Friday Videos are Gah!

I’m sneaking into the server through the drainpipe again, so if I can’t constrict my ribs and snake out of the pipe with a satisfying Ptui! then it’s Saturday Vids again, as opposed to Friday, which today is.

I’m going to try to slip this one in here before Der Deutschesproxyserver gibts up Der Ghost again, as it’s been doing for lo! these many hours and minutes. (Hanxo to Pinko Punko für Das Video.)

Orange Juice – ‘Rip It Up’ (3:43)


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Watch Edwin’s eyebrows, they are HYPNOTIC.


Ack! It’s stuck in my head!

This is truly unforgivable. I hope to god i never hear that song again.

Ack! It’s still there!


Wicked visuals esp. when that one guitarist dude becomes invisible! How they do that??!

Great song!


I guess he’s not really “invisible” but rather “transparent.”


GS- remember we did that for Song of the Day awhile back because Gavin launches it into your head. I have had it in my head all day. It’s like white, effete, scottish Prince.


Regardless of its heritage I like it! I’m a sucker for new wave!


Scottish people != funky.


You have my undying gratitude, Gavin M (and Pinko Punko, too)! I have been trying to track this song down for ages! I had heard it, and then somehow couldn’t remember anything about the song except that I had loved it and it had been hit in the UK around ’82 -’83. It all came back to me the minute I clicked play. Best Friday video ever! Thanks!


Gavin preaches that one. Tracks like this are communion in the church of the gav.


Wow, thanks. That song is on my short list for best songs ever. And not just because it name-checks the Buzzcocks’ first single and then quotes its two-note guitar hook, although that’s reason enough.

Also, that is the most half-assed lip-syncing in music video history. No second takes for these guys, I guess.


Please Long Ryders next.


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