Moneymaking idea (we take 10%)

I’m just talking off the top of my head here, but the market is wide open these days, tourism-wise, in Sodom.

Modern-day Sedom, Israel

You can see the possibilities, yes? What better package tour for Biblically-engaged fellows with a certain abiding interest, such as,

John Derbyshire,

NRO Zany-Brainy kid, and author of the book with the title that makes you sing…

Express yourself,
[You’ve got to make him,]
Express himself,
hey, hey, hey!

derb book.jpg
Promotional graphic for Derbyshire book

The guests could go on ‘outings.’


…Slogan: “What happens in Sodom, stays in Sodom.” “When in Sodom, do as the Sodomites do?” “Sodom: the little city with a Lot?”

Ok, this was a quick one. You want masterpieces, watch Masterpiece Theatre. 10% and it’s yours to run with.


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“rimshot” takes on a whole different meaning in this context. Hey, maybe Ford could sponser the tour!


I agree with Bill on this


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