If only we could find the right words…

Then we’d add some comment on today’s Wall Street Journal Editorial:

Someday we hope U.S. officials will explain to us how in scarcely a year they managed to turn one of our closest allies in ousting Saddam Hussein into an opponent of American purposes. We’re referring to Ahmed Chalabi, the member of the Iraqi Governing Council whose home and office were raided by coalition forces yesterday in Baghdad.

Wow. Just, wow. Added bonus, three paragraphs later:

We don’t know enough of the facts to take sides.

Are WSJ readers really this stupid?


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Are WSJ readers really this stupid?

Hee, hee, uh, uh, huh mmph uh. . Yes!

Very few WSJ subscribers take the editorial page seriously. It’s welfare for conventionally unemployable hacks who churn out snake oil for the future victims of the ownership society. The number of financially struggling idiots who are convinced they’re going to hit it big once they adopt the right attitude could keep a satirist employed for millenia.

The news reporting was still pretty good last time I checked.


Chalabi. A man who will probably be immortalized as a noun, an adjective and a verb.


He is such a chalabi.
That is such a chalabi idea.
Are you going to chalabi him?


The Wall Street Journal lets the crazy relatives in its attic pace back and forth on the editorial page. That seems to keep them from hampering the real reporters downstairs.


I cancelled a WSJ gift subscription because I got sick of the deranged ravings of the editorial page, where Israel is an innocent little beacon of democracy inexplicably hated by those rascally Arabs, where Dumbya is a strong, principled, competent leader, and where people who make so little they don’t have to pay federal taxes are “lucky duckies”. The straightforward reporting was good but I could no longer in good concience subsidize the warmongering psychopaths on the editorial page. Told them as much when they asked why I was canceling. The woman sighed like she’d heard that reason before.


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