We don’t know, Frederick, so why don’t you tell us?

Over at The Rant, one Frederick Meekins is upset about ads for condoms being shown on Tech TV:

The purpose of placing a condom ad on [Tech TV] could only be to alter the values of those seeing it and ultimately those of the broader society. It?s definitely not about profit or even product placement, for how many Geeks do you know in the market for quality prophylactic? [Emphasis added.]

The man who brought you this interesting question looks like this:


Any questions?

(Thanks to The Dark Window for the tip.)

Update: Again, thanks to John for being Sadly, No!’s unofficial editor.


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It’s all part of the giant conspiracy to prevent geeks from procreating and expanding the power of Linux!


Fred doesn’t need condoms…his girlfriend’s vagina is vinyl


Fred doesn’t need condoms…his girlfriend’s vagina is vinyl


Would a self respecting geek watch Tech TV anyways?


No 🙂


You don’t know Frederick? Then who does know him?

Again: “eat my friends” and “eat, my friends” are not synonymous. Comma before a direct address, please. You write so well, except for this almost constant slipup, that I have to keep noting it.


Hey Freddy! The 80’s called – they want their hairstyle back.


…and their glasses.


Interesting theory that having a stash of condoms could make women like geeks more. Perhaps this is a common theory; it would many a stash of expired condoms.


I am a database developer for a tech company and I get rockstar quility ‘tang!!!


If people don’t see condom ads, they’ll never, ever think about all the sex they aren’t having! Fred gets it. Oh, wait, no he doesn’t.




Frederick Meekins at TheRant asks, “Do Geeks Even Need Condoms?” Depicting wholesome, clean-cut adventures rendering assistance to those in danger, one would think of “The Thunderbirdsâ€? as the kind of program parents would not find objectionable. H…


He could save a lot on his keyboard cleaning if his John Thomas wore one of those things while he was surfing.


I thought he said “how many Greeks do you know in the market for quality prophylactic?

Beware Greeks bearing Trojans


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