It seems that Congress has, for now, put immigration “reform” into a comatose state. Wingnuts will drift on to other causes, most of them deplorable. We’ll make fun of them… yadda yadda yadda. But for now we pause to note a particularly gratuitous smear on the immigration protestors that managed to slip under most everyone’s radar, one that is worth noting because when people take to the streets again to protest racial demagoguery — and they will — this smear will be repeated and gain traction.

It’s from a not unexpected source: Glenn Reynolds, who is — what’s his phrase of choice? ahh yes, “a loathsome human being.” On April 4th, Reynolds injected this bit of passive-aggressive jackassery into the wingnutosphere:

SEAN HACKBARTH reports that A.N.S.W.E.R. is behind the immigration protests.

Message to wingnuts: everyone protesting Sensenbrenner, et al’s schemes are not just what we’ve been saying all along — reconquistas who want to push the Great White Race north of the 45 parallel, force feed us tacos, and teach our children furrin languages or something like that — but they’re also all a bunch of communist, America-hating, Saddam-appeasers! Take this ammo and use it, comrades!

“But when the sun shines a-gain, I’ll pull the
cur-tains and… Oh, hi Retardo. Is Glenn at it again?”

And if you think I’m building a strawman by accusing Reynolds of starting to build one, let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back in the days when Reynolds, like so many other wingnuts, tried to tar the entirety of the anti-war movement with the A.N.S.W.E.R. brush:

Instayokel, 9/23/05:

If there were an authentic antiwar movement in this country, it wouldn’t have to rely on the services of fringe groups like A.N.S.W.E.R. to provide organization and cadre.

Instayokel, 9/22/05:

But the press reports will say that the marchers are ordinary Americans, not MoveOn and A.N.S.W.E.R. astroturf. But then, they said that about Cindy Sheehan, too.

Instayokel, 11/12/03:

Ditto with ANSWER — they’re the indispensable core of the antiwar movement. You can try to dismiss them as a fringe, but no alternative group has been able to replace them because, in fact, they aren’t the fringe of the antiwar movement. Their hostility to America, their desire for America to lose, is just a more distilled version of something we see all over.

So fair warning, folks: This is the kind of shit the pro-immigration protestors will have to deal with next time around. But then again, as most of the immigrants in question are descended from this continent’s indigenous tribes, one can’t exactly expect Reynolds to have much sympathy for them.


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A.N.S.W.E.R. is also an indispensible part of the anti-police brutality movement. Ergo, anyone who speaks out against police brutality is objectively pro-criminal.

We need to find a fringe right-wing group to tar all right-wingers with. Operation Rescue seems like a good choice. Anyone else have any other ideas?


Does the German-American Bund still exist?


Focus on the Family.

Oh wait, you said fringe group…




We need to find a fringe right-wing group to tar all right-wingers with. Operation Rescue seems like a good choice. Anyone else have any other ideas?

I’m still holding out for the Christian Reconstructionists. Although I guess they’re too obscure, they are without a doubt the scariest.


Oohhh…….on further investigation, it appears that the Chalcedon website I linked to above has a blog.

I predict much, much wingnutty goodness to be found there, as their founder, R.J. Rushdoony, is the father of the Christian Reconstructionist movement, which believes that it is the job of the state to enforce Biblical law on a society….right down to the stoning of nonvirginal brides.

I’m going to go take a swim in their koolaid sea for a while…see you again when I surface.


Jillian- they’re perfect. Now all we have to do is tie them to every single pet right-wing cause.

“I hear the Christian reconstructionists are behind the anti-tax lobby. They don’t want to pay money to a government that sanctions homo nups.”

“The Christian reconstructionists are an integral part of the pro-war movement- they see it as the perfect way to forcibly convert the Muslim world.”


We need to find a fringe right-wing group to tar all right-wingers with.

How about the insane motherfucking lunatics that are planning to nuke Iran now? If you can’t make it work with that, you might as well give up and accept your fascist overlords.


Different groups were involved in different marches.

For instance, the Georgia immigration march/boycott was organized by a former Mexican Consul General. (Give your local consulate a call, see how you can help them out next march.)

This article lists several of the fine, pro-American groups involved in various marches.

And, here’s a post about an ANSWER meeting where they discussed their plans for 4/10’s march. To the ultimate revolution, comrades.


the wetbacks are taking over.


Glennie, astroturf doesn’t mean what you, Michelle Malkin, or any other right-wing hackalicious nutbar think it means, sweetums.


Oh. My. God. (Or G-d, I suppose, since I am an elitist Jew.)

I want to write in the Chalcedon Blog in the XTREME Wingnut Preach-Off. How can you look at this and not fall instantly in love:

\In addition to being sloppy, antiquated, 19th-century science, the theory of evolution contradicts the Bible. But contradicting the Bible is a daily activity in some of these churches, what with goddess worship, feminist theology, the social gospel, and celebrating homosexual behavior. This latest declaration by 10,000 mainline clergy is only the latest evidence of their desire to please men rather than God.

Man-pleasing and ear-tickling have become endemic in much of the American church, and it’s due to a dearth of sound theological teaching–in the seminaries and from the pulpit of the local church.

Now, I thought I was well-read and informed, but while “man-pleasing” is obvious, I was not aware that “ear-tickling” is part of the Gay Agenda. Could one of our resident Persons of the Homosexual Persuasion please elucidate this for me?

Or did I misread, and “ear-tickling” is part of the Darwinist Agenda? I think I need PZ Myers to explain that one.


Oh, also, my brain keeps trying to anagram R. J. Rushdoony into L. Ron Hubbard.


“R. J. Rushdoony” is an awesome name. Sounds like one of W.C. Fields’ psuedonyms. Would you buy a used car from a cat named “R. J. Rushdoony”? Hell, no.

the wetbacks are taking over.

Good. Rich white guys are doing a shitty, shitty job of running things. I, for one, welcome our Hispanic overlords. We’d hear more cojunto on the radio, and we might get some of that sweet siesta action worked into the national psyche and I, for one, could use the daily nap.


While, there are some things I want to keep out of the Immigration reform bill (such as any caving in to Democrats or Amnesty or a Guest Worker program).. I will admit that the Democrat obstruction of immigration reform shows their opposition to reform and their support for the status quo when it comes to immigration.

As for ANSWER, it is still the heart of the anti-American anti-War movement, and it doesn’t surprise me that the Anti-Americans at ANSWER are also helping people who want to secede from the United States and who support illegal immigeation.


Learned that at your Christian Reconstructionist meeting, eh Gary?


Learned what?


Oh, I get it. Undercover, are you? Well, mum’s the word…*wink wink* *nudge nudge*


The facts here are that you either support reform or illegal immigration. Bush supports reform. Democrats support illegal immigration.

Is that part of your “real security” plan?


Just as there are two types of people in the world: those who think everything can be split into neat dichotomies, and those who don’t.

Or, alternatively….

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who get binary, and those who don’t.

Or, perhaps more to the point…

There are two types of people in the world: Those who acknowledge the existence of the bifurcation fallacy, and those who sniff their own shorts.


Bush supports reform. Democrats support illegal immigration.

Very clever, but your Christian Reconstructionist weirding ways have no power over me, a Catholic of the Jesuitical tradition. My magicke is stronger than yours.


So do you support Bush’s guest worker program or not Gary?


There are three types of people in the world: Those who understand math and those who don’t.


I oppose Bush’s guest worker program, because it will cost Americans jobs. Companies will fire hard-working Americans and replace them with guest workers, therefore hurting the economy as unemployment rises.

I do strongly favor building a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, as it is the best thing to do to stop illegal invaders from entering this nation.


And when it comes to the so-called Culture of Corruption, apparently Democrat Alan Mollohan will stay on the Ethics committee despite being under investigation by the federal government for corruption.

Apparently when Democrats talk about a culture of corruption, they’re not talking about their corruption. Democrats are twice or three times as corrupt as Republicans.

If there’s such a culture of corruption, why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi file an ethics complaint?


Very weak obfuscation magic, Gary. My low-level deflection spells can easily deal with them. *ahem*…


*poof* Gary disappears in a cloud of sulphurous smoke.


¡Recuerde el Alamo!


Is Alam Mollohan under investigation, as reported in Friday’s Wall Street Journal (link), or is the US Attorney’s office merely reviewing a complaint regarding Mollohan as reported in Saturday’s Times (link)?
There is a difference.



Do you prefer building the wall on the north side of the Rio Grande, the south side, or right down the middle.?

Or should we just stock it with Pirhana and poisonous sea snakes? Sharks with lasers?


Is Alam Mollohan under investigation, as reported in Friday’s Wall Street Journal (link), or is the US Attorney’s office merely reviewing a complaint regarding Mollohan as reported in Saturday’s Times (link)?
There is a difference.


Gary, that was pretty weak; don’t bite off quite so much just yet, remember you’re still fragile from overworking yourself so much before. You really have to go slowly at first to build your strength and stamina back up. Do it for America, Gary.


I spoke to my preacher about the immigration issue, and he said to just ask Jesus.

Unfortunately, my gardner was no help at all.

¡Recuerde el Alamo! That’s good.


Alan Mollohan is probably under investigation, as the WSJ is more reliable than the New York Times


Or perhaps empty all of Chancery Court into it.


“I do strongly favor building a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, as it is the best thing to do to stop illegal invaders from entering this nation.”

So, what, get Halliburton to build it using a no-bid contract, and pay for it with another tax break?


I think Gary plans to have his Christian Reconstructionist brethren enslave Israelites and have them build the wall.


perhaps Gary will spontaneously combust.


Building a WALL? Oh Gary, I am simply entranced by your tenth century technological solution. Why didn’t I think of that? A wall! Of course, that will keep the dirty brown people out. It worked so well for the Chinese. And hey, Reagen really approved of the one in East Germany too, right? My goodness, how I wish I lived in such a simple world with simple solutions and black and white answers. Good and Evil. With us or Against us. Brown or white. Hey Gary, in your world (perhaps we should call it GaryWorld?) do they have yellow lights at intersections? Of course not–that would be too, er, ‘Nuanced’, wouldn’t it? Confusing. Give me “Stop” and “Go”. Don’t make me think. Thank you. Now go to bed.



I think we should take a bunch of illegal immigrants to D.C. and give them every government job in the city. Maybe then we could have some decent government for a change. 😉


Yep, building a wall from the Gulf to the Pacific will do wonders keeping the illegal Irish immigrants out of Boston.


So exactly how will a wall stop those people who make tons of money smuggling people through border crossings in semis and modified engine blocks?

Gary, if you want to stop illegal immigration, punishing companies who hire illegal immigrants and contract people to smuggle immigrants into the country will be the first, best course of action. And you can use the money from hefty fines to finance your wall.

I’ll take Republican efforts at reform seriously when they tell Wal-mart to obey the law and fine them instead of subsidizing them.


My favorite part was how American companies will fire “hard-working” americans and replace them with guest workers.

that makes so much sense! Isn’t that just how Adam Smith described Capitalism?

when was the last time thee was such a Sadly No troll as Gary R.? If only the Editors would post more, I think Gary is teh lonely.


Gary. Gary Ruppert is the troll who used to foul Atrios’ threads. Gary’s kind of a lame troll, he’s not as much fun as AMERIKUN PATRIOT. Then again he really couldn’t be as funny as that troll because good ‘ole AP was a parody troll.


I spoke to my preacher about the immigration issue, and he said to just ask Jesus.

I love a joke that only works as text.


Gosh darned faggots!




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