Everything You Have to Say for Labor Day

Is here, in an epigram or gesture (or another):

Billy Bragg – ‘Between the Wars’ (2:57)

A bad random screen-shot. A three-second shot of the ur-typical ha-ha, cigar-smoking capitalist with the har-har cabbagey money.

But then, so many things forgotten and reminded-of: “Sweet moderation — the heart of this nation — desert us not; we are between the wars.” Excelsior, yo. One might die tomorrow; but almost certainly not tonight, where so much is always possible.

Let ‘sweet moderation’ be the anchaunt-pistol name on the fucking bat we crack their skulls with this time. As it so rarily were.


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Where is the Billy Bragg for the upcoming generation?

Who will teach them about the things their grandparents and great-grandparents struggled and sacrificed and fought for?

That precious history is slipping through our fingers, which means we’ll end up having to fight the same fights again.

Of course, I’m a fine one to speak…..for Labor day, I labored.

But then again, it’s not history that slips through my fingers, but time.


Ever hear his cover of “Panic”? I’ve only heard a live recording where he tears the record industry a new one. I love Billy Bragg.


yes, he is the best. i love that song.


Give me a break, you don’t think people struggle and sacrifice today? What world do you live in? Suburbia??? Where everyone has the same background and therefore the same struggles in their past? Are there only people of white European decent in your world???

Fuck the past, let it go, look at the now, it’s all fucked up and yet you long for the good old days when everything was fucked up, but in a more poetic way? The past is past all it did was form the now, which is what you are really letting slip through your fingers.

Btw, have you ever heard of rap?

Nothing will change as long as “YOU” stay the same.



Ever been burned by fire? Do you continue to get burned, or did you learn something of the experience? As a nation, we must learn form the past, or be burned again, ad nauseam.

I agree some “long for the good old days” as you pointedly exclaim, this is typical of human nature, as the old adage “Time makes the heart grow fonder.” Personally, I’ve had some shitty relationships in my life, but I still kinda think now and then of an old love, “she wasn’t that bad!” I’d tell myself, when in fact, she was a bitch and I’m better for having gotten on with my life –go figure.

This rap you speak of, came from no roots? Just appeared one day, as if from the sky? Or, perhaps, some of the past had mingled with the energy of creative, more contemporary, youthful souls? …maybe?


Wow. I thought annie got eaten by ligers.


annie hasn’t had enough mindless, fawning attention lately from men who haven’t figured out how to appreciate women for anything but their babymakers yet.

So the best thing you can do is just NOT give her that attention. She’s like a two year old in that respect – if you ignore her, she’ll go away. And I hope we’re all ready for her to go away.


Btw, have you ever heard of rap?

No. Go on…


Some Guy said,

September 5, 2006 at 10:48

Wow. I thought annie got eaten by ligers.

Speaking of sexless androgynous hybrids, anybody read Ann Coulter’s new book?


The diggers song is pure anthem.


Speaking of sexless androgynous hybrids, anybody read Ann Coulter’s new book?

That’s hilarious enough I’m not going to get pedantic and correct you. The ligers, I mean. You’re dead on with the rest of it.


You mean annieangel is REAL?

Crap- I thought it was a Brad-Gavin-Seb remote control sockpuppet designed to drive up hit counts by providing insane answers to the laziest, mundane posts.

Wow. A real person. imagine that.


Oh now you guys decide to do something


Thanks, Gavin. Lovelovelove Billy Bragg. Saw him play Idunnohowmany years ago. Best Labor Day tribute EVAR!!!1!!


simply put, a working class hero is something to be.

alternately, a bad random screenshot is not something to be.


Thanks much for this. It’s kind of sickening to think that the more things change, the more they stay the same. We’re apparently not learning much from history because we keep repeating it.


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