Nice Work, Kos

Kos did a very nice job on Meet the Press this morning. I’m glad they had him on TV representing the left blogosphere and not, oh, I don’t know, us:

MR. RUSSERT: Welcome, all. Markos Moulitsas, let me start with you out in Las Vegas. You’ve been hosting a convention of liberal bloggers and political activists. What do you think your convention has achieved?

MR. MARKOS MOULITSAS: Well, you know, there’s this perception of bloggers as being these anti-social people, typing away at keyboards in their parents’ basement.

Not to mention creepy degenerates who are obsessed with other peoples’ groins.

See what I mean?

And I think what we’ve seen is that actually the people who read these blogs are a real cross section of the Democratic Party, a real cross section of America. We have all age groups represented; we have people that are blue collar, white collar. And at the end of the day, no matter how much they may love to be online and use the blogs to find each other, they crave that flesh-and-blood interaction, and that’s what they’re doing here today.

Not me. I’m in it for the kitty pics.


MR. RUSSERT: Do you think the blogosphere has become to liberal activists what talk radio is to conservative activists?

MR. MOULITSAS: Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s a very apt analogy.

I hope not. I don’t wanna gain a ton of weight and get addicted to painkillers, dude.

The idea being that here, finally, we have a place where good, strong, progressive voices can get together, and we can talk, and we can motivate each other, and we can organize, and we can do and plan the kind of hard work that it takes to win elections.

Or we can make crude remarks about Lucianne Goldberg’s vagina. I guess the blogosphere is a big tent after all.


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MR. MARKOS MOULITSAS: Well, you know, there’s this perception of bloggers as being these anti-social people, typing away at keyboards in their parents’ basement.

MR. MARKOS MOULITSAS: Well, you know, there’s this perception of bloggers as being these Adam Yoshidas.



Heh. He said “Big Tent.”



MR. MARKOS MOULITSAS: Well, you know, there’s this perception of bloggers as being these anti-social people, typing away at keyboards in their parents’ basement.

Horseshit– I’m in my dad’s den!


Lucianne Goldberg has a vagina? Go figure.


Check out the awesome headline for John Leo at Townhall: The Left promotes assertions that turn out to be false

Curse you John Leo! Zinged again!


Lucianne Goldberg has a vagina? Go figure.

Well, it is purely conjectural at this point. I’ve been trying to raise funds for an expedition, but I’m afraid that thus far I’ve made little headway; I’ll barely be able to pay for the required number of sterile gloves at this rate.


I’m opposed to Goldberg spelunking. It’s unnatural.


Lucianne Goldberg has a vagina? Go figure.

Sure, once Jonah had chewed his way out of her. True, it’s a bit off-center and ragged around the edges, but at least it was free. Besides, all she uses it for is to keep toll change in these days. Coulter is so jealous!


Goddamn that’s funny………..I think I’ve pulled something in my back!!


You know, this reminds me that it’s been FAR too long since we’ve had a kitten air strike.

Now, if we only knew where Gary Ruppert house was…


…Ruppert’s house (d’oh!)

Seriously, The Poor Man had kittens in baskets just this past week – are you gonna let him get away with that?


Can I just mention that Kos is 100% stone cold hottie and that I’d hit that till the neighbors called the cops?

I wonder if there’s any chance we could get dailkos to start doing a Speedo Friday…

Worst. President. Ever.

Where did you get the photo of the cat dressed up in the taco outfit? I want to buy one of those formy sister’s cat!


That cat on the right looks like its mother did something nasty with a pitbull.


Ah! A North American striped cataco. Very rare.


That cat dressed as a taco is the goddamned funniest thing ever. I just love how pissed the cat looks about it too.


Strange how Russert refused to bring up these Kos thoughts on the deaths of Americans in Iraq:

“I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them”

Granted, maybe Russert doesn’t know, because Kos has tried to wipe that post off of the internet. He has deleted the post and restricted from showing that post.

The fact of the matter is that Kos’s celebration of dead Americans in Iraq is going to get his party crushed. Those Dems can either run from Krazy Kos, or go down because of him.


So, when will Sadly, No! hold their own Tinfoil Hat Contest like the one held by DailyKos?


Yeah Gary, because having a sense of humor about yourself is tantamount to weakness. Keep on clapping moron.

Oh, and just for the record, I say fuck blackwater and co. as well. Nothing but a bunch of death dealing, war profiteering assholes as far as I\’m concerned. They share none of the respect I have for the overworked, underpaid and under protected soldiers that are following the orders of dear leader.

Not only that, but they\’re hurting the glorious war effort as well, they take none of the steps the army does to minimize civilian casualties and other sorts of disruptions that turn the people against the US occupier.

I know people like you have trouble with nuance and subtlety, but try to think for once, maybe having a bunch of hired guns throwing their weight around who don\’t care about anything but the almighty dollar might not be the best way to pacify a resistance.

So to recap, Fuck blackwater, fuck bush, fuck you.


Granted, maybe Russert doesn’t know, because Kos has tried to wipe that post off of the internet.

What are you trying to say, Gary? Did Kos, somewhere in the midst of 1000s of published words, say something nasty about mercenaries and then, oh, I don’t know, regret saying it? What a scumbag!


In any case, there are 1) soldiers in Iraq, who are serving their country and following orders,

2) volunteers/NGO employees/other private persons, who are doing something productive, or at least trying to do so,

and 3) mercenaries, who are making large money as private soldiers.

I have no problem distinguishing between these categories, whether in the morality of their actions, or the degree in which they should be recognized publically upon their death. No reason why we should not recognize the differences. Of course the dead Blackwater “mercenaries” in this case may have fit category 2 more than category 3, if they were there on a US government contract, or otherwise protecting good guys. So Kos may have been unfair in labeling the dead Americans as mercenaries, and thus want to take back the statement. Or not. Who cares, aside from disengenuous “gotcha” bloggers?


Main Entry: 1mer·ce·nary

Pronunciation: ‘m&r-s&n-“er-E
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -nar·ies
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin mercenarius, irregular from merced-, merces wages — more at MERCY

: one that serves merely for wages; especially : a soldier hired into foreign service

Emphasis mine



The cat on the left is positively horrifying.


I see celticgirl beat me to the punch…The Editors have kittens in baskets! They do not, however, have a cat in a taco costume. I’ll bet my Bengal cat would wear that. And will you PLEASE stop posting that cheesy pic of the Menudo clone and claiming it’s Gavin? Please please please. I will make pans of spinach lasagne for everyone if you stop. I will clip claws for all cat owners here if you will stop. I will design gardens for everyone if you will stop. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Now there’s a pussy that really does look like a taco!



Gee, over here in the reality dimension, it’s still online:


Your people really are cognitively challenged.

Oh yeah, screw mercs.



And, frankly, it’s pretty lopsided so far insofar as mercenaries killed by Iraqis vs Iraqis killed by mercenaries goes. I’m not gonna get all weepy over some armed-to-the-teeth hired guns like I might if they’d been a busload of nuns and orphans. It was a dangerous job for which they were being well compensated. Being slaughtered and immolated by the locals is one of the job’s hazards, which tends to become more of one when you treat the locals like vermin and have an itchy trigger finger. So, boo-fucking-hoo.

John in Chicago

Gary Rupert is channeling Byron York with his comments about Democrats having to “run from” Kos’ comments.

As for Kos deleting the post, ummm, maybe in the reality-challenged world you live in that happened, but the post is still right where its always been (so much for fact checking).

Anyway, I agree with what KOS said there, and I wrote Byron York about it too. Here’s my letter to the putz:

Mr York,

It looks to me like Markos Mouslitas’ comments regarding Iraq mercenaries, the similarities between right wing rhetoric and Osama’s rhetoric, or the paranoid republican bed-wetting syndrome are pretty much spot-on. Maybe a bit harsh, but I see much more toxic vile spewed from *mainstream* right wing pundits like Limbaugh and Coulter on a daily basis.

Perhaps you could add something to refute what he has posted – or at least explain why you disagree. Should anyone feel a great loss for someone who decided to put themselves in the line of fire for nothing more than profit – at the expense of innocent civilians? Does the right wing not harp on the same things Osama harps on (homosexuals, Clintons sex, sex, and more sex)? Do our elected leaders not like to portray themselves as macho men, but when a new Osama tape comes out they go and hide in their undisclosed locations and whip the public into a frenzy?

You wrote “It seems reasonable to expect that any Democratic candidate who allies himself with Moulitsas, or accepts DailyKos support, will be asked, by Republican opponents, whether he or she endorses some of the things Moulitsas has written and said. ”

Yeah, and in return the Democratic opponent will ask if his/her opponent endorses every crazy thing utterred by the likes of Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity. I think the left would win that one pretty easily… But my point is that I hope you see how foolish it is to ask your opponent if he/she endorses everything that every single one of his/her backers has ever said.


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