coverage of beach volleyball, synchronized diving, and other olympic lite events. I know, I know, you don’t live here and it’s probably some divine karmic payback for American’s obtuse arrogance…but I think you are the perfect intellectual/cultural hitmen for the job (please forgive use of the masculine term).


If he really expects people to fork over $59.95 for a subscription to his site, he’s going to have to put the porn back.


Anastasia! Does she sing, too?


Anastasia! Does she sing, too?

Don’t know but imagine our surprise this morning when we found two police officers at our front door! Are we making this up? Sadly, No!


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