[Muffled explosion, engine #2 on fire]

Aaah! We’re in flames! We’re going down!

Ha ha, not so fast, Mr. Editors. Leonard Nimoy is bad mojo indeed, and the damage is indeed terrible.

However, Nimoy is decidedly not naked and insane, taking unknown drugs, randomly punching and sexually assaulting the audience, taking a dump onstage and throwing it at the camera, and fated to die of a massive OD of cheap street narcotics that same night.

Oh, sorry; that was the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. This is GG Allin’s final show:

Oh, and there’s this as well:

And also…the Final Horror:


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I’ve discovered the ultimate weapon: this clip of Paul Lynde, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Redd Foxx, and Kris Kristofferson doing a song-and-dance Star Wars tribute.


Is Kids Incorporated performing “Neverending Story” actually worse than the original?


“Well boys, we got three engines out, we got more holes in us than a horse trader’s mule, the radio is gone and we’re leaking fuel and if we was flying any lower why we’d need sleigh bells on this thing… but we got one little budge on those Roosskies. At this height why they might harpoon us but they dang sure ain’t gonna spot us on no radar screen!”


I’m so thankful that GG Allin is already dead and in hell.


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i love the smell of nepalm in the morning, but…

how about atrios and Sadly, No! call a truce and rally behind the less fortunate, like kermit the frog (who bears a striking resemblance to lieberman – poor frog) and recognize that it is not easy “bein’ green”?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r…bein%27% 20green

just a thought.


Oh, god…

DON’T mention Star Wars, or someone in the midst of this will post a link to the unmentionable evil that is the Star Wars Christmas Special, and then we’ll all die.


Why has Pam’s new “Love Train” vlog not yet been deployed?!

Does S,N! want to win this war, or follow Geneva niceties?


OMG! It’s too late!!

Gavin, what have you DONE!?!? That wasn’t there a minute ago!! Are you mad?


Too late. S,N! and Atrios both unleashed the Holiday Special.

Looks like it’s going to be a long nuclear winter. I hope you’re all happy.


That grown man’s penis hasn’t grow since he was an infant… I guess that’s why he’s so angry.


Julia just sent some Shaggs. We’re in it for the Long War.


Oh, emm, gee. This has really made my afternoon. (I don’t think that speaks well of me.)


I wanted to share the ultimate weapon in this senseless war, in the hopes that it will finally end the madness. I give you:

Reba McEntire

A cover of Vicki Lawrence, but more importantly, Reba breaks out her acting chops, apparently feeling that the lyrics of “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” are a little too subtle for her average fan.


Star Wars Holiday Special has got to be in violation of some sort of Geneva Convention sub-section.
You know, if you REALLY wanted to just end this foolish conflict, you’d just post up some Atlas Shrugged. Seriously. Nothing could top that. Ever.


Just wanted to mention, in case anyone missed it below (Gavin and I posted at practically the same time) that I hit Atrios with Alyssa Milano’s Teen Steem. It’s worth checking out. Trust me.


And when the International Tribunal for Internet Crimes Against Humanity is convened, Bradrocket, your part in all this will not be forgotten. Your name will take its place in the annals of history: Hideki Tojo, Adolf Eichmann, Brad R.

You’ll break your mother’s heart at this rate.


Damnit, that Atrios thinks of everything. I didn’t realize he’d already Shuffled.


Jeez you want bad Christmas music? Check out Gary Coleman and Santa with *NSYNC. It will make you really wish there was a war on Christmas!


has nobody used the carl lewis video?


The Editors made Carl Lewis their final shot.


If I could, I send you a link to a video (or at least a song) from the stupidest musical we ever saw–Evensong–a rock vampire musical. That ripped off Dark Shadows. And was bad. and we had to see it because our friend was in it. And he was sorry.

I’ll do some googling, see what I can find….failing Evensong, I may find stuff from “Martin Guerre”


First to post this video wins the war:
The Rawker sings Whole Lotta Love.

Who will step up?


I sense nuclear winter coming on…


well. couldn’t find anything from “Evensong: A Vampire Rock Opera”, but I did find a bit from Martin Guerre–


Guys- Worry not. Gavin and I are scheming as we speak. Our attack will be furious and devastating. There will be nothing left of either the Poor Man or Atrios by tomorrow.


woops. sorry here is the link


Tellin ya brad–you gotta go musical theater route–a few youtubes of “Starlight Express” and it will be alllllllllllllllllllll over.


I’m late to the fight, and I may have missed these if you already posted them, but can you stand up to:

Paul Anka: Blackhole Sun
Pat Boone – Enter Sandman ( Evil Dead )
Tiny Tim: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy


fortunately I’ve stocked up on great 80s videos in my Youtube queue to wait out the Winter. No Taco, no Pat Benatar, etc, but Weird Al’s out the wazoo.

K. Ron Silkwood

Oh, God!! JC Christian has launched a protective strike!!! You crazy bastards!! You’ll destroy us all!!!11!!!!


I actually went to college with that guy in the black t-shirt who walked out on stage at the end of the GG’s video. I believe he put the show together. And, of course, he died of an overdose not long after GG did.

Fun fact: I was at a Michael Hurley show in CT and GG walked in near the end (he was playing the same venue the next night and got into town early). He had a cast on one leg and hobbled up on stage after the set to ask Hurley if he could play his acoustic guitar. He then proceeded to play a Hank Williams tune. Can’t remember which one, though, but I was surprised at how halfway-decent and poo-free it was.


As a long time Star Wars fan– my soul dies a bit everytime I witness the Holiday Special. Yet I Can. Not. Take. My. Eyes… Away!


If this war leads to the global spread of grey goo, Sarah Brightman’s “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper” may be of use.


You know, I like naked men as much as the next fella, but that naked guy should just put some clothes on.


Tiny Tim… I was so trying to forget. At least he’s dressed.


Four Scary Words–Steve Guttenberg, Village People. Death to you all! Hahahahahahaahah!


A second volley–mwahahahaha!


I refuse to watch the G.G. Allin clip, but I’m curious, does he eat his own shit in this one?


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