More info (scroll for context)

[Update: From this and other info (more later), FEMA clearly wasn’t letting any aid into New Orleans until the gates suddenly flew open for Bush’s media event. The Red Cross now claims that withholding food and water was a FEMA policy to ensure that people would evacuate the city instead of hanging around eating food. That’s the best one we’ve heard all day, not least because New Orleans was a famous culinary city, and the Cajun Rice and Beans with Sauce MRE (#18) totally flunked the Airman Magazine taste test:

Yucky. Should be labeled “Fear Factor” material. This Cajun staple really missed the mark, that’s a “garaunteeee.” No amount of hot sauce can make it taste any better. “Even Mikey wouldn’t eat this.”

So we think they give themselves too much credit if they think people were going to hang around in a sweltering, excrement-smeared building littered with corpses for, you know, some real Cajun food for a change. And we certainly look forward to more dancing-bear sketch comedy tomorrow. Guar-un-teee.]

[Oh yeah — and don’t forget these guys, the Canadian rescue team that Louisiana requested. Homeland Security stopped them from entering the country on Wednesday.]

Timmah420 got the clip of the trucker. From Tigrismus, pessullivan, and Michael (thanks!!):

Red Cross prevented from entering New Orleans.
Steve Rose calls the Red Cross to ask if this is true, Red Cross official confirms.

Supplies prevented from entering New Orleans:
NOLA evacuee Andrea Garland says she has spoken to friends inside the city and relief workers.

From another Kos diary (we’re looking for the original cite):

They held back volunteers for the parade!

A friend of mine called this morning from Kentucky. A bunch of his buddies from a rescue squad went down to New Orleans with boats and trucks, etc. to help in the search. The FEMA guys wouldn’t let them in telling them to spend the night with the rest of the volunteers in this staging area. They were told that FEMA was letting them all go in “together” in the morning (just as Bush arrived!). They were really pissed that they had to hang around all night while people were dying. They have boats that could be out searching for people. But instead they were kept for the “parade”!

by DWKING on Fri Sep 2nd, 2005 at 10:34:57 PDT


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I read the links. Reading the Red Cross, and then Andrea’s story… I… I can’t believe it. Just… unbelievable.

There will be hell to pay.


That is FUCKED UP! Grrr!


I hope there will be hell to pay. But considering all the apologists for the torture…
Christ, what a messed-up country we are. This is so goddamned wrong.

I saw it on the news, too. It was just… so casual. Like nobody realized what the hell they were saying.


Have the cable news networks picked up the Red Cross story yet?


Hello , The United Kingdom, Canada, and Denmark. We see the far left and the bankrupted Democrats playing the race card here in the USA. We have a president who immediately declared all areas effected before the terrible storm was even full blown a one as a state of emergency.That means all things were put into action to cover the needs of all areas effected by Katrina.

If any where to blame for the deaths of thousands it would be those in charge such as a Mayor of New Orleans. With all the poor and helpless this fool had No plan to get those who would be most effected out of the city. As a mayor you are responsible to do many things.
Over two hundred school busses in a area where the poorest lived are seen sitting there under water. All bus transportation could have been part of a well brought out plan to remove the weakest and the poorest people to safety. The mayor you heard yelling and screaming did DIP NOTHING to help his constituents. He let them down. The president put all things in their hands to use.

If you think that a president did nothing then you are being fooled by the anti Americans that use this blog for the twisted self importance. If you have questions concerning the real truth you can look at my Website and write to me.

Thank You
Marie Jon’


marie jon, go to hell. how dare you blame the good mayor of this city, who pushed his city to the limits trying to help people. He has nothing left. The local government may have fucked up considerably, but the national government has fucked up even more colossally. No, the feds took far, far too long to respond. This is Day 5; why did it take the President of the United States 5 days to even go near the area? Why did it take 3-4 days to get the military and relief efforts involved? And why the fuck is the government blocking the red cross and other relief organizations from entering? what possible reason could they have?! why am i even responding to you; you’re a heartless bitch.


(VERY) loose transcript:

(mayor telling govt to get “off their asses”

Narrator: Police morale is low, (something) precinct is living out of this walmart, forced to be looters themselves, sevral police handed in their badge and walked off the job.

(cut to sevral red trucks in a line, obviously more than 3.

Narrator: For the first time today (sepetember goddam 2nd) we saw the letters FEMA, the agency that USUALLY RESPONDS QUICKLY TO DISASTERS (emphasis mine) in the windshield of a long line of trucks delivering water, having finally arrived. Thje driver (shot if driver talking, muted) said he loaded the truck on monday but his bosses FOR SOME REASON kept him out of town and away from these people.

(driver is obviously frustrated)


My completely apolitical wife is extremely pissed off at George Bush. That says a lot.


Marie Jon’. Wolf Blitzer. Bill O’Reilly. Justin Darr. American Family Association and Agape Press. Pastor Swank. Sean Hannity. Michelle Malkin. Kaye Grogan.

All of them should take note now. The ship is taking water, and it’s on fire. They need to jump like the mangy, plague-addled rats that they are.


Hey marie how come you can find time to post stuff of S!N and you cant respond to the email that i sent you an hour ago?


it’s funny, but I just read a letter from August 28th [Sunday!] from the state of Louisiana to the feds BEGGING for help, because they knew they didn’t have enough.

I’m sorry Marie, you were saying?


What Would Jesus Do, Marie?


this woman obviously is the type of republican who believes the Bush administration can’t make mistakes?

whatever her problem is there is no way this could have taken place in ANY affluent city in america.

as soon as i heard these poor ass people had SNIPER RIFLES shooting at helicopters i knew it was time to start covering asses!

if any of these people even knew how to operate a sniper rifle i’d be very suprised! rape, looting, shooting, is all i heard after the third day of these people fending for their lives with no help insight.

this reporter had to sneak in b/c the state police was keeping all media out of the destroyed area around the convention center. if i don’t come across this story on the INTERNET of all places i wouldn’t have known anymore than all of the other people up here in Michigan who now think there was some form of urban warfare taking place down there… yes “urban warfare” is how our anchor lady lead off the 10 oclock news here in Michigan.

i’m sorry Marie or whoever you are – Homeland Security (Bush’s creation) dropped the ball on this one… or should i say spiked the ball on this one b/c they not only refused to help these people but they also did everything in their power to keep other organizations from helping as well – there is NO REASONABLE EXPLAINATION FOR THIS – nothing was more important that helping ALL people affected by this ‘natural’ diaster.

from the way FEMA and the office of HS has responded you’d think these people had done something to deserve this? did MS and FL deserve it too? they sure as hell didn’t have any problems being rescued!

total BS and I am praying that the whole truth comes to light b/c there is now way there have been this many MISTAKES with this particular effort when things have gone soooo smoothly everywhere else!


The FAA debunked the “shots at helicopters” rumour – it didn’t happen, folks.

(It’s an AP story that saves the refutation of the rumour until the last lines. I’d have thought the debunking would have come earlier)

ALSO, on Hannity and Colmes tonight, Gen Harold Cross debunked all the other urban legends going around about looting, car hijackings etc etc

The truth is that the crowds have been very well behaved and patient.

In part the rumours must be old fashioned KKK paranoia about “slave rebellions” –

One thing is certain – without real action – there might well be riots…..


We should not be blind Bush apologists. Neither should we become members of the blame-Bush-first crowd. Some folks just can’t wait for something to go wrong so they have something else to blame Bush for. They blame Bush first, then ask questions. They read only the side of the story that supports their extremist views. Telling Marie Jon to go to hell? What a great way to support your point of view. What a great debating strategy. It makes you sound so articulate and so remarkably intelligent.


We love Marie, but now’s a really bad time.

Speaking for myself, I don’t have any pleasure in bashing Bush right now. I’m frankly beyond politics and around the bend into something near horrified amazement.

They held up the trucks, Doc.


I can’t find any updates to this, but as it stands it suggests that the story that aircraft were fired upon was unfounded:

Superdome Evacuation Disrupted by Report of Gunshot Fired at Military Helicopter; No Injuries Reported, By Mary Foster (AP) Sep. 1, 2005 – The evacuation of the Superdome was temporarily disrupted Thursday after a shot was reported fired at a military helicopter. No injuries were immediately reported… Lt. Col. Pete Schneider of the Louisiana National Guard said other evacuations were continuing and were not affected by trash fires burning outside the Superdome. Law enforcement officers will ride with the school buses, he said. “At the Superdome, we have a report that one shot was fired at a Chinook helicopter,” Schneider said, adding that the Chinook is “an extremely large aircraft.” Laura Brown, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman in Washington, said she had no such report. “We’re controlling every single aircraft in that airspace and none of them reported being fired on,” she said, adding that the FAA was in contact with the military as well as civilian aircraft.
ABC News


If they’re withholding food and water to force people to leave, odd that Crooks and Liars reported folks are not being allowed to leave: “Geraldo who I’m no fan of was crying, holding a little child up to demonstrate the extremely inhumane conditions these people are forced to live under. Forced is the right word because they are locked in the dome by our government and can’t leave. Troops are guarding the bridge.” What an enormous clusterfuck.


Yes, Dr. BLT, let’s by all means wait for more facts. I mean, the right really cares about facts — I’m sure they will respond to facts. What the fuck planet are you living on? Five years of incompetence and you’re going off about “Blame Bush First”?

How many times does your chimp god need to shit his pants or vacation during national crisis before you realize he is a very small man in a very big office?

You keep waiting for more information for the next three years while Americans continue to die. Good luck with that, ass.



“According to Petty Officer 3rd Class Jeremy Grisham, a spokesman for the amphibious assault ship Bataan, the vessel kept its helicopters at sea Thursday night after several military helicopters reported being shot at from the ground.”

Army Times


sorry, that link should have read


Hey, Dr. BLT, have you actually kept up with what an incoherent fucktard Marie is? Have you waded through any of her psychotic ramblings before? Scroll through the last several weeks of archives in case you need a refresher.

By all means, go ahead and try to “debate” with someone who thinks the invisible man in the clouds pulls stunts like this because he’s angry at all the hot gay buttsex that went on in New Orleans. Impress that insane harpy with your oh-so-calm intelligence.

And after you get done with that endeavor, find us “the other side” of the story to balance out our “extremist” views on how insane it is that the preznit was clowning around with an acoustic guitar a day after the hurricane hit. Let us know how unfair it is to lambast Condi for going on a shoe-shopping spree worth thousands and enjoying a game of tennis while all this is going on. Reassure us that this complete fuckup of a rescue mission doesn’t prove that we’d all be in the deepest shit possible had the culprit been a swarthy Muslim with a dirty bomb instead of Mother Nature, since she was at least kind enough to give these incompetent pieces of walking shit a couple days advance notice of what she was going to do.

And when you’re done with that, go fuck yourself raw and bloody. Blithering idiot.


Dr. BLT, I thought you said you were leaving the site. How come when rightwingers comment on lefty blogs and then claim to be leaving when people don’t like their bullshit, they hardly ever actually leave?


Mr. Mordant, I want to first ask you to please be more polite towards me. Sure, I should be used to all of the verbal abuse I’ve been getting around here, but you must keep in mind that right-wingers need love too. And shrinks have feelings. Please don’t hurt mine. No, on second thought, BRING IT ON! In fact, you are hereby restricted from my free MP3 jukebox . That includes access to the new cover of the Trogg’s Wild Thing by Dr. BLT & His Baby Troll (that’s my 2-month old daughter). No, I’m not denying anyone else access, The rest of you can find it here:
or at the link to the jukebox:

On a more serious (and perhaps less sour) note, if you’ll go back and review my comments, you’ll notice I said nothing in defense of Marie.


I take that back, Mr. Mordant. You’ve once again been granted access to my free MP3 jukebox. I must learn to be more forgiving of liberals. Many of you have had mean-spirited mommies and daddies on dope (Gavin, you appear to be an exception, and it shows in your application of the language of kindness and tolerance). The mean-spirited-mommies-doped-out-daddies phenomenon creates a differential opportunity structure between the right and the left when it comes to language development, and access to the language of love in particular. Anne, I never said I was going to leave. Don’t count your chickens before their hatched, and don’t assume I’m a chicken. I merely said I was tempted to gather signatures in a petition that would ultimately put pressure on the powers that be associated with this site to render me, “one man banned.” As I’ve noted, in the process of trying to bring redemption to this site, I’ve also been contaminated with the cyanide of cynicism, and have, myself become addicted. Otherwise, I would have rounded up those signatures long ago.


Wow if it turns out that the trucks were really held back, that takes this from a clusterfuck to a crime.

Dr BLT = attention whore not worthy of the minute energy it takes to be typing this. (BUY MY NEW CD LISTEN TO MY SONG, I TROLL S!N BECAUSE I CAN! BAN ME!)

(oh and if anyone want’s to see how coherent and together mentally marie is, just email me and ask for my correspondance with her. Just because you can put together a column with paragraphs and shit doesen’t mean you can send and email that doesen’t look like a 14 year old AIM user vomited all over the keyboard)


Dear Dr. Mr. BLT:

Fuck off home already. You are a blithering idiot who believes in a bunch of stupid generalizations about broad groups of people. I am from the Midwest and my folks are Christians and never touched ‘dope’. Fuck you and your shitty music and your arrogant attitude. And please don’t forgive me with your punk-ass ‘holier than thou’ bullshit. If I could I would bash your fucking skull in and then laugh.


My apologies, Doc. As a token of my humility, you’ve been granted access to my sack, which requires gargling. Get to work. Make me happy.


Oh yeah — and don’t forget these guys, the Canadian rescue team that Louisiana requested. Homeland Security stopped them from entering the country on Wednesday.

Actually, I think this is a miscommunication (there are a whole lot of links out there about what happened, but I’m too lazy to go find them). The Vancouver Urban Search and Rescue Team didn’t really have any trouble getting into the States and has been in Louisiana since Wednesday. Other assistance from the Canadian Forces were told to “wait”, but have now been deployed (4 ships and some Sea King helicopters).

Still seems like the delay wasn’t warranted, though…just part of the FUBAR, I guess.


Necessary background reading to New Orleans in terms of race, class, geography and history:

Craig Colten, _The Unnatural Metropolis_ (LSU Press, 2004).

Robin Blackburn, _The Making of New World Slavery_ (Verso, 1998).

Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, _Africans in Colonial Louisiana_ (reprint edition, LSU Press, 1995).

Please read and cite these titles to ignorant ones.


Bush doesn’t give a fuck who lives or dies. If i’m POTUS, the commander-in-chief of the god damn armed forces, and I see people dying right there on my TV screen, in one of my cities, while reporters are right there NEXT TO THEM, I’m going to pick up the fucking phone and get those people supplies. Minimum – criminal negligence, maximum – murder


What do you know? Now that’s the closest thing to a death threat I’ve received at “Sadly, no!” Spoken like a loving liberal, LACJ. I really don’t need to expose you for who you are. You’ve just done a fine job of doing just that. I’d encourage others to go back and read exactly what LACJ said. This is what can happen to any of you if you take your hatred of conservatives too far.


Yes, yes, we’re blinded by hate, etc. So go.


No, I take that back. LACJ has just identified himself as a sadistic murdere, someone capable of committing a hate crime and then laughing about it. Even the most hostile among you has not gone this far in your hatred towards me. I am curious though, would any of you like to take this opportunity to distance yourself from what JACJ said? I would like to believe that you’re not all a bunch of serial killers or axe murderers.


Anne, if I were to simply go, as you’ve suggested, I would be letting the terrorists, or, in this case, the terrorist, win. No, LACJ may not be a terrorist in the traditional sense, but by his words, he has just committed a serious crime–a felony. It falls under the category of a making a terrorist threat. Look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me. I’ve seen cases of people going to prison over similar statements made over the internet.


I am curious though, would any of you like to take this opportunity to distance yourself from what JACJ said?

Yeah, he shouldn’t o’ oughta said that. Sometimes people get steamed up over perceived stupidity, especially when they see similar stupidity costing lives. That’s a fact of life.

It’s pretty silly to call that a felony and a terrorist threat though, regardless of whether that’s technically correct. You may as well call it “germ warfare” when a drunk throws up on your shoes.


I respect the fact that you’ve distanced yourself, Karl from these outrageous comments. I readily acknowledge that not all liberals are this intolerant and openly hostile. It may indeed be silly to call the comment what it technically is, but at the very least, it’s evidence of somebody who who has the capacity to be violent and someone who seems to have very limited communication skills.


It is particularly stupid to refer to LACJ as a “sadistic murderer”, or indeed a serial killer or axe-murderer. (I assume the last was merely hyperbole, in that LACJ didn’t mention axes.)
Because, hey, if I could, I’d live on the moon. Does this make me an astronaut?

To be honest, Doc, I don’t know LACJ from Adam, and I fail to understand why I should distance myself from some statement I didn’t make, just because you insist on painting all supposed liberals with a broad brush. The distance between me and most of the commenters here, including you, is about as extreme as it gets: you say what you want, I say what I want, and neither of us are responsible for other people saying what they want.

Frankly, I have the hardest of times imagining that you are in any way, shape, or form employed in a capacity to help the mentally ill. If this is indeed the case, God help them all.

It’s difficult to determine, really, how much time you must spend scowling into the mirror and trying not to scream at your reflection “Don’t look at me!”
I suspect it’s less time than you spend standing naked in front of the mirror with the cucumber covering your dick, but it’s probably still considerable.
Good to see you can still fit trolling into your busy schedule.


D. Sidhe: Precisely. This twit thinks (1) all ‘liberals’ are elite coastal rich kids who are lazy and shiftless; and (2) became liberal because their meanspirited parents smoked ‘dope’ or were otherwise unfit to raise children. He certainly has a bunch of other, equally idiotic beliefs, but I won’t be bothered to identify them.

There are hundreds of children and babies dead and dying right now in New Orleans. Drowned, or dying of hunger, dehydration, and/or disease. All of these deaths are directly attributable to government indifference. Meanwhile, Dr. Mr. Sammich is busy deciding who will have the privilege of accessing his stupid jukebox. Oh, but once all the facts are in he will be more than willing to ‘debate’ who is to blame.

I hope he does try to file a complaint, that would be really funny. Let’s just say I will lose little sleep over the possibility that my distinguished career as an axe murderer and terrorist will come to a premature end.

BTW, ‘holier than thou’ should not have been in quotes. Got a little excited there for a second. ‘Dope’ is in quotes because who knows what substance he is referring to, and ‘debate’ is in quotes because in general brain-dead people can’t debate.


First, my comments about mean-spirited mommies and doped up daddies were not meant to be taken so literally or so seriously. I’m sorry if I insulted some of you,

Second, expressing a violent, sdaistic fantasy or wish is not exactly equal to expressing a wish to go to the moon. That’s about as ridiculous a comparison as any I’ve seen in a long time. I know you call it ‘holier than thou.”

If one of you happened to visit a conservative site, and someone were to speak with such violent, threatening language, I certainly wouldn’t wink at it, or excuse it away. I would be the first to come to your defense, despite our ideological differences. But you folks seem to have a different set of values over here—or, lack thereof. Over here, if you disagree with someone, anything goes—-words of vilolence, vile, crude language (reflecting a lack of class, not to mention no dignity or self-respect) —-anyhing at all-except for intelligent, respectable debate, Call me holier than thou, but this all reflects very poorly on all of you. My comment about your daddies and mommies pales in comparison to some of the stuff you’ve thrown at me. Go back and look at it. It makes me believe society is devolving rather than evolving, Devo had it right with their social commentary.


Doc. Trolls don’t get respect. Smart trolls don’t *expect* respect.
If I go trolling at Free Republic, I would expect them to call me a commie pinko dyke or whatever they can spell.
I would not expect anyone there to “distance” themselves from anyone else, because they’re not responsible for the other people. At an absolute maximum, you can probably argue that the blog owners are responsible for what gets posted.
I’m not bothering to excuse away anything anyone else says, because, you know, there’s that personal responsibility thing. For that matter, I’m not going to try to distance myself from your comments about doped up parents, either.
You’re not my problem. At best, you are a mildly amusing diversion.
However, I’m going to endorse, in fact, LACJ’s statements that you have a lot of idiotic beliefs, and that it’s pretty lame to think that we’re all just gnashing our teeth because we’ve been denied access to your oeuvre.

So do you ever just stand over an anthill and say in a deep, ominous voice “You’ll pay for what you did to my picnic!” and then just spray the hell out of them with Raid while cackling?
It’s probably a better power trip than the MP3 thing.


Dr. dingdong has managed to turn a discussion of a national tragedy into an adolescent pissing match with its doctorhood standing as a narcissistic proxy for the abusive, distant father figure known as W.

Probably the kind of doctor in a special cell wearing a hockey mask. “Agent Starling, Buffalo Bush is a careful man, but a man with a weakness…”


Oh, I was so wrong! I feel so guiiilty! I have to confess my sins and seek absolution from the relevant parties immediately!

Let me enumerate them, in no particular order:

First, I was wrong for stealing Mordant’s phrase ‘blithering idiot’. Sorry bout that bro, I didn’t notice you had already laid claim to that. I should have said, ‘self-centered piece of fucking shit’.

Second, I should not have put ‘holier than thou’ in quotes. That’s a mortal sin there. I mean, that’s like Kaye Grogan territory. Yikes!

Third, I should have not fed the trolls. Stupid move, dunno what the heck I was thinking. Sorry Gavin, Brad, Daddy Seb.

Fourth, I should never have allowed the conversation to get off the real point: They held up the trucks for the sake of a photo op! Please, Gavin, Brad, Timmah420, others, gather all the evidence you can and do your best to get this story out. A related link (sorry I am clueless at html):

Dr. Mr. Dingdong (nice one Boing!!!) doesn’t need to worry; I have no intention of hurting him. If I actually ever have the displeasure of meeting him, I am sure I will be too busy laughing at his punk ass to do him any violence. Besides he is not worth expending the calories to raise a hammer and clocking him one. Hammer better than axe for bashing skulls, you see. With the axe you gotta make sure not to hold it the wrong way. In other words, I consider him completely worthless. He dismisses people without so much as a moment’s worth of reflection, and it is exactly that kind of attitude that has allowed our country (not yours, dickweed) to fall so far.

However, if he was stuck in a flooded attic with his daughter, and the government failed to do its duty to save him, I would most certainly fight for accountability. See how that works, shithead? Maybe you could learn from a liberal filled with hate.

Your 15 minutes are almost up, hope you enjoyed it!


OK, I’m learning the rules around here: Conform to our left-wing groupthink or we’ll label you a troll (disparaging term for someone with a mind of their own who refuses to conform); repeatedly insult you and call you vile names one might expect to be called by a bunch of bullies on a junior high school playground; then, if all else fails, resort to revealing homicidal, sadistic fantasies about the person, and then, lamely try to take it back. It’s too late, LACJ. Once the cat is out of the bag, once you’ve revealed the real you, you can’t take it back, no matter how fast you backpeddle. Maybe you’re not as violent and vile as you come across, but at the very least, you lack self-control and class in the manner in which you present yourself. This is the kind of behavior that gives liberals a bad name. Not all of you are alike. I have good friends who are liberal. But the rest of you do yourselves a big favor when you distance yourself from his comments, not because you are responsible for him, but because he’s the type of person who hurts your cause.


Good Christ, but you folks are messed up down there. I’ve been watching mostly US network news about the situation in New Orleans, with print supplement by BBC online service, and whether it’s being done on purpose or not, it’s pretty clear that the response of the federal government has been ponderous and, at best, semi-competent.
People shooting at helicopters? I’ll buy it– there’s plenty of guns (especially with looted Walmarts) and people, nationality and ethnicity irrespective, often do incredibly stupid things. Especially when they’re crammed together in a feces-filled stadium.
Bush et al holding up aid for a photo op? I’ll buy it. Since the first election (or whatever the hell that thing was in 2000) the departure from reality undertaken by the administration has had a LOT of us out here in the rest of the world making worried comparisons to Germany, 1936-1939 (I am in correspondence with people in Asia and Europe, and we’re all nervous). To be blunt, what we see is a government that appears to be unable to accept any truth that does not conform to an amazingly narrow and often incorrect world view. I despise terrorists, but I know that what they do is not prompted by a simple hate of freedom. I accept that abstinence is a very good defence against HIV infection, but I cannot comprehend how denying assistance to any African government that subsidizes condoms is going to help that continent.
What baffles me most is the way the people of the US seem to have allowed themselves to be divided into two camps which seem unable to accept any proposition the other holds true. “Trees are green, unless that bunch over there says it.” I wish I could offer some guidance to you, some means of pointing out the vast and useful middle ground of politics where solutions to serious problems are most ofter found. If you carry on like this, your nation is going to fall to bits, and that dissolution is going to mean nothing but bad news for those around you.
Let’s try defining terms:
Liberal- glad in giving.
Conservative- adopting change only when it is of proven benefit.
See? Not what you think they mean at all, and not inherently bad. I practice both philosophies daily, depending on context.
Now, go give a few bucks to the charity of your choice to help out those poor people in New Orleans, if you are not so poor that it would afflict you. They pretty clearly need help, and for whatever reason, the federal government isn’t entirely capable of giving it.
(Oh, just so we’re clear– in my personal politics I’m so far to the left of what happens in the states I’m amazed I’m allowed to cross your border. I don’t mind the taxes because I get a free stay in a hospital if I get sick, and I’m totally OK with someone else using my tax money if they’re sick.)


Hey Marie Jon

I’m from the UK and I call Bullshit on you.

Kool Aid is not a big seller over here.


Honestly, Doc. You can tell us. When you sit in your La-Z-Boy in the middle of the night, aiming your remote control at the television and pretending you’re on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, ordering the crew to drop out of warp or whatever, do the exotic alien women with green skin you imagine violating the Prime Directive with have an even number of breasts, or an odd number of them?



From a commenter on a Crooks and Liars post about this heartwrenching video: What we know now is:

 The order to send in the National Guard was not given until 72 hours after the levees had broken.
FEMA officials prevented a…


Sidhe, have you been spying on me? How did you know what I’ve been up to in the middle of the night? Seriously, though, you have quite a creative imagination.


“And why the fuck is the government blocking the red cross and other relief organizations from entering?”

If you read the Red Cross website carefully, you will see that it is the LOCAL government and LOUISIANA National Guard that prevented the Red Cross from supplying aid. Bush had nothing to do with it. The STATE of Louisiana didn’t want the people to get too “comfortable” in the SuperDome, so they prevented the Red Cross from supplying the people with food and water for several DAYS!!!

I Cried My Heart Out For Want Of My Love

Evil people prosper, over the likes of you and me: always.


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