Why Does Erick Erickson Hate America?

Posted at 7:52 by Tintin

“Can you hear them running for shelter?” Erick Erickson, who once twittered that retired Justice Souter was a “goat fucking child molester,” has been trolling Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter feed looking for dirt for a blog post on the Speaker, which is pretty much like Charles Manson doing a criminal record search on Sharon Tate. And […]


Erick Erickson: Purge Manzi For Claiming The Right Can’t Tolerate Dissent!

Posted at 1:19 by D. Aristophanes

Shorter Erick Erickson, RedState Mark Levin and Jim Manzi It saddens me that National Review did not preemptively squash Jim Manzi’s heretical claim that some conservatives have formed an orthodoxy that is afraid to publicly confront its critics. Also, here is a poorly constructed reference to Trig Palin that could be interpreted as a mean […]


Continuing Erick Erickson week at Sadly, No!…

Posted at 22:33 by Brad

Erick’s interview with Howie Kurtz is a very special moment in American history: KURTZ: Erick Erickson, welcome. ERICKSON: Thanks for having me. KURTZ: You have been getting hammered by liberal commentators since CNN decided to bring you on as a contributor to John King’s program, and it all revolves around the things that you have […]


Erickson vows to punish Stupak by sending him money

Posted at 19:15 by Brad

From the “shit you can’t make up” files: We Can’t Let Bart Stupak Go Without A Judas Like Parting Gift We can’t Bart Stupak go without a parting gift. Judas, after all, got 30 silver coins to sell out our Lord. Stupak needs something for selling out all the children sent off to be slaughtered […]


Contribute to the Erick Erickson Full-Length Mirror Fund

Posted at 5:24 by Tintin

“But I never eat the bun!” Torkel Torkelson the Red wields his atgeir against Alan Grayson but only manages to impale himself on it: Alan Grayson is the corpulent congressman from Florida. Yes, that’s right. Erick just called someone else corpulent. The only reason for this apparent total lack of self-awareness is either that Erick […]


Now All Erick Erickson, All The Time, Here At Sadly, No!

Posted at 18:24 by Tintin

Macon, Georgia’s most illustrious prose stylist, grammar maven, and scholar of history Erick “Joe Bubba” Erickson lets that colored boy in the White House have it: ABOVE: Mahatma “Bubba” Mahatmason Obama released a statement regarding Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. In the statement, Obama says, “Americans owe an enormous measure of gratitude to the Mahatma. His teachings […]


2010: An Erick Erickson Odyssey

Posted at 15:28 by Brad

I have seen the future, my friends, and it is hilarious. Last night I was struck by a prophetic dream in which RedState doofus and Macon city councilor Erick Erickson has succeeded in his quest to save his town from the scourge of its police department. Join with me, friends, as we gaze into the […]


Erick Erickson Denies Barnyard Sex Allegations

Posted at 18:56 by Tintin

Shorter Erick Erickson ABOVE: Erick Erickson models latest Red State fashion design The Way The Left Is Sending Out Ag School Grads To Defend Their Email List Means A Lot of Important People Are On It Although I have not one shred of evidence that there is a double super mega-secret listserv which liberal journalists […]


Victim of Changes

Posted at 2:32 by Cerberus

Do you even understand what a surrender would mean? #learnhowtometaphor Ross Douchehat, The Motherfucking New York Times™: The Terms of Our Surrender Getting older is often presented as a universally terrible thing by society. And there’s certainly arguments to be made in that direction. The cold march of entropy, the loss of faculties one has […]


“Center-Right” Objects To “Moderates” In Clash Of Overton Abomination

Posted at 17:05 by HTML Mencken

Shorter Erich von Erich Red State Championship Wretardling “Thank God for American Crossroads and the Conservative Victory Project” “Faulty Premises and Outlooks Formed” If Karl Rove thinks he can push a bunch of pussyfied RINO candidates on us, he’s got another thing coming. The movement wants real Genghis Khan conservatives, not squishy centrists like Attila […]


Profiles In Courage

Posted at 0:18 by HTML Mencken

Shorter Matt K. Lewis The Daily Cholera “How conservatives and liberals enforce pundit conformity” I am saddened to note that in the current culture of journalism truly brave TV pundits like Erick Erickson, who attacked RINOs from the right on CNN, and Kirsten Powers, who attacks many Democrats from the right on Fox, are rare […]


Don’t Forget The Alligator Moats

Posted at 20:40 by Tintin

Shorter Irky Irkyson, Red Scare: Herman Cain Singlehandedly Revives an Old Stereotype Liberals who don’t think the idea of an electrified fence frying beaners trying to sneak into the U.S. is funny have no sense of humor. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


The Love That Dare Not Bleat Its Name

Posted at 16:36 by Tintin

ABOVE: Josh White, age 11 (left),* Erick Erickson (center) and Gruff (right) Shorter Erick Erickson, Red State “All Catholics Are Pedophiles” — The Democrats’ Closing Argument There is nothing lower than falsely charging a political opponent with child molestation unless they are also goat fuckers. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton […]


The Only Good Injun Is . . . Etc. Etc.

Posted at 21:48 by Tintin

ABOVE: Moe Lane, PFC, Red State Trike Force Shorter Moe Lane, Erick Erickson’s Civil War Reenactors Club Happy Columbus Day! The killing off of Native Americans was a small price to pay so that I could still have most of my teeth at age forty! ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton […]


Mostly Maui Waui Man, But It’s Got Some Labrador In It.

Posted at 21:52 by Tintin

Bill Bennett, The Erick Erickson Network We ignore rise in drug abuse among kids Tens of thousands of kids are dying every year of marijuana overdoses. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


The Unbearable Irksomeness of Irky

Posted at 18:23 by Tintin

ABOVE: Erick Erickson demonstrates his true expertise Shorter Irky Irksome, Red State Scare By Faith: I Am Proud of Franklin Graham I, for one, will not truly believe Obama’s claim that he’s a Christian and not a Muslim until I see the long-form vault copy of his baptismal certificate. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies […]


There Is a Lot More to Be Determined By This Bong Hit Here

Posted at 13:57 by Gavin M.

Above: Baked ham Erick Erickson, RedState: Did the Federal Government Cause the BP Oil Spill? There is a lot more to be determined here, but the Coast Guard may not have followed its own procedures. [merry bubbling sound, throaty exhale ending in cough] Why has the White House withheld the fact that the Coast Guard […]


Erick And The Angry Inch

Posted at 5:50 by Gavin M.

Above: Plays the ham and organ Erick Erickson, RedState: Why Tiahrt Matters How long have we been reading Erick? We spent ten minutes pronouncing ‘tiahrt’ in different ways trying to guess what word he misspelled. That’s how long we’ve been reading Erick. Why, it didn’t even make us blink more than seven or eight times […]


Chuck E.’s In Love

Posted at 10:46 by Gavin M.

“Who ate all the ham?” Eerie Von Erickson,1 RedState: Chuck Efstration: A Personal Favor My endorsement is a rare thing for friends to get that run for office, but my friend Blarf Defenestruction is a candidate worthy of RedState. ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all […]



Posted at 5:43 by Gavin M.

Uh-oh. Him again. E. Erick Erickson,1 RedState: A Tale of Budget Cowardice…and Courage The summer after 5th grade, we got that book out from the library. We read it excitedly through our horn-rimmed Dexter glasses while listening nonstop to Perry Como’s Como Comes Alive. So the Democrats have… This is going to be something that […]

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