Sunday Vignette

The tomato plant had been putting out new leaves instead of working on its tomatoes, so this morning I nipped off the extra foliage.

When it was done, I stood back and looked at the plant. “Ha ha,” I said. “Prwned.”

Above: Nipping off the suxxor growth.


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Holy crap!

Did you guys see the latest Day by Day cartoon?!


Oh come on! “everything left in VW.. should go call…”.

someone stole the VW, big teary reunion, etc. etc….


Damn. When Gavin fixes it it’ll be the latest version of “The Naked and the Dead”…



“Did you guys see the latest Day by Day cartoon?!”

See?!?! That’s what happens when you even think about getting an abortion. Let this be a warning to all the liberal sluts out here.

I’m actually eager to see if Chris Muir can become even more of an asshole.


Yeah, I read that first thing this morning and didn’t know what to make of it.

Curly-Haired Chick With the Bodacious Ass is clearly not dead, so yes–there will be some “big teary reunion” action going on, as Tulkinghorn suggested.

The bigger question, though, seeing that it’s Chris Muir doing the plotting, is this: who will wind up being in the car? A Mexislamofascist carjacker? A young black kid, because 217% of all violent crime is supposedly committed by blacks? Someone on the way to a Moonbat Democrat fundraiser, too full of himself to follow traffic laws? An NAACP chapter president, just on general principles? Precisely what lesson is Muir going to try to teach us this time? Enquiring minds want to know.


someone stole the VW, big teary reunion, etc. etc…

Yes! I’m already on it!


Alternatively, it could be the start of a Terry Schiavo-theme, but with added WOMB BABIES.

No matter what, I’m sure it’ll be sickening.


I’m now woefully homesick for the northeast and sweet summer backyard gardens.

And the tomatoes they sell in grocery stores nowadays are vile mockeries of vegetation, masquerading as edible produce. You haven’t really tasted food until you’ve had fresh – no, actually *fresh* – picked produce grown in an amiable climate.

I’m so tired of my rootless existence lately. Or maybe I’m just tired.


If she was calling this “Damon” fellow, why was the phone ringing in the VW?
Also, why did the light for from red to yellow? Lights don’t do that.
I smell dream sequence.
So, has our intrepid duo gone to a doctor, or at least done a home test, to SEE if she’s pregnant, or…?

Also, was the previous posted strips PSed by S,N! or did the artist change them later?


The silence after Gavin’s attempt at humor, though only 3 to 4 seconds if measured by the clock above the fireplace, was an eternity to those in attendance. Some looked down at their drinks, others shuffled their feet in embarrassment. One, who shall remain unnamed, ran crying from the room and into the cover of night, cold though it was. At long last, a voice spoke …

“Holy crap!

Did you guys see the latest Day by Day cartoon?!”

And with those words, M.Sphinx redirected the conversation back into the familiar territory of snarky commentary on the wingnuts of the world. The incident was not spoken of again.


Grpwing your pwn tomatoes. Your self-sufficiency embodies the pwnership society our president envisions.

On the cartoon: I assume you read the panels from left to right as you go down. If that is the case, does the traffic light turn from red to yellow?


ummm … change “Gavin’s attempt at humor” to ” Gavin’s attempt at punnery”, as his ability to produce humor is unquestioned. Sorry.


Hey, I think Gary Ruppert is making an appearance under another name over at Attytood.

Check this out. Scroll down and read the comment by Arn, which I will copy here in its entirety:

“The ONLY LIES that I’ve read about are all comming from the liberal and Democratic Party–controlled news media and far-left-wing blogs like Attytood.
Maybe if the Bunch’s of this world and the liberal Democrats were to START putting their countries interests above their parties, instead of the other way around, they’d see it. I won’t bet on it though with the mid-term elections comming up. Liberal Democrats generally give only lip-service to patriotism for our country. They’re primary interest is to re-gain political power and our country sucks hind-tit.
The fact is that President Bush, as well as Rummy, Condi, etc., have done an exellent job and the little lap-dogs for the liberal-wing of the Democratic Party now yapping at their heels and making up their own ‘facts’ out of thin air to try to re-write history, is puely political.
Donald Rumsfeld would make an exellent president, seeing as George W. Bush is term-limited.”

The last paragraph is classic Gary. “The fact is…” And the clincher? “Donald Rumsfeld would make an exellent [sic] president.”


I’m now woefully homesick for the northeast and sweet summer backyard gardens.

I’m sure they’re wonderful, Jillian, but out here all you gotta do is toss a tomato or apple or avacado core out the window and the garden pretty much just happens…



That’ll show you, inadequately mutated strain of fruit-bearing plant that many mistake for a vegetable!!!

PS What is that huge, nasty-looking white thing???


Ooh snap, that’s your hand. Sorry d00d.


My lawn is freshly mpwned.


Heh. Gavin’s a proud part of the poor, oppressed white folk.



Too much nitrogen in the soil will do that to you. If you tomatoes taste bitter even after ripening, excess nitrogen is your problem.

Sorry, d00d, I’m going to almost completely ignore your pun, being unable to equal Righteous Bubba.


“out here all you gotta do is toss a tomato or apple or avacado core out the window and the garden pretty much just happens…”

I second that. I worked at a California university where my department did a lot of catered events. There was a patch of dirt near the back of the building where the university caterers dumped the garbage before hauling it back to the dumpsters. Tomato seeds from dead salads sprouted there, and we ended up saving the plants for the crop.


More evidence that teh ghey is hereditary: I totally thought of the exact same “Oh, it’s Gavin’s hand” joke that teh l4m3 did. Coincidence? I think not! But since that joke was already taken, I tried to come up with some variants.
None of ’em was nearly as good.



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