You Are a Rocking Maniac.
You Are a Stinking Hyena.

Welly-welly-welly-well. The Editors thinks that the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” is the most annoying music video of all-time. What’s more, he challenges us chickens at Sadly, No! to find a more obnoxious video.

As is often the case, the Editors misunderestimates our powers:

For the record, I saw Welsey Willis live in concert once. I requested that he play “Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s.” His reply was, “Fuck you I will not play that song.” Then he told me, “I love you, but I will still break your heart.”

Needless to say, it was the greatest non-David-Ortiz-related moment of my life.

UPDATE: Oh, Wesley Willis isn’t annoying enough for you, Editors? Well how about some MUTHAFUCKIN’ DIO GOIN’ RIGHT UP YA AZZ!!!1!!1!

HOLY DIVER, bitch. Eat. It.

Gavin adds: Oh, this could get bloody.


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Fuck You Bonnie Tyler Hatin Pansies

Normally, I have no problem with your takedowns, but you’ve crossed teh effin line. Bonnie Tyler? I hear it today, it still makes me weep. Back off before you get hurt. (For legal purposes, I intend no threat against their persons, only a strong insinuation that bad press for Bonnie = bad shit.


Both of those videos FUCKING ROCK. True statement.


It seems that you and the Editors have never heard nor seen the clip of the Plastic Bertrand classic “Ca Plane Pour Moi”.


Holy pixie-dust, this weed I scored makes this site incomprehensible. Got any video of danny partridge fighting greg brady?


Willis and Dio—that’s a good 1-2 punch.

I’m partial to Journey’s “Separate Ways.”


[…] That was very … annoying. It reminds me of a little joke: […]



It’s Keith Partridge.


Ca Plane Pour Moi is amazing and I will hear nothing against it.



I stand corrected. It’s all a blur. And, rightly so.


The seventies was also a blur for me except for the Great Tragedy. I was four when Elvis died but I still rememder that day with clarity and my arse still bleeds with sadness.

P.S. Brad, the Dio clip doesn’t count, it’s not a real film cilp, it’s just some bogan with a camera.


Bogan: Aussie slang, google it.


Yes achey breakey is baaaaaaack! Now that’s awsome, I haven’t herd that song in years….ha no one can top that.


Hate to say it, but the Editors won hands down… That last video over there, truly horrific.


oh my god. i’ve seen that last video that the editors posted. we had a worst music video contest last friday at work. and that video won. this was the runner up:


What, no Asia? “Heat of the Moment” would add the perfect topnote of pretentious horseshit.


[…] While we were busy pummelling the Editors with Stryper, Styx, Wesley Willis, Dio and Billy Ray Cyrus, it seems that Atrios launched a direct assault on our shores. And quite a formidable attack it was- there is almost nothing more painful than watching the ‘85 Bears performing the “Super Bowl Shuffle.” […]


Ah …. Wesley Willis. Easily my favorite fat, schizophrenic, homeless Casio keyboard performer.

“Rock over London! Rock on, Chicago! Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions!”


McDonalds is the place to rock! It is a restaurant where they buy food to eat! Rock n’Roll McDonalds! Rock n’Roll McDonalds! Rock n’Roll McDonalds! Rock n’Roll McDonalds!

Good times, good times.


[…] A vast war has been waged between three brutal forces. The severity of their violence has shocked all, but it is now that I must announce that The Baltimore Group has been the first victim of their unrelenting onslaught. Austin is missing, presumed dead, and my eyes and ears bleed from this sonic assault. With humility and hope that my actions will bring peace through the required introspection that the attackers must feel when learning of civilian casualties, I hereby surrender and respectfully ask that this war move to a different part of the internets. […]


Sometimes I lament that I missed almost all of the eighties, as at the time my attention was usurped by a psychopathic husband, but then I see these and I think otherwise.


Clearly, this Willis guy is reaping from the field sown by Wild Man Fischer all those years ago.


[…] Our response would be carefully calibrated to show our strength and our determination without forcing the Eschatonians into a position where they would feel the need to escalate. We choose to test-fire the Beach Boys’ unfortunate “Kokomo” video – a song and a video which, while horrible and Stamos-y, are not without certain guilty pleasures. Simultaneously, we made diplomatic towards Sadly, No!, in order to begin putting together a coalition to confront the Eschatonian Menace. However, radical factions within the Byzantine world of S,N! politics chose to answer the upturned palm of solidarity with the mimed-jack-off motion of naked aggression. […]


[…] Weapons of Mass Destruction were employed without any regard for collateral damage. It was the classic doomsday scenario; an initial volley, followed by an immediate and overwhelming retaliation, leading to a scorched earth campaign that could leave no survivors. […]


Wow, Billy Ray seems to have made a comeback. And I thought he was a 1 hit wonder. I don’t miss the mullet though. 🙂


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