How to tell if you’re a nerd

I just woke up from a dream where I was cast to play the lead in a movie that mashed together the plots of Gravity’s Rainbow and Battlestar Galactica. It was described during my audition as “the most unfilmable film ever to be filmed.” And it was, except that it kind of made sense in my dream, if you accept the idea that humanoid robots from another planet would come to earth in order to craft a special rocket in post-World War II Europe that would…

Sadly, this is a fairly normal dream on my part. My subconscious imagination is a vast and disturbing place.


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Edward James Olmos is Mexican, isn’t he? Then he could play Roger Mexico!


Very nice, Judy. You win today’s Golden Pocket Protector Award.


At least it’s just your subconscious. I’ve got a kitchen full of hairy zombies while I’m wide awake. You have any idea how unsanitary that is?


Brad, may I just say, you have like way cooler dreams than I do.

Mine are like running from zombies, or video game things.

"Oh Stewardess, I Speak 'Nut"

Did Grace Park have a major starring role? Oh wait; that’s my dream.


Shorter Bradrocket: Dear Diary – I wet the bed again. Mom’s really angry.


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I just woke up from a dream

You never did.


Hmm.. that was interesting, I dreamed that I met The Editors, and my girlfreind and I hung out with him at his house. In my dream, he looked vaguely like Steve Buscemi, and was just as funny as on his blog.

meaningful wanker, painfully versed

Add lots of crying and it could be The Fountain.


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