To what are you alluding?

It’s more allusive…

It’s REALLY “elusive” when searching for words you didn’t encounter during the English class you missed while attending “rallies” and “sit-ins”.
Or is this the new “phun wif phonics” they teach now?

What a ‘Tard….
Posted by Horrabin at August 14, 2005 01:22 AM

Daffy ScrewBall.jpg
“Liberalth are thilly and have poor English thkillth.”

Can we please get a “higher” grade of troll “around here?” We’re “worried” about “overusing” the “Wingnut-Projection Daffy” “graphic.”


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Alas, poor Horrabin! I think his dictionary eluded him.


‘Tard…Heh, Indeed.


Are we quote flaming this “douchebag”? “Awesome”.


I’m not so sure that his dictionary eluded him so much as it alluded him.


This is fantastic.


Can we please get a “higher” grade of troll “around here?”

yes, bring Frank J. back. I miss his elaborate “explanations” as to why “we” weren’t “funny”. And his excuse that whatever “post” of his that we pointed to as “not” funny was not “his” best “effort”. Sorry Frank J., but you can “really” only “pull” that one out “once”, and then it is “sad”.


I’m just alluding that this lollipop sucking moron was an ill ludite, and he simultaneously eluded and lolled you.
His affect did not affect me though they his effect did effect a reaction.

Come on,Horrabin. You know you want to correct me…


No, Gavin, you fool! It was elu-

Whoa! Wait! Where did it go?!!!

Idiot troll.


Fuck “allusive”…How come you don’t use the word “efflusive” enough?

…that’s because you’re theft-wing, fiberal, LIEberal homophilic bigot!

Can I get a “ditto” from Horrabin?

Signed – High-grade troll.


Though it makes me queasy to admit it, Mal de mer has a point. The don’t say “effluvia” nearly enough either, and I’m mad as hell about it. Or “twee”. Or “sackbut,” for pity’s sake.


Good catch, Horrabin, but how could you have missed the second misspelling in that same sentence? Gavin must have been at a “sit-in” or maybe off smoking “weed” the day the class covered “persimmony,” too.

Typical liberal elitists. They try to intimidate us with big words like “elusive” and “persimmony,” but they’re too lazy to learn how to spell them.


Well, I googled Horrabin at the IMAO site and his comments display an amazing depth of intelect, wit, and grammar. I think that we’re in over our heads here kids. Maybe we should just lick our wounds and sulk like good little liberals.


Persimmonies are good if you put them in the freezer until they’re half-frozen. Then you cut the top off and eat the insides with a spoon as if it were sorbet.


persimmony, adj.: of or pertaining to persimmons


“twee” is a funny word, it tickles my nose.


I wholeheartedly agree with the increased use of “effusive” here in this God-forsaken bog, but I must object to “twee”, which is insupportably cute.


Yeah, only a hog-chalker would use a term like “twee.”


twee, twee, twee!!! I say again TWEE. I think it’d make a greta name for one of the kittens posted here…


Greta would make a good name, too!


Greta is always a good name, at least for professional Swiss S&M Queens. But enough about marie…


Woodrowfan, as a cow-crayoner from a long, proud family of cow-crayoners, your typically hog-chalking usage of the word “twee” offends me.


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