That sure clears things up

Open Source Trademark Infringement has a clarification:

Our trade name is OSM, and please note that we have a TM after OSM, not after Open Source Media. We consider Open Source Media to be a description of what we are and do, not a trade name.

Good thing no one has ever heard of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montr?al (L’OSM as it’s known to a few.)


No one will ever be confused again. Although this would give a whole new meaning to “being the first violin of the OSM.”


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Of course, it doesn’t matter that they don’t put TM after Open Source Media. It matters that Chris Lydon does. That’s kind of the way these things work. If I launched a drink called Coca Cola, I don’t think the judge would let me off because I trademarked CCola.


OSM is the Office of Surface Mining – Strip Mining, really. Any good Appalachian knows that.


I think it’s just the Airport Code for binLaden’s hidden airstrip.


Re: Ralph Dosser. From their web site.

“The Office of Surface Mining
at a glance

Protecting the environment during coal mining and making sure the land is reclaimed afterward have been national requirements since 1977, when America’s Surface Mining Law was signed by the President Carter. Making sure those requirements are met is the responsibility of the Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining (OSM). “


I am still confused OSM? Operational Situation Managment. Clearly a trademark violation.. next thing you know professional wrestling will be using it.


Um. Duh. If they consider “Open Source Media” merely descriptive of what they do, why do they capitalize it? And if it is a generic term, as they seem to want to claim, then their use of an abbreviation would fail as a trademark or trade name, so “OSM” would have to go out the window.

What a bunch of wankers. Isn’t His Reynoldsness supposed to be a lawyer of some sort? Doesn’t he know other lawyers? Wouldn’t you think one of them might have some knowledge of trademark law? And wouldn’t you think someone might have suggested, “Hey, Glenn, before you change your name and go all press release and party-hearty over what a keen new name you’ve come up with, don’t you think it might be a good idea to look around and see if someone else maybe beat you to the punch?”

Heh. Indeed.


Sweetie, what exactly has he said that would lead you to the conclusion that he would think of something like that?


I guess Glenn’s lawyer skills are as spectacular as his blogger skills.


Not to mention his social skills.

Read the whole thing.


Did anyone else look at Blogjam and think NPR, or have I just been working at an NPR affiliate for too long?


Yeah, but Chris Lydon and his group keep something akin to a creative commons license on the TM.

so, can you TM “osm” (lowercase)? as a S,N! featurette?


None of their social skills are workable. Even in their own accounts, so many of them were rude, drunken assholes. I didn’t know about this 4 days ago, and i’ve been checking out the blogroll and their “livebloggers” from the launch and they all seem to be nothing more than a bunch of pseudo intellectual social misfits, masturbating wildly about this smashing bankruptcy machine they’ve made.


Is this “you must login to use this site” thing new? I don’t remember seeing it earlier, but I may not have actually, uh, bothered to go there.
Still, it seems like someone would have mentioned it.
Honestly, I can’t even bother to make up a fake name to give them.


Someone should contact Lion’s Gate Films and encourage them to trademark the acronym “LGF.”


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