When my spark gets hot

Ah, dear old Tony “Snow“:

MR. SNOW: You know, it’s 130 degrees in Baghdad in August, I’ll pass on your recommendation.

Right… and: Sadly, No!

Baghdad, Iraq

Average High Temperature -- August
°F 108
°C 42

Highest Recorded Temperature -- August
°F 118
°C 47


Month Average Sunlight (hours) Temperature Discomfort from heat and humidity Relative humidity Average Precipitation (mm) Wet Days (+0.25 mm)
Average Record
Min Max Min Max am pm
Jan 6 4 16 -8 25 84 51 23 4
Feb 7 6 18 -5 30 78 42 25 3
March 8 9 22 -3 32 73 36 28 4
April 9 14 29 3 40 Medium 64 34 13 3
May 10 19 36 11 44 Medium 47 19 3 1
June 12 23 41 14 48 High 34 13 0 0
July 11 24 43 17 49 High 32 12 0 0
Aug 11 24 43 18 49 High 33 13 0 0
Sept 11 21 40 11 47 High 38 15 0 0
Oct 9 16 33 4 42 Medium 49 22 3 1
Nov 7 11 25 -2 34 70 39 20 3
Dec 6 6 18 -7 26 84 52 25 5

That’s hot — but it ain’t 130 degrees.


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Whadda coincidence. It’s 130 degrees at Snowball’s timeshare in Hell, too.


Where do they get these people?

Good thing our brave troops don’t have to rely on him for weather reports.

Its got to be a horrible burden keeping up morale when ‘the mouthpiece of the President’ is so inept.

Random Observer

TDS nailed them on this. It’s too hot to sit around and draft legislation, but of course our troops are walking around outside with 50 pounds of gear on.


I think he was referring to a kitchen in Baghdad that is currently going without electricity.

Why the Iraqi Parliament would meet there, I have no idea.

The food is terrible.


Your data is pre-surge.


Wait a minute — the numbers in this data appear to be in Celsius (either that or Iraq is frickin’ cool during the summer … just wait for Bush & CO to claim that when people ask about how the troops are doin’) … and that’s just un-American. Why do those Francophiles at the BBC hate ‘Murka?

At the very least, you can’t expect a Patriot like Tony Snow to understand un-American temperature measurements given in Celsius.


I gotta wonder, tho’. Where are they gonna go on this vacation of theirs? And if it’s nice there, what is the incentive to come back?


130 degrees is just 4 degrees shy of the hottest temperature recorded on the planet–134 degrees in Death Valley in 1913.


Well, the Al-Qaeda loving socialist BBC and Washington Post are known for their anti-US temperature bias. What we need is a fox news weather report.


Iraq only gets 6 hours of sunlight on average in January? Whoa. Are you sure those are imperial hours, and not metric?


But it’s a dry heat…


Issue Body Armor w/Ceramic Plates
Load Bearing Gear
Camelback Hydration Gear
Kevlar Helmet w/NVG
300 Rounds 5.56 (Basic Load)
2 M67 Grenades
First Aid Kit
Knee & Elbow Pads
Tactical Gloves
Issue Service Rifle
M9 Service Pistol
5 Rounds 40mm Grenade
60 Rounds 9mm
Personal Gear

108°, no shade.

What? Its not 130°? Wow. Must be like a freakin vacation then…



So he made it up. It’s what they all do. You guys are new here?


uhm, Mikey…


It’s a lot closer to true than 99% of the crap that comes out of his mouth.


It *was* 130. See? Proof that global warming is a myth!


Mikey’s right.

It may not be 130, but its close enough. We’ve got enough egregious lying from these bastards than to need to nit-pick. Swing and a miss, S,N!


Whoa, preview. Anyway: it’s only close enough if you look at the highest ever recorded temperature. 108 (average) v. 130 isn’t close enough. (Especially since Iraqis have been buying all those AC units now that the power is back on.)


Holy friggin’ Musa, 130 F, that’s 54 C! Highest temperature ever recorded is 136 F (57.8 C) (at least according to wiki).
Noe wait, that was Libya, 1922. That’s a towel country, too, so in Tony’s mind, it’s all the same.


Oy! I took this to be a slam that he can’t even get the basic information correct.

After thinking about it a bit ( and seeing Mikey’s list) I begin to wonder if it isn’t in fact a demonstration of Tony Snow’s REAL understanding of what our Troops are enduring in Iraq.


It’s 130 if you don’t consider the wind chill factor.


Snow’s 130? in context (from Seb’s first link):

Q Is the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament taking the month of August off?

MR. SNOW: Probably, yes. Just not —

Q They’re taking the entire month of August off, before the September deadline?

MR. SNOW: It looks like they may, yes. Just like the U.S. Congress is.

Q Have you tried to talk them out of that?

MR. SNOW: You know, it’s 130 degrees in Baghdad in August, I’ll pass on your recommendation.

Q Well, Tony, Tony, I’m sorry, that’s — you know — I mean, there are a lot of things that happen by September and it’s 130 degrees for the U.S. military also on the ground —

MR. SNOW: You know, that’s a good point. And it’s 130 degrees for the Iraqi military. The Iraqis, you know, I’ll let them — my understanding is that at this juncture they’re going to take August off, but, you know, they may change their minds.

Q But have you tried to convince them not to?. Does the U.S. government pressure them not to, because then the September deadline —

MR. SNOW: Again, I’m not going to — you know, I’m just not — I’m not getting into the — the Iraqis understand the importance. It’s not a September deadline, it’s a September report. I think it’s very important, in an age where everybody wants to create a sense of, sort of, finishing up on a deadline — it’s a report, it is not a deadline. It is a report that will, in fact, measure progress —

Q It’s a pretty important report —

MR. SNOW: It is a very — it’s a very important —

Q (Inaudible.) I mean, a month they’re not working.

MR. SNOW: Sheryl, will you let me answer Martha’s questions first? And then Helen is next, and then I’ll call on you.

Now, where were we, because —

Q We were a month off, we have —

MR. SNOW: Okay, so what you’re saying — yes —

Q — 130 degrees for the Iraqi parliament, so they need a month off, even though it’s 130 degrees for U.S. soldiers.

MR. SNOW: Well, you know, you’re assuming that nothing is going on. As I said, there are any number of things going on in Iraq. Let’s see what the parliament does during the course of this month. Let’s also see what happens, because quite often when parliaments do not meet, there are also continuing meetings on the side. And there will be progress, I’m sure, on a number of fronts.

I’m just — I’m not in a position at this point to try to gainsay what the Iraqis are doing. We are working with them and trying to help them succeed. They have a vested interest also in doing this and doing it right, and what they’ve done is they’ve set a higher bar for their legislative accomplishments than we do because they’re trying to operate on a basis not of simple majority, but consensus. It’s probably a wise thing to do at the outset of a country that has been driven by strife for so many years. It is a tough business.

But I would suggest not merely looking at the legislative accomplishments, but also, again, taking a look overall at what’s going on in terms of creating a sense of national unity, dealing with problems of sectarian strife — that certainly were rife last year, but are far less prevalent today, at least according to the trajectory mentioned in the report — and, therefore, take a comprehensive and factual look at all the aspects of what’s going on in Iraq.

Okay, Helen and then —

Q Do we have one-man rule in this country?


Okay, that last exchange doesn’t really help contextualize, but I liked it.


I lived in Tallahassee, Florida for 5 years. It probably averaged about 98 F in the summer. I found it unbearable. I can’t imagine 108 lugging around a soldier’s gear.

136? Another reason never to go to Libya.

Hysterical Woman

Like Washington is any better. It’s also humid. And yet this is when the tourists come.


If he didn’t say it like, “it’s 130 DEGREES you fucking IDIOT”, I might be inclined to give him a pass.


You guys think that’s bad, wat until we try to spread Democracy to the planet Mercury…

Tony Snow: Well, the Mercurian Government is going to take the next 2 Earth-weeks off.

Q: Why? Don’t they realize how important it is for them to pass the legislation that we need them to pass to justify our continuing occupation?

Tony Snow: Well, the planet is approaching Perihelion, at which point the average mean temperature will exceed 800 Kelvin, so I wouldn’t want to be the one to suggest that they stick around.


Is it just me, or was every reporter tugging on Tony’s shorties in that exchange a woman? Nice to see him squirm like that. More of the same, please…


Ahh, yes, S, N!. But you forgot the most important part.

9/11 changed everything. So take your commie metric system and shove it, bud!

You have your math, and Snowjob has ‘The’ math.


Tony’s projecting his mid-life hot flashes.


whoever said that the difference between 108F and 130F is “close enough” has never experienced the difference between even 108F and 116F in Arizona

i’ve lived through a solid week of temps over 115 (peaking at 122) a number of years back and i can tell you that you feel every rotten goddamned degree over 110… if you find yourself outside it’s like standing next to an open oven, and if the breeze kicks up, then it’s a convection oven nad you’re what’s roasting in it.

Just for the sake of comparison, Pony Blow should carry a soldier’s gear around Apache Junction on a day like any of the ones we had in AZ up until late last week and then see if he still wants to utter something so magnificently fucking ignorant


wow, i just made my own head explode by disagreeing with something while simultaneously reinforcing it (i.e. close enough/big difference)


Spokane Moderate

Come on, boys! The way you’re lollygaggin’ around here with them picks and them shovels, you’d think it was a hundert an’ twenty degrees. Can’t be more than a hundert an’ fourteen.


Not that this matters an iota but I did speak to a former contractor who worked in Iraq and he said they only measure the temperature in the shade. Now on to Mr Tony Snow, I hope his cancer burns, and burns real slow. Did it again, used an open comment blog to voice my disgust and anger at the fucking filth that comes out of the The White House.


Not to give Tony Snow a pass, but you see those 49 degree days in there? it’s 130 but it is 120 degrees and that’s incredibly fucking hot. I don’t care what the average temp is, that’s something to escape from if you can.


[…] Tue 17 Jul 2007 They Just Can’t Help But Lie. It’s In Their Bloodstream Like HIV. Posted by John O under Political  You would think the average temperature in Iraq would be something the WH realizes they might get caught on fudging. […]

Miguel de Icaza

Tony does not know how to operate the great Gazoogle.


Yeah, Ed. I got no problem with taking some time off in 120 or 130.

But WE’RE not taking any time off. The Iraqi “goverment” is, and they’re basically spending a lot of time in air conditioned buildings.

For God’s sake, this is just crazy.

My government is a moron.


Well, fuck the Iraqi government, that’s not really what distressed me.

You can’t average out the temps and say “it’s like Texas”. It’s not. The days it hits 120, oh yeah, the soldier is working. He’s working in a vest and fifty pounds of gear. The Iraqi is suffocating to death because the power doesn’t work anymore (unless you live in insurgent controled territory because then the lights come back more often). You can’t even sleep on the roof anymore like your grandparents did because you are too likely to catch mortar fire out there.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

I’m just — I’m not in a position at this point to try to gainsay what the Iraqis are doing. We are working with them and trying to help them succeed.

Oh Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony. What a soggy sack of bullshit you are. “Trying to help them succeed” my arse. How about not asking the Iraqis if they mind the US hanging around in their country for 50-odd years? How exactly is that helping them succeed? And while the poor bastards struggle to get the US out of their country, all you care about is your oil law.

Shame on you, Tony. Your mother must want to wash your mouth out with soap for lying so egregiously.


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