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Why Does Erick Erickson Hate America?

“Can you hear them running for shelter?” Erick Erickson, who once twittered that retired Justice Souter was a “goat fucking child molester,” has been trolling Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter feed looking for dirt for a blog post on the Speaker, which is pretty much like Charles Manson doing a criminal record search on Sharon Tate. And […]


Erick Erickson: Purge Manzi For Claiming The Right Can’t Tolerate Dissent!

Shorter Erick Erickson, RedState Mark Levin and Jim Manzi It saddens me that National Review did not preemptively squash Jim Manzi’s heretical claim that some conservatives have formed an orthodoxy that is afraid to publicly confront its critics. Also, here is a poorly constructed reference to Trig Palin that could be interpreted as a mean […]


Continuing Erick Erickson week at Sadly, No!…

Erick’s interview with Howie Kurtz is a very special moment in American history: KURTZ: Erick Erickson, welcome. ERICKSON: Thanks for having me. KURTZ: You have been getting hammered by liberal commentators since CNN decided to bring you on as a contributor to John King’s program, and it all revolves around the things that you have […]


Erickson vows to punish Stupak by sending him money

From the “shit you can’t make up” files: We Can’t Let Bart Stupak Go Without A Judas Like Parting Gift We can’t Bart Stupak go without a parting gift. Judas, after all, got 30 silver coins to sell out our Lord. Stupak needs something for selling out all the children sent off to be slaughtered […]


Contribute to the Erick Erickson Full-Length Mirror Fund

“But I never eat the bun!” Torkel Torkelson the Red wields his atgeir against Alan Grayson but only manages to impale himself on it: Alan Grayson is the corpulent congressman from Florida. Yes, that’s right. Erick just called someone else corpulent. The only reason for this apparent total lack of self-awareness is either that Erick […]


Now All Erick Erickson, All The Time, Here At Sadly, No!

Macon, Georgia’s most illustrious prose stylist, grammar maven, and scholar of history Erick “Joe Bubba” Erickson lets that colored boy in the White House have it: ABOVE: Mahatma “Bubba” Mahatmason Obama released a statement regarding Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. In the statement, Obama says, “Americans owe an enormous measure of gratitude to the Mahatma. His teachings […]


2010: An Erick Erickson Odyssey

I have seen the future, my friends, and it is hilarious. Last night I was struck by a prophetic dream in which RedState doofus and Macon city councilor Erick Erickson has succeeded in his quest to save his town from the scourge of its police department. Join with me, friends, as we gaze into the […]


Erick Erickson Denies Barnyard Sex Allegations

Shorter Erick Erickson ABOVE: Erick Erickson models latest Red State fashion design The Way The Left Is Sending Out Ag School Grads To Defend Their Email List Means A Lot of Important People Are On It Although I have not one shred of evidence that there is a double super mega-secret listserv which liberal journalists […]


Erick son of Erick son of Erick son of Erick

So one of the outlets coughed up recently, or since I was on vacay, or it is possible that this one escaped my knowledge completely, which near as I can tell is yet another conservative rag in a universe sadly lacking them, called The Resergent has an article by the Son of Erick titled: Trump Invites […]


Protecting Our Children From Homocidal Space Unicorns!

Credit for image goes to Slovene band “Unicorns on Fire”. Thank you for being willing to depict trans people in their natural form despite their terrifying Space Gestapos! Susan Wright, Blood Red State: North Carolina Under Attack From the Left For Passage of House Bill 2 CONTENT WARNING: Transphobia… also sarcasm. Metric buttloads of sarcasm. […]