14 hours without a tweet?

Just heard that on the news on the TV, Brian Williams and Katy Tur were talking when that fact was presented and I immediately thought, Oh Holy Fuck, shit is getting real, real, son! They just took Donald’s pacifier away from him and his favorite blanky…Donald without his twitter machine? No Fucking way…

The only way I can see this working for even a moment is that they have his twitter on a secure network with a fake twitter and a battery of agents to interact and retweet Donald’s Tweets so that the activity seems *real* as to not tip him off…This is the only way I can see this play without Money BooBoo going ballistic.

If there is a chance that there is a glimmer of adult inside that avatar of avarice I can not see this turning out well, especially as this report accompanies news about proof of Russian involvement in the election, exactly the type of thing that you would expect to be followed by “fake news” and other now familiar stupfTides* *’Stupid fucking Trumpian Bromides’ that clutter his tweeting vocabulary…

Now before we go all in on what might just be a bit of wistful hyperbolic whimsy, It would be interesting to discover how many times the Donald has gone more than 12 hours, between tweeting some moronic observational aside, period. And this should be relatively easy to find out…

This money is betting on “not once since he discovered how to use the twitter machine and got his first rush of that sweet sweet tweet buzz!”

And with that, i think it might be time to fire up the popcorn machine and await for the next fuckup.


It D0n3 d1d h4pp3n H3r3….

Buzz Windrop is a name that popped into my head while watching a bit of the news this morning, before letting the dog out back to ‘do his chores’ as my host and adoptive mother has it, because it is all republican all the time on the TV these days, and boy do the ‘Roy’s from Themthare’n’hill’s’ are good for ratings in Moron America, which means good for Advertisers, just not so good for the rest of us…The Metastacy has broken loose from the dainty chains of civility to reveal itself plain, in the open, for all of us to behold, for some to breathe deeply and face every new dawn with a smug little smile and a mental pat on the back and think “Finally!” And for others, and in this bunch I include myself, to wake again to what appears to be a fresh hell and attempt to deal with it best we can, each in our own way…For me, this morning I awoke thinking of the Sinclair Lewis classic “It can’t Happen Here” which inspired the title for this rant, and Senator Buzz Windrop which if memory serves seems like a template for the current situation in which we are moored…

This gag/dis-positive notion did carry with it a slight bonus…That I pulled all of that shit, unassisted, right out of my ass/brain this morning; the Title, the Character, and the Author, as well as a bit of the plot and its relevance to our current situation, which suggests that more of my memory is being recovered/indexed or my internal librarian has finally shaken off her long sleep and is back at the helm…So in a purely Yay fucking Me! way, this horrible realization does in fact come with that positive note.

So I don’t think we have done this yet, or if we have, forgive me, but I think it may be time to start a pool on when this Russian-hacked house of cards begins to crumble in such a way that even Tom Brokaw is forced to put on his depends and big boy suit and suggest that the man has gone too far…

I weep for the passing of Cronkite, Walter; Rather, Dan, and other class acts since passed or retired MEN of import, respect, and courage, who would be eviscerating this tin pot tiny handed terror on a nightly basis, and whose only fear would be the missile tests targeting their property (country places, of course.) Yet would keep up a drumbeat that would drive a Toddler-Id’ed entitled Moron with no discernible sense of propriety crazy, and eventually from office…

I saw a bit of an interview with Dubya the other night and found it fascinating how well he has aged and how sane he sounds and realized in horror that The presence of Trump has rehabilitated every last one of the Rat fucking assholes that brought him to us like one piece at a time to a laboratory in a bunker in Washington to assemble the president of their wildest imagination.

I almost feel like there was a bet to see who could in fact, break Hyperbole as a concept, or an effective humor delivery vehicle, and that the winning team submitting Trump to the panel after everybody had finished having a big old hearty laugh or three, the panel realized that these guys might be on to something and awarded them the prize, and here we are…



Erick son of Erick son of Erick son of Erick

So one of the outlets coughed up recently, or since I was on vacay, or it is possible that this one escaped my knowledge completely, which near as I can tell is yet another conservative rag in a universe sadly lacking them, called The Resergent has an article by the Son of Erick titled:

Trump Invites a Cesspool of Fake News to Cover the White House. And I’m Not Talking About MSNBC.

Yes, that is what the title sitting next to an opening in the side of a rock face leading to who knows what said to pique my curiosity to find the candle holder, candle, and matchbook, Rope, Pick and shovel and begin my intrepid adventure,,,

Once again, I must admit that one of the better parts of misplacing certain parts of your memory can be the taking of momentary solace. That for a few short months, or in my case a bit longer, you were unaware of a certain existence or a few because they had been involuntarily scrubbed from memory. Such was the case with the Son of Erick.

Now one of the nice bits is when you recognize and are able to place immediately an object or thing into its proper context or next to its companion in the sock drawer…So after the initial holy crap, what is this new RightWing Rag I have never  heard of, and that is a cute assed title by half of half, I wonder who might be the wizard behind the curtain, and lo an behold, there he is…

<i>I don’t mean to bore with these asides, only to attempt to share a bit of the childlike wonder on the one hand and the are you effing kidding me? get offf my lawn on the other that I get to deal with on a nearly hourly basis as I creep along catching up</i>

Ok, so now a quickipedia search reveals that our target has quite the CV for a former blogger. And the chins of a family too far removed from its lutefiskian homeland and fed on enough corn to bleed corn

                                                                Image result for erick erickson
Erick Erickson (born June 3, 1975) is a politically conservative American blogger who hosts the radio show Atlanta’s Evening News with Erick Erickson, broadcast on 750 WSB (AM). He previously served as the editor-in-chief and the CEO of the conservative political blog RedState and was a political contributor for CNN.

Erick Erickson – Wikipedia

Erick-Woods Erickson was born in Jackson in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates when he was five, and returned to Jackson when he was fifteen.[2][3] Erickson attended the American School of Dubai, previously known as the Jumeirah American School.[4] His father worked for Conoco Oil[5] as an oil company production foreman.[6]Erickson received a bachelor’s degree from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and a law degree from Mercer’s Walter F. George School of Law and is an inactive member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia.[7]

Now I’ll admit that while I might have chafed a bit under that impoverished hand, I would likely not have taken a bite out of it, and one wonders what kind of freak an impoverished white kid running around in the back alleys of Dubai can get into…


Practical Magic

Above: What deluded Christian bigots think a binding ritual is.

Daniel John Sobieski, Don’t Wanna be an American Idiot:
Trump Flushes Obama’s Transgender Restrooms

… sigh.

Okay, let’s knock out the elephant in the room that is Sessions removing the protections that tell schools they have to take trans kid’s seriously and not harass them or openly deny their gender identity in service to harassment.

I mean, it’s awful. Like, that ruling was largely the only thing in place at some places to allow a student to have their real gender respected by administration, use public facilities instead of holding it in all day*, not be dead-named in front of the entire class and thus signalled to every bully that you’re an open target, and in general just stopping treating trans kids unfairly under the law, discriminating against them and increasing the amount of bullying they receive.
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33 Day’s In: Still an intact Polity

My lovely kitten, one Grayson Babylon who remains be-coned, the result of recent spaying is healing nicely and is still sporting those boots resulting from shaving her front paw wrist areas for intravenous injection purposes…They make her look like a grey little fashion plate, as if she could be any more adorable.  And she seems to be healing nicely and should become cone free shortly, and is developing all the signs of a winning personality. I could not be happier camper in the New Kitten department.

Doing the math it seems that we are now just over a month into the Trump Administration…Mar a Lago on the Potomac™, a thunder-dome filled with mini-bike racing, fez be-capped midgets….Shriners!  That’s who I am thinking of, the template for this tableau, because I have seen the mini-motor bike act at the state fair and remember wondering “why the effin Ef!!!” then seeing the kids smiling and realizing that this schmaltz on display was for them, while the Shriners were up to raising money for a world renowned Childrens Hospital up Indianapolis way. One that may even have their name on it.

So I guess the reason a cute kitten and fez wearing monkeys on motorcycle acts come to mind in what might appear a rambling Provider-style meander to who knows where and to what end, The kitten and the administration newly placed into power seem to possess about the same level of maturity, and it will not be long before the kitten, not yet a cat will leave Donald and his minion-ettes in her rear view mirror maturity wise. Of course, while I have yet to come across the thing myself, I am nearly certain that a countdown timer in a basement somewhere is running and that by the time it hits the zero mark, our imperious leader will likely be lurching toward impeachment or have figured out away to awol out the rest of his term from Mara Lago and letting Granny Starver and Box turtle run the show in his stead. Which might not be the worst of options, Which, of course, could just me, being tired as hell looking for a decent nights sleep…


Better than a shit sandwich

No information about the ingredients was available (though they are surely awesome). Rachel’s can be found in the Rue du Pont aux Choux in Paris (bien sûr!).


Cause There’s Never a Bad Time to Kick the Trans…

Fear of a Trans Planet Redux

Natasha Vargas-Cooper, American Conservative (yeah, for reals):
Womanhood Redefined

Let’s be frank, Trump is a monster.

An open traitor to America who slipped through on one of the most stolen technicality elections to ever exist and has done everything he can to hurt people and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the law will never apply to rich white guys.

But one of the most monstrous aspects of him has been his effects among the bigots. We’ve had a growing nazi problem for awhile as neo-nazi groups have used things like Reddit and 4chan to recruit new members and radicalize angry white men clamoring for a new Apartheid that’ll shut up the existence of anyone not white or male.

But Trump normalized them. Made them a key part of his campaign, gave them support, made those messages one of the two major party positions. And so now, we have a dual problem.

One is that Republicans are natural authoritarians and the media is cowardly. Meaning, many Republicans who would under normal circumstances see things like outright swastikas as something they wouldn’t openly support are now being radicalized into full-blown anti-semitic conspiracy theories and open calls for genocide as if it’s all a game. And the media trained for years to present everything as “two sides and the truth is in the middle, otherwise we’ll be accused of bias” are ill-equipped to handle when one of the “mainstream views” is open fascism and the active elimination of certain people from America. Which is why they normalized his hate speech in the first place.

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A FlamingTrain-wreck sidles up to a bar at the Apocalypso™ and asks Tire-fire for a Dance!

It has been a busy day at the Midwestern Office at SadlyNo Industries, what with Garage maintenance and cleaning related Program activities.* That I have only recently become apprised of what appears at a minimal glance to have been quite a day at Mar-a-lago on Pennsylvania Avenue™. It might be charitable to refer to the week past as one of interest, and possibly the least auspicious beginning or in Trumpulese Biggest Bigly week of MoneyBooBoo’s™ coming out party. Holy shit, I hardly know where to begin, but I guess starting with the latest and moving Backward might be a relevant way to start (and starting with the latest may actually be yesterdays news by the time I finish this post.)

So this afternoon while taking a break from cobweb and mouse turd removal among other garage and basement cleaning activities, I catch wind of the Flynn situation…

Michael Flynn’s fiery speech at the Republican National Convention in July is drawing new attention following his resignation as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Flynn spent much of his speech attacking Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, highlighting her use of a private email server as Secretary of State.

“We do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law, he said.”

Doubtless that bit of raw meat went over well with the Trumpanzees™ who were looking for bloody meat to slake their thirst and appetites…The guy who would become, for a few short weeks the National Security Advisor until he was unable to clear the very low bar set by Dear Leader…It is quite possible that Trump did not consider a member of the following troupe for the Job:

And it occurs to me that the monkeys in question bear a certain resemblance to our new potentate, and reminds me that not so long ago we had another president who inspired a website; Chimp or Bush IIRC. herewego.

Gods bless us with the Intertronz for those darkest of hours, and upon viewing the vid from The Wizard of OZ, I was taken by how much the flying monkeys bear a facial resemblance to the Donald for which an intrepid student of Psychology or Sociology Pathology divisions might base a paper on the attraction of these archetypes to the Republican voter. But I digress…

I have just been alerted to the fact that Trumps appointment for Secretary  of Labor Andrew Puzder has per the New York Times “withdrawn” his nomination to be labor Secretary:

WASHINGTON — The fast-food executive Andrew F. Puzder withdrew his nomination to be labor secretary on Wednesday as Republican senators turned sharply against him, the latest defeat for a White House besieged by infighting and struggling for traction even with a Republican-controlled Congress.

It looks like we may be entering Rats leaving sinking ship territory here…And we are only a little less than a month into this goveernment. And a Cheney is nowhere to be found to lead the rest to safety. We may as well gird our loins for the coming Pence Presidency, because I seriously think we are in placing bets to see how long this ship stays afloat terror-tory. I’m thinking Gilligan might have had a better opening month. But Bob Denver was adorable, Trump, not so much.


Happy Valentines Day

It is that time of Year again, on today of days we celebrate, en masse, a holiday devoted to Love. So to dispense with the proper, I would like to extend hearty and earnest Valentines Day wishes to all of the Lovelies and Lovers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers in the SadlyVerse™.

I have been due to certain related activities, been unable to fully sort out or, as a result of same, manage to carve out the time to appropriately address the Four alarm fire, slamming feet first into an apocalyptic, multi-semi pileup in the halls of power…Lords have mercy!!!

Running back and forth between the flaming wreckage attempting to stop laughing long enough to see if anyone in mortal danger might need a hand up and into safety and then determining that there are already enough professionals on the seen to save the cats and kittens caught unawares, I stand, gobsmacked in awe, and wonder if it is possible that his noodly benificence has plattered this purely for my entertainment, while a pang hangs in the breeze suggesting that I maybe should stop pointing and laughing while rolling on the ground with my hands around my guts, but get up and lend a hand.

Laughing and Pointing seems to currently have the upper hand…

A Valentines Day/Birthday dinner awaits my attention, so I will leave this for now, but as soon As I am able, I will return to parse each bit of this Bucket full of Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?!?

Out of the gate fail. It might be time to suggest a pool regarding the length of time before impeachment proceedings begin.

Happy Valentines Day!


The Oroville Dam is in a world of hurt.




So, I think about water a lot. I think about where it comes from , where it goes, and what it does on the way. I read Cadillac Desert. I don’t imagine that makes me an expert on dams in the western US, but it does give a good introduction to the subject. And what it tells me is that dams are one hell of a mixed bag. They allow the deserts to bloom, as long as the people who designed the dam chose the right spot to put the dam, and the right type of dam and built it to store all the water that it could be expected to hold, even accounting for once-in-a-millennium floods, and made provisions for releasing the water safely in an emergency. Then the dam has to be built to spec and maintained faithfully. And it has to be integrated into the existing and changing network of dams and irrigation in the west. And all of this is complicated. I’d even go so far as to say, really fucking complicated.

The Oroville dam is at 100% capacity. It can’t hold any more water. So they release water down the spillway. But it’s cracked and can’t take the amount of water that needs to be released. So they have opened the emergency spillway. Which isn’t concrete lined and is eroding fast enough that smart dam-operating people are worried the entire hillside could collapse which would release all the water in the reservoir at once. One term that stuck me as memorable was “30 foot tall wall of water” So they reduced the flow to the emergency spillway. So the water level in the reservoir is rising and more rainstorms are expected soon. So there is an evacuation order in place and 200,000 people downstream of the dam have to find a new place to sleep for a week, or worst case, permanently.

So the current administration might get a crisis sooner than it wants, and from a direction they didn’t anticipate. And to bring it back to our Sadly, No themes and one of my particular hobby horses, this is exactly what Victor Davis Hanson is talking about when he uses the phrase “wisdom of our forefathers”. He argues all the goddamn time that the only thing California needs to solve its ongoing water issues is to build more dams. Like their forefathers did. a-tale-of-four-droughts asshole.