Things we’ve done, things we need to do

In order to address some troubling stylesheet issues that affected the archives, we’ve had to junk our old stylesheet and start from scratch. No good deed goes unpunished, so let the complaints roll in. Things that remain to be done:

  • Add an old school white-on-dark theme.
  • Bring back the style switcher for fans of the old/new school.
  • Add the Posted by: tags to each entry.
  • Fix bug with the preview comment window (you can preview, but then trying to post gives an error message.)
  • Expand the width of the text displayed in the comments window.

    For items 4 and 5 in particular, any help would be much appreciated.

    The Management

    Update: Problems 4 and 5 and an unlisted problem 6 fixed thanks to Auguste from Malkin(s)Watch.

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    Boo, this is teh suk…
    I want my hot, light-on-dark action and I want it now, dammit!
    The “Posted by” crap can wait- in fact, it’s more fun to guess who posts what, just leave it blank, I like my blog reading to be game-like.


    At least you got the link to SZ put back up in timely fashion. Sadly, No is my only portal to World o’Crap.

    I guess I could have googled it or something


    zees is as to be as rendered poorly in zee firefox


    The posted by tag only shows up in the extended entry, at least in Firefox.
    Clearly it should all be optimized for Firefox, because people who are using IE are just masochistic freaks.


    Umm…am I just really wasted or is the new Sadly, No! style really black on black?

    O.K., so I am really wasted, but I’m usually am, and I’ve never had to use my night vision goggles to read this blog before.

    Wooo! trippy! I’m starting to like it!


    It kinda already is optimized for Firefox, because formatting the extended posts via the RSS thingy is now better than ever.

    Now let’s get back the light-on-dark action (though I like to know what chemicals everyone’s taking to make the site black-on-black) ^_^


    “I’m usually am.”

    That’s got a kind of interesting schizophrenic ring to it, doesn’t it?

    Why yes it does!


    If the self-fellating Canidae in the upper left corner of my browser is not a hallucination, then I’m using Firefox.


    White on black, gah! I normally say fuck David Ogilvy and his hokey dictate to never use that combo. But your white on black, to be blunt, blows. This white I’m looking at now–like a gift from gawd.


    Not so much of a style issue, but you dumped Tbogg? Was it the bassetts or the Ipud random blogging?


    Not so much of a style issue, but you dumped Tbogg?

    Oops — no, well, yes. It was a technical error though — he was on the blogroll but wasn’t being displayed (along with a few others.) All good now.


    Great job, guys. Thanks.


    You’re much less of a nihilist with this template.

    i want my old school!


    GG sez:

    I want my hot, light-on-dark action and I want it now, dammit!

    Umm, okayyyy….


    This all seems to have a decidedly French-Canadian-German feel to it. S,N! must truly hate America.

    As I’m sure Brad hates Boston sports teams.


    theres a problem with the preview window. It happens for me at home but not at work, i use 1280.1024 resolution at home and have windows updated but those are only differences i can think of. Comments in small window appear then immediatly disappear, replaced by a banner at the top with a stack of books icon. you need to maximize the preview window to see it all, ive noticed this was mentioned by another member who was only able to post in a “click here for continued article” article.


    I’m not really having any problems per se with the site at the moment. The first day, I was getting the black-on-black look that was so charming, but only in Safari. And the sidebar was absent. It was readable in Firefox or Opera, albeit in a black text on white background look that’s just wrong. By the second day, it looked identical to this in Safari, too. And the sidebar was back. So far, I haven’t noticed any problems with posting comments or the “preview” function. So if we could just get the white-on-black look back, everything’d be normal.


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