Live From New Yawk: Stark-Raving Wingnuttery!!!

Courtesy of the one-woman Fake-Titty-Randroid-Bimbot-Committee, Atlas Shrugs, where ‘A’ is ‘A’, wank is wank and the wingnuttery is pathological.

Let’s start with the temperate (all things being relative) stuff. Here is a post that references the William Jefferson scandal (as compared to the Abramoff scandal, which she frames as a “half-story”), then goes on to discuss Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s scandalized reaction to the Patriot Project’s attack on the scandal-manufacturing Swift Boat Vet creeps. Atlas is pissed that the Repugs aren’t doing more to bash the “Democratic Culture of Corruption” or to help the poor Swifties!!1!!

The Republicans just don’t get it. Who took down Kerry during the Presidential election? The Republicans? No sir. It was the little guy! It was he Swifties. And now there is a concerted effort to take down those very heroes (heroes in Vietnam, and heroes in 2004 – they saved the nation.)


Now this is truly a culture of corruption, dirty dirty pool. and I am warning, strongly advising the Republicans to get in the game and stop being such dandys. This is war and our lives depend on it. Dolts.

We can not lose in November, the repercussions would be disastrous.

Insanity is a dish best served shrill.

But anyway, it gets much much better (I’m saving the best for last)

Here she complains that because the EU has stopped handing over to the US the private information of airline passengers, they’ve “hurt the war on islamic terror” and are “dhimmi[s]”.

Here she unleashes concentrated hateful insanity in the clipped and measured tones so reminiscent of Ayn Rand herself:

May they burn in hell. Really.

(Emphasis and seething insanity in original.)

Who are “they”? Terrorists? Mass Murderers? The Boston Red Sox? No, no. “They” are teachers in Britain, who are of course “anti-semitic” (Atlas has always been a purveyor of the smear that anti-Israel = anti-semitic) because they voted to boycott Israel’s universities.

Here she is reduced to conducting her own polls on Dear Leader’s popularity — or, rather, reduced to recasting an accurate CBS poll that reflects wholesale discontent of Dubya’s Presidency with a batshit wingnut poll pulled out of her metallic ass that reflects how cultish and bovine and deluded wingnutjobs can be:

(CBS) President Bush has been named the greatest president since the end of the World War II in a new Atlas Shrugs poll.

Mr. Bush was chosen by 34 percent of the Atlas voters who participated in the the Caipinniuq Unversity survey. Richard Nixon finished second with 17 percent — just ahead of Bill Clinton’s negative 16 percent.

Ronald Reagan was tied for top choice as best president, with 28 percent.

And as a bonus, she finds room in the same post to call Jimmy Carter a racist and bigot, citing this piece by Julia Goren of “If you call me a neocon, you’re an anti-semite!” fame.

But I told you I’d save the best for last, and I have. Relish this post: you will not find a crazier clusterfuck of batshit wingnuttery anywhere!

Now the part she writes (that this piece in the LA Times “could have been written by al qaeda”) is bad enough. But watch the “vlog”. The first part is hilarious.

I want to discuss this new cut in homeland security spending…. they’ve cut New York… and New York’s crying ‘wah wah’….well i don’t want the feds spending money on reacting to terror…. [some complaining about New York State’s high taxes]…I dont want the feds to spend my money on reacting to terror, I want to pre-empt terror…i want [them] to fight terror where it.. it lives.. I dont want to fight it here after an attack, I dont want to spend it on first responders [!!!]…I think the states have to grow up and take responsibility for themselves…Katrina!…get off the dole, get off the welfare… [segue to a rant about CAIR]….[tells her readers whom she seems to know well to “put down those porn magazines” and read some book on muslim women]… Dow Jones and Wall-Street Journal have become dhimmis….the appeasement is really frightening!….

Jeeebus! They care more about killing Muslims than they care about national security. Or maybe better to say, they think that killing Muslims is the only viable means of national security. So to hell with the first responders!!!11! Really!!!!

For more on Atlas-Shrub, see TBOGG.


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I looked up dhimmi. It means a non-Muslim subject living in a sharia-ruled land. Can’t think of anything witty to say about that.


Yep–the kind of person who gets rid of the ants in the kitchen by tossing Molotov cocktails down the cellar stairs.


She is spectacularly mad and it says a lot about our caring and tolerant society that she’s allowed out during the day. (I’m sure she has a suitably-trained companion at her side however who keeps sharp objects, flamable substances, small children and cats out of her reach.)

In Vino Veritas

“She’s the queen of the harpies! Queen of the harpies!!! Here’s your crown, your Majesty.”


God, she used to appear to be just a vacuous, over-sexed bimbo. Now she’s an honest-to-God genocidal maniac.

Won’t somebody think of the children? Seriously…is Child Welfare in…Brooklyn?…aware of this woman?


I’m amazed that you’ve name checked TBOGG on Pammie but didn’t bother name checking Wolcott on this. Wolcott and Pam have a special relationship (in the same way SN used to have a special relationship with Marie Jon’). For best results, start with Wolcott’s post on Pam fondling herself at neocon gatherings and procede from there.


Yeah, but Wolcott found out eventually how unfun Pammie really was.


Cheese and rice on a stick! How fun is that. Don’t you dare try to stop her ranting. Do you want people like her muttering and scheming in the shadows? Hell no. Drag ’em, kicking and screaming if need be, into the sunlight so that we can see who they are. I doubt Pam would need to be dragged. It’s hard to shame the shameless. It can be fun trying though.


How does this woman maintain any sort of gainful employment? Why is she not begging for change on the street corner?


Yeah, but Wolcott found out eventually how unfun Pammie really was.

Is there more to this that I can find somewhere?


Drag ‘em, kicking and screaming if need be, into the sunlight so that we can see who they are.

Don’t they get destroyed by sunlight? They burst into flames, or something. I know they do.


Have any of you ever read “The Player of Games” by Iain M. Banks? In it “the culture” would absorb and destroy people like Pam. Very good book, I highly recommend it for you sci-fi types.


The comments on that last one are pretty vile.


Is there more to this that I can find somewhere?

Besides Wolcott’s own blog? I don’t know. But you could tell that, even with his seemingly inexhausable ability to find wit somewhere, when Pammie called him “gay” and “Wolcunt”, the party was pretty much over.


Why is she not begging for change on the street corner?

Doesn’t need to; her “Brestfed on Blood” logo says it all. That Supergirl getup is just cover to explain her gift of flight.


nolo, is your comment directed at me? I apologize if I came of as eliminationist. I withdraw the bit about Pam. Actually “the culture” in the book was more about responding to aggression with absorption and eventual transformation. My unfortunate use of the word destroy is pretty vile and not really what I intended. I still heartily recommend the book.


This woman is unconsciously striking out at the British schools who made that “anti-semetic” decision because she obviously didn’t get enough attention at school. Most decent, educated high school teachers would have had her in the school counselor’s office in a wink.


i want [them] to fight terror where it.. it lives.
Like fucking Iraq?


I’m confused.

1. President Bush was chosen by 34 percent of the Atlas voters…
2. Ronald Reagan was tied for top choice with 28 percent…


Pam’s crazy, but she’s right to protest the NATFHE boycott of Israeli academic lecturers. Bear in mind this isn’t just some statement of a political opinion. It makes it impossible for Israeli university professors to lecture at British universities unless they sign a prepared statement disavowing their government’s “apartheid” policies.

NATFHE has made no similar effort against academics from regimes with far worse human rights records than Israel. It’s hard to see the action as anything other than anti-semitic.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


My guess is that she is a trustfund baby


Shit! That was like the Tazmainian Devil on crystal meth, a whirling dervish of hate raining down copius, corrosive spittle.


I am tenetive to agree with you, EJ, but it does look that way. I don’t think anyone should be able to bar education or information in any way, and so I don’t agree with the NATFHE in principle (although I admit I don’t know the whole story).

I still don’t understand the link between the US and Israel, though; the Allied forces essentially helped Israelis come calling on a two-thousand-year-old “lease,” as it were, and pushed out a goodly number of those who were living there within that span of time. It seems pretty much standard that if you’re conservative, hell, if you’re American, that you should think Israel can do no wrong. Someone older and wiser explain this whole Israel-love thing that seems to have gotten even stronger lately…


Trust fund baby? Doubt it.
Paid off spurned starter wife? Likely.


Trying to explain why Conservatives love Israel is similar to trying to explain photosynthesis to Jeff Goldstein, it just isn’t going to happen without a lot of drill bits and blood.

Strange Forces

Personally, I’m amazed that DHS has cut funding for NYC (and DC, those asshats) because, and I quote, “the city has no national icons.”


Have they seriously not considered Joey Ramone Place a national icon yet? Or that Liberty Statue thingee?


I think conservatism’s love of Israel has a lot to do, generally, with the typical conservative’s desire to pretend to be compassionate, while not actually having to act compassionately. And that’s the nicest reason I can think of. Of course, people who live in such a fantasyland are easily exploitable.


But watch the “vlog�

I tried, dammit, but every time I see that “Atlas Quickie” title, I start puking at the thought of . . . oh-oh – excuse me. Gotta run for the bathroom again.


Stark Raving NUTS is more like it. All this wacko needs is a friggin’ sign and a street corner to shout on.


explain this whole Israel-love thing

You already explained it, right here:

pushed out a goodly number of those who were living there

Remind you of anybody?


No, sorry, TritoneSubstitution– I meant the comment thread on the last Atlas Shrugged post that’s linked by Retardo. Many apologies for the confusion.


P.S.– I second the Iain Banks recommendation. I’m a big fan.


So Atlas doesn’t want firefighters and paramedics to have money to respond in the event of an attack, she wants to go fight terror where it lives.

Uh, she does know that Terror has no fixed address right and can be in New York One Day and Madrid another and Iraq, well, every day since 2003? I know it would be easy Pam if there was a country of Terrorstan that you could nuke into submission to fulfill your bloodlust fantasies. Unfortunately, Iraq wasn’t Terrorstan, neither is Iran, nor Syria. In fact, if there will be a Terrorstan in the Middle East, it will be because George Bush made one there.


Concur on the NATFHE ban disliking- both as an academic in training, and as an American who will have to spend time overseas soon, I really don’t like the idea of type-casting all citizens of a country based on the actions of their government.
But to the point of the post, Atlas really is terribly repetitive and generally useless as a read, though frankly I’d rather read her as my “Crazy-Zionist-o-meter” than LGF, ’cause you get the “crazy-Randroid” in there too as part of the deal and the volume of batshit comments is somewhat less to sift through.


In Vino Veritas,

Nice Simpsons reference.


That woman would eat her own young.


“That woman would eat her own young”

Been there, done that… and rumored to have been immensely satisfying on the stomach given the deficient atmosphere and the lack of a decent wine to accompany the tender and juicy flesh after it was grilled over moderate heat.


I’ll third Tritone’s recommendation on Iain M. Banks. Great read on holiday or the plane – wherever you get time to sit for a few hours and relax.

This is a good backgrounder on “The Culture” –

As for Pammy, words fail me. The last person you’d want to be in the evelator with when the power fails. What’s not false about her?


Actually, Dhimmi are specifically Christians and Jews living in Muslim lands (and I think any monotheists, like Zoroastrians). The Quran commands that Dhimmi be treated well and allowed to worship their religion (No wonder the wingnuts hate the Dhimmi idea so much! Can’t have people who worship differently treated well.). If you’re a polytheist or an atheist, you’re not a Dhimmi. You’re also not likely to be treated well, as the Quran commands that you be killed. Oh, well.


Gah, thanks for catching that one shargash– I usually pick those up, though I suppose I’ve trained my mind to ignore “dhimmi” whenever I see it written on the internets, for some reason (**cough**LGF**cough**).


I liked the Crooked Timber post asking why there was no similar boycott of US academics. As for Pam: batshit.


Fortunately for me, Pamela can’t mesmerize me with her Dancing Breastsâ„¢. Yet another reason to be grateful for teh ghey!


“NATFHE has made no similar effort against academics from regimes with far worse human rights records than Israel. It’s hard to see the action as anything other than anti-semitic.”


There are no regimes with worse human rights records than Israel who are treated as if they had no human rights issues.

Everyone agrees Burma or Uzbekistan are pariahs (except Big Oil and arms mfrs, I suppose) whereas to even suggest Israel is a land practicing apartheid is essentially saying “Call me a Nazi!”.

If you honestly believe that these academics have decided to boycott Israeli lecturers because they unconditionally and irrationally hate jews and judaism then you would be correct to call them Anti-semitic. As it is, they are anti-Israeli-policy for very valid reasons, at least in their opinion.

Seriously, I can’t get my head around this; do you believe that these people are choosing Israel as a target because they loathe jews?


[…] Now let me elaborate on a few things. Her remarks on Homeland Security come from a desire not to guard against terror here, but to kill as many Muslims/Arabs there. For a paranoid, she doesn’t care much about security; it’s war that rocks her world. […]


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