Do we know the answer yet?

Michelle Malkin, November 19, 2002:

How many of Saddam Hussein’s sleeper terrorists are waiting dormant in the U.S. to retaliate against us when the War on Iraq begins?

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pssst…the link is wrong!

this is the correct one:


I think that number is directly proportionate to the number of WMDs we will find in Iraq after the war starts.



I really don’t know. My guess is that we have to wait for the Nyquil to wear off.



I think the sleeper cells just keep hitting the snooze button. They were out really late the night before the war, and it’s not like they’re punching a time clock or anything, so what the hell. If Osama doesn’t like it, he can just go and suicide bomb for himself.


Shhh, they’re still sleeping. Shhh! Aww. No wonder we can’t catch them; they’re so adorable and innocent-looking when they sleep that no one suspects they’re terrorists. If they could only stay little and cute! *sigh* Now everyone, go tuck your li’l neighborhood sleeper terrorists in tight and give them a kiss on the forehead. But Auntie Michelle, you stay out of the room, because if they wake up you’ll frighten them with your Guernica-like “panicked horse” countenance and they may detonate themselves accidentally.


And the answer is…

…one for every weapon of mass destruction. Here’s the question….


My snoozy little sleeper-cell detonates the bed, pretty much nightly. The pediatrician says it;s just a phase, and that not feeding him plastique right before bedtime should help, but these bouts of explosive incontinence do worry me.

suburban refugee

Soon, they’ll emerge from their chrysalis as beautiful, flag waving Iraqis, with those cute little purple fingers (that happen to look like they’ve been molesting Smurfs, but that’s besides the point). Any day now.


All his sleepers were made of straw!


i don’t know, but we will probably find out now that they sounded the wake up alarm in Iraq. Why we didn’t finish the job in Afganistan is beyond me.

Charles Watkins

Here’s a scary little rumor I picked up on one of the conspiracy sites:

It was said that prior to the dissolution of the USSR, the KGB had managed to plant a number of suitcase nukes in the US. Subsequently the controllers for some of these fell into the hands of Bin Laden. However, no one knows for sure where the bombs are actually located or even whether they are still in working condition. But noone wants to take a chance, and this is why OBL has never been caught.


Um, no. That’s Newsmax bullshit. Please stop.


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