Bring out your dead!

No More Mister Nice Blog links to this NRO piece by Mark R. Levin posted yesterday and writes:

At National Review Online, Mark R. Levin reproduces excerpts from four dire stories that ran in The New York Times after the end of World War II (e.g., “Germans Reveal Hate of Americans”) Meanwhile, Jessica over at Kultursmog reproduced the cover story from the a postwar issue of Life: “Americans Are Losing the Victory in Europe.”

Steve has some things to say about this argument, to which we’ll add this: that Maginot line of defense wasn’t any better last fucking year when the very same articles were quoted by countless bloggers. After raising $50,000 one would think NRO could at least afford to publish pieces that aren’t recycled shit. Zum Beispiel:

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  • Terry Notus.

    All posts from November 2003…

    Added: ntodd also takes a look here.

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    Everything old is new again! And GMTA: I did the takedown on Levin yesterday as well [blogwhore].


    Aha! So conservatives do believe in recycling garbage!


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