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Mr. Muir, Adobe Called. They Want Illustrator® Back.

Just when you thought Big Hollywood couldn’t be any more preposterous, along comes Chris Muir with one of his comics which, as always, needed to be fixed:


Shorter Chris Muir

Day by Day strip, Feb. 21, 2008 Above: Muir Michelle Obama equals Hitler. [talk radio blaring] Heh-heh. It’s funny because it’s true. [aroma of moldy pizza boxes and dried semen] Heh-heh. [talk radio blaring] Welp, there’s another strip finished. [surfs] I do declare, the far-left fascist Hitler-commie liberals are so far out of the […]


This, that and the other

On the topic of Sadly, No! favorite Chris Muir SEK at LGM makes a good point: I think the lameness of having one of your characters enthusiastically egg on the lunatic rant of another requires no further definition. Toss in the fact that “You’re really cookin’” is a painfully awful pun, and you’re left thinking […]


Boner’s Ark

Doop-de-doop, checkin’ the email. Launches ‘Conservatives’ Answer to Doonesbury’ Well this looks like good news for ol’ Chris Muir. At last he’ll be tapped into the wingnut welfare mainline. Above: Conservatives’ answer to Doonesbury Okay, we helped that one along a bit. Here’s the original strip, and verily, never let it be said that […]


Best? Day By Day? Ever?

While we struggle to make sense of the Pajamas Media collapse,* as well as other such tragic collapses, it seems the world is rolling ever onward, minding its own business except for the strange guy sitting next to me on the Red Line today, who for some reason had crapped in his pants, and was […]


‘Fischer Price,’ Or Some Such Pun

Above: ‘Fischer cut bait,’ or some such pun We’ve noticed there’s been something on ol’ Bryan Fischer’s mind lately. That is, other than the fact that homosexuals are Nazis, and vice versa, and that liberals are Nazis, and so forth. No, it’s not that the exact same thing as Darwin’s Theory of Evolution preceded Darwin […]


Why McCain Avoids Malkin, Sammich-Jihad Edition


Things I Learned From Today’s “Day By Day” Cartoon

1. It is possible, while preparing to go to the opera, to accidentally strap on a concealed holster and a firearm, provoking the reaction “Oops!”. 2. My Glock 22 police .40-caliber semi-auto must be atypical of the line, because from this drawing, they are approximately the size of a shrimp fork. 3. Carrying a gun […]


Day By Day Remix

Uh-huh. That’s about the level of Conservative Funny that we’ve come to expect from ol’ Muir. Let’s see if we can… It totally seems like somebody ought to be saying something in the last panel. But what?


Post-CPAC Day By Day Remix Extravaganza!

Sorry, folks, I’ll stop hogging the site in a minute, but I wanted to do this (a) to decompress, (b) to prove I’m still capable of short, non-soul-melting whimsy, and (c) because Chris Muir really, really, really sucks. While I was combing the blogs of some other CPAC attendees, I noticed that a lot of […]