Our Valkyrie of conscience, Ms. S.Z., says to whomp Miss Amber with hale pleasure, because she craves it.

I’m torn, like an origami crane with a tear in its delicate rice-paper wing. Because if she craves it, then…

We’re getting a taste of what it might be like to date Amber Pawlik. Every animate moment would be an inner dialogue like: “I know that she knows that I want what I want — but does she know that I know that she wants what she wants?”

And you don’t get any action, either! The point is lost on one. So meanwhile, someone is chortling and snucking, and posts this on Amber’s (moderated) message board:

Definitely Not Sadly, No (

Date: Sat 04 Jun 2005 07:18:37 PM EDT
Subject: Recipes

I am a person who wants to make a meal. However, all of your delicious recipes have been made by me for my family already. Would it be at all possible to post more recipes? We would like to make them regularly, and a new recipe, posted for instance every week, would be quite delicious and nourishing for myself and my family.
Signed, A housewife on the Internet

We were good people until Seb went away, leaving us in this crazy half-realm of enticements.


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I swear I’ll mail you replacement origami cranes if you get on with the taunting.
For God’s sake, it’s only fair. *I* cook like that, I just have the sense not to do a web page about it.
It’s not like she’s demurely hiding it under her firewall or anything. If she’s got it right out there in public, it’s practically recipe burlesque. Aren’t you *supposed* to comment on it?


Definitely Not is a true S,N! Patriot.


Ms. Pawlik is one thin skinned Protest Warrioress. I have been reading at her site since I realized that she was the same antifeminist shrike who wrote letters of much hilarity to her college newspaper.
She wants to be a writer? She should learn that if one puts one’s opinions up in public, one is apt to be lambasted for the same if they are lame. I. E., if you drop trou and bend over, expect to be spanked. Everyone loves a whipping girl who so readily volunteers to turn both cheeks to the stroke.


If she’s a real anti-feminist, we shouldn’t be hearing from her anyway.


I go to Amber’s old school now. She’s still a palpable force among the Young Americans for Freedom set.


The bad news is that according to her site, Amber uses the rythym method for birth control. The good news is that her boyfriend is most likely imaginary. I have a hard time believing that she isn’t still doodling “Mrs. Amber Roark” on stationary.


Amber gave up her maidenhood?

How did that happen? Was it like in the Rand novels, with lots of kicking and biting, and yelling “I hate you, but submit helplessly to your animal lust”?

…Or is she just doing that things she does, giving advice on a subject she’s totally ignorant on? Like, “I don’t cook or have sex, so here’s some recipes and advice on birth control”?

suburban refugee

Amber has one to be one of the best arguments for feminism, or at least proof that women shouldn’t be in the kitchen.


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