Why do I read Blogs for Bush again?

Posted at 16:57 by Brad

What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I click over to Blogs for Bush every day? I’d be better off drilling a hole in my head, sucking out my brains through a straw, and replacing them with Slush Puppy syrup. Just look at this: Would you like to know what the Democrats’ greatest […]


Pwned Again! (Damn You, Blogs For Bush!)

Posted at 8:35 by Gavin M.

Official Blogs for Bush Commentary on Sen. Obama’s Presidential Announcement As opposed to all those raw, unofficial Blogs For Bush commentaries that keep lighting up the Internet with their sassy and irreverent approach to American politics, circa Generation-Now. This must be from their main office. We’ve gotten used to the wild daily hoots from their […]


Blogs for Bush: Once More Into the Fray

Posted at 17:14 by Brad

I will be a very sad man on the day that Mark Noonan decides to hang up his blogging cleats. Check out this one: This doesn’t mean that America’s patience is endless – there is a need for a clear cut sense of victory in Iraq within the next few months (say by end of […]


Blogs for Bush RULES

Posted at 15:00 by Brad

Blogs for Bush is teh awesomest weblog is teh HISTORY of teh weblog. Check out today’s piece, where Mark Noonan threatens to ban commenters who are too mean to him: Note to Readers We here at Blogs for Bush like to encourage lively debate – we believe in the free and fair give and take […]


With Madness, Blindness, And Confusion of Mind; You Shall Grope About At Noonan*

Posted at 20:44 by Gavin M.

Ah, Palin. Let the last word be from the folks who are still in our hearts called Blogs For Bush. ABOVE: Trendspotter Mark Noonan The Palin Effect? Been seeing a lot of things like this over at NRO’s The Corner – we won’t know if its a general trend for a month or so, but […]


From Morn To Noonan He Fell; From Noonan To Dewy Eve

Posted at 7:18 by Gavin M.

We’ve been neglecting Nooners lately. That’s mostly because we’ve run out of puns like ‘High Noonan,’ ‘Noonan World Order,’ and ‘Darkness at Noonan.’ But as you can see, we just thought of another one. Let’s see what he’s getting up to lately. Failure June 28th, 2008 at 09:33am Mark Noonan Well, it’s been a long […]


Calibrating The Instruments

Posted at 0:57 by Gavin M.

After our failure last time (see below), we’re determined to work the bugs out of the equipment. The first task is to achieve an accurate null-reading. Let’s zero out the settings. Ah. As you can see, it looks perfect now. Above: turban contemporary Let’s input another set of quantities. Here’s a Matt post from Blogs […]


Space: Noondy-Noondy-Noonan*

Posted at 20:26 by Gavin M.

Above: “Open the pod bay doors, Jonah…” With Jonah Goldberg sucking so much dumb out of the atmosphere, we’re worried as to whether there’s still enough dumb for Blogs For Victory (formerly Blogs For Bush). Let’s go check their vital signs! Reid To Effectively Shutdown FEC? Senate Democrats, lead by Harry Reid, are trying to […]


My, How They Change

Posted at 21:00 by Brad

Above: Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of corn Uh-oh. It looks like Hindy has ditched Bush and has redirected his irrepressible man-love to another target: one John Sidney McCain, III: Today, McCain held his more or less weekly blogger conference call. He was his usual direct, irreverent, uncompromising self. [...] On every topic […]


Free On A Technicality

Posted at 0:51 by Travis G.

This most perplexing defense of censorship contains everything we’ve come to know and love about Blogs For Bush: I discovered a lengthy anti-Bush comment preceded by the following taunt: I don’t think you have the b***s to allow this post to the blog. Let’s see. Well, guess what? The comment was published… But I’ve taken […]


Nature Boy

Posted at 6:25 by Travis G.

ABOVE: The life he loves is makin’ music with his friends On a recent drive across Nevada’s barren moonscape from Mesquite to Las Vegas, Mark Noonan lets his mind wander toward his two favorite subjects: Bible stories and topics on which he disagrees with college sophomores who smoke grass and pierce their noses: We are, […]


The Dumbness That Passeth All Understanding

Posted at 6:27 by Gavin M.

Little Green Footballs, September 6th: Osama Bin Dead: Still Talking* The SITE Institute says a new video is coming from Osama bin Laden, but I expect more old footage recut to look new. I remain 97.33% convinced that bin Laden’s been dead for a long time. Little Green Footballs, September 7th: Osama Bin Laden: A […]


Try Sponsoring One Frickin’ Puma, Mark

Posted at 18:14 by Gavin M.

Here’s Mark Noonan at Blogs For Bush, once again getting all grandiose about the measurable and not-at-all-number-juggled evidence of progress in Iraq: Remember back in January where the President was supposedly on the political ropes and would shortly be forced to begin withdrawing from Iraq? “Lame Duck” didn’t even begin to describe President Bush as […]


Look At That Big Hand Move Along, Nearing High Noonan

Posted at 4:58 by Mister Leonard Pierce

Hey, since when do I write about Blogs For Bush? The world has gone topsy-turvy. I mean, I don’t even read that site. What possible interest… I mean to say, what is there over there that could possibly draw my… What I’m getting at is that the whole thing is beneath my… All right! All […]


Tonight At Noonan

Posted at 7:59 by Gavin M.

I turned on the TV and there was a show on about solving crimes through forensic procedures. This has proven a reliable indicator as to whether there’s something silly going on today over at Blogs For Bush. Above: Ma-wa-wark Noo-woo-woonan of Blah-wah-wahgs for Boooshkpfthp They’re loony, you know. The Defeatists are Wrong By Mark Noonan […]


Shorter Ann Althouse

Posted at 20:38 by Gavin M.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Bill’s Carrot And Hillary’s Onion Ring. Why dearies, it was all a little trick to make you think I’m craz. . .Graah! Zarg! Fleen! I can sue you! ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. Update: Apparently, everybody wants a piece of the action. Leo […]


Three Quarks For Muster Mark

Posted at 11:02 by Gavin M.

We find the following at Blogs For Bush: A Word to Our Lefty Readership Woo, I think he means us! At times lefty comments here state that the Multi-National Force Iraq news sources we use are unreliable – essentially telling us that our story is worthless because it is anchored by a MNF-I news report. […]


Yakety Came The Sax

Posted at 4:58 by Gavin M.

From Conservapedia, the ‘trustworthy encyclopedia’ in which evolution is just a theory and George W. Bush’s presidency is an American triumph: Conservapedia:Contest This will be a contest with the purpose of exponentially increasing the number of well written articles. There will be several categories. Each category will have a judge who will review nominations and […]


There Is Always Another Dawn Risen On Noonan,
And Under Every Deep A Lower Deep Opens

Posted at 20:41 by Gavin M.

I turned on the faucet and water came out. This has proven a reliable test as to whether there’s something ridiculous going on over at Blogs For Bush. Is There a Right to Privacy? Most infamously, it was in the Supreme Court’s asinine Roe decision that a “right to privacy” first really caught the public […]


The less-famous Noonan speaks

Posted at 14:04 by Brad

I love this fucking guy: Liberals May Be Descended From Apes, But This Conservative Was Created by the Lord, Our God, in His Divine Image Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) says this in response to the “do you believe in evolution” question: People of faith should be rational, using the gift of reason that God has […]

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