I’ll Be Election-Blogging Later…

…but first I’ll be drinking some. I’ll either be deleriously happy, or ridiculously depressed. Either way, I should be back in a few hours…

Travis adds: I’m already back from the bar (polls close at 6 p.m. here in K-Y – not at 7, as the bar’s TV tuned to FoxNews said), so I’m-a drop the first of some possibly irrational exuberance, courtesy of The Deacon:

The good news is that Connecticut has re-elected Joe Lieberman. The bad news is that sweetest Senate result to date involves a Democrat winning.

Yum. Has anyone ever drank Amarula? Holy crap, that stuff is delicious in coffee. I’ll definitely be brewing up another cup.


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Where’s all the flash and javascript and tables fulla results? Isn’t your staff working on it?


The Dustbin is coming any minute now. Just you wait.


Countdown to Gary’s “IT WUZ RIGGED!!!!!111!!!!oneone!!!!” post?


I’m telling you, I think we’ve already seen the last of Gary, and that’s because I’m convinced he’s a paid professional troll.


Overpaid professional troll.


Thanks Brad, every election this decade has been hell on my already fragile nerves, but this is the first one I’ve been through knowing I have blogtopia to lean on, what a relief to let off steam in Bartcop’s chat or take a dip in the firedoglake, and always come home to Sadly No and read the best commenters on the internets–your voices make all the difference and are much appreciated.


The fact is that Gary is trying deperately to find a Drudge header that can be spun to the R’s favor…

Here’s one: The Democrats now have no chance to take the White House in ’06!! You heard it here first!

Oh, and Michael Moore is fat.


Almost six pee emm out here, and if you can get thru tweety’s bullshit, it’s looking pretty strong. Hey Gary! Peek up over the edge of the Dustbin of History ™ and say hi to Madame Speaker Pelosi!

So it appears that the talking (fuck)heads arer gonna spin it as a “change” in the Democratic Party to a more socially conservative, pro life type party. Y’know, if they’re right and the republican shift to the extreme right somehow pulled the Democrats across the center to become what “Conservatives” used to be, there’s no place left here for me. I think maybe I’ll have to start considering Costa Rica or hmmm, maybe even Venezuela…



The Gary you read is not the true Gary.

Queried, he does not answer.

Challenged, he skulks away.


They can spin it how they want mikey, but moderates like Ford aren’t doing well against real Republicans, and the strongest contenders are the populist challengers like Tester and Lamont.

They have to try and defend their bullshit centrism, but my hope is that the Dem party can be convinced that triangulation and capitulation is not the answer…

just saw a headline on CNN: “Iraq war is winning issue for the Dems” well, duh. but until how recently was the conventional wisdom that any mention of Iraq was a win for the Right?

The ‘change’ in the Democratid party is what was being called ‘liberal intolerance’ and ‘ideological litmus test’ just a few weeks ago…

and if we keep saying Speaker Pelosi, I’ll bet we can get a fair number of wingnut heads to ‘splode. C’Mon! It’ll be fun!


Real men live-blog and drink at the same time. I just broke out the bourbon, so come on over.

Santorum! DEAD!


The fact is gay Mexicans in Coahuila have become emboldened by the northward creep of the homosexual agenda. The other fact is a Democrat Congress would allow them all to cross the border into Texas.


Nor does the true Gary ever embed links!!1!


Wheeeeeee! lookit all them D’s!!!!11!!!1
Now all the terrorists and illegals can start building the Islamic homo wedding abortion godless condom clinics!

Actually, Speaker Pelosi, may I suggest as a first order of business: END THE GUTTING OF OUR CONSTITUTION.


Oh and Brad, you’ve had your “couple of hours,” it’s time to blog already!


They called it for Loserman. Is it possible that …erk…Gary was Right? (dang, I need an interrobang right there.)

Okay, let’s start a pool. How long before A) Ruppert checks in to consign us all to the Dustbin of History because Holy Joe is still a Democratic Senator;

and B) How long before Holy Joe kicks over the traces and becomes a Republican? (I’m saying 7 seconds after the Dems make 51 Senate Seats.


weee ha! I love my new commie pinko socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders! A toast to you all!


What’s the appropriate drink to toast a socialist Senator? Pink martinis? Rose wine? Lenin’s embalming fluid?


Naw, Socialists are working class- beer, all the way.

We should know. Milwaukee not only sent a Socialist to the House for four terms, we had a Socialist Mayor for quite a while.

Congrats! Socialist politicians can get stuff done. Enjoy!


I’ve known some pretty champagne socialists and some pretty white-collar beers.


Would it be wrong to say I don’t hate Lieberman, but I despise him?


crap. I’m drinking screwdrivers. That ain’t very socialist, is it?


Dammit, Socialism is about whatever works! I’m drinking cheap white wine.

Lieberman. The kind of Senator Gary can Love.


Notorious P.A.T., Holy Joe Tortureman would be swept up by the Roomba of History™®©, except for the fact that he is composed of evil satanic matter brewed from dubya’s waste.

Not even the mighty Roomba can clean that mess up.




PAT – I know exactly what you mean. If Joe had any honor he would have taken his defeat in the primary, and gotten behind the man who bested him for his party’s nomination. Instead, he nominated himself, and rides back to Washington on the shoulders of Republicans. He’s a skunk and a bum, and if it is possible to recall a Senator, I think it should be done post haste.

mikey, it’s the same old thing. I heard Armey on MSNBC say something to the effect of ‘those Republicans weren’t true enough to true conservative principles, and that’s why they lost.’ Conservatism cannot fail; it can only be failed, or so they would have it.


The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. Screw the righty spin-meisters, we need to start laughing in their faces when they trot that crap out there. I feel like running down to the historic Hotel Savery and laughing in some Rethug faces right now, but I’m so damned scared to count my avian embryos before they hatch

Oops, break those eggs! This just in:

Lamberti conceded! Boswell keeps his seat! Woooooohoooooo!!!!!!!

Iowa still has a Dem Governor! yay Chet Culver! Again, wooohooo!

That bastard King is back. Oh well, we need some comic relief.


dubya’s waste

Hehe, is that true?

Smiling Mortician

Y’know, if they’re right and the republican shift to the extreme right somehow pulled the Democrats across the center to become what “Conservatives� used to be, there’s no place left here for me. I think maybe I’ll have to start considering Costa Rica or hmmm, maybe even Venezuela…

No, no, mikey. I mean, those are lovely countries, don’t get me wrong. But our work is just beginning. Now is the time to make sure our newly elected Democratic House (and oh pleasepleaseplease Senate, too early to tell) upholds the principles we all were honoring in giving them our votes. They need to hear from us, loudly and often, that we elected them to be something way better than GopLite. To wit:

We expect our Constitution back.
We expect our troops back. Alive. Now.
We expect honesty and integrity in our government.
We expect fair economic policies so that all of us can prosper.
We expect . . .

C’mon, you know the song. Add your own verses.





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