Gillypalooza ’07


Steve Gilliard is in the hospital, and we’ve been sneakily hoarding posts for his site to help keep it warm and fully-charged for when he gets home. There are a couple-three in the queue waiting to go.

Check in and see who turns up: Driftglass, Majikthise, and Athenae of First Draft are already there hanging out.


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I’ve been checking in over there lately. I’m not a regular reader – more out of time constraints than lack of interest – but Gilliard is vituperative and incisive. It’s hard not to like him.

I sure hope he’s feeling better soon.


It’s great how people are rallying round. Now if only they would fix the horrible blue-on-yellow-blue text.

Gilly, you’re too ornery to die!


Where are the boxing gloves?

Jillian, I was just thinking the same about driftglas in my case.

Get well soon Mr. Gilliard.


Ok, I went over there and checked it out. Nice. But nothing whatsoever about Art Frahm!

Just sayin



In the hospital, huh? Bossy hopes it’s not Walter Reed.


There are four sites I go to EVERY day: Kos, Firedoglake, here, and The News Blog. These are the essentials, in my mind. Gilliard’s readers often disagree with him, but how much do they love him? They’re volunteering contributions and, perhaps more importantly, they’re still going back there to read and comment day after day. Oh, and I should also mention that Gilliard has an exalted place in the ranks of Olympian smackdown artists. He sits at the same table as TBogg and Wolcott – and those, let me assure you, are some HEAVY fucking smacking hands.

Many, many people are wishing Steve Gilliard the best at the moment.


Don’t forget, fuck the fucking Yankees.


OK, assuming Gilly survives his heart bypass/valve repair surgery tomorrow, we gotta come up with a compatible spare kidney for him. Anybody got an extra?


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