Well, Karen, unofficially, we can call anything whatever we want…*

Because even when it’s about small, inane stuff there’s never any reason not to spout factually inaccurate nonsense. The short-fingered vulgarian says:

Trump continued, “Remember how long it took to get Florida? But I had, fortunately, enough votes, and they were sitting there waiting. […] The panhandle was so devastating to ‘Crooked Hillary’ — that thing came in, then all of a sudden Broward came in. And I won by, you know, I won by a lot of votes. I call it four Yankee stadiums.”

Trump won Florida by 119,770 votes. Yankee Stadium’s capacity (football) is 54,251.



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The way that voting works is a 120,000 margin is actually 60,000 swing voters changing their vote.

So his win in Fl is more like 1 stadium of idiot swing voters.


Sadly lives!


Sadly is back? I hope so!


The fact is, all you liberal snowflakes getting triggered by Trump makes me all warm inside. Soon we will put you all in camps and real Americains will have are country back MERY CHRISTMAS


Well, Yankee Stadium IS also full of assholes.


Arithmetic? Fake news! Real Merkins don’t do no stinkin’ arithmetic. Remember, algebra was invented by a Moslem.


And there was much rejoicing!


So, what’s it going to take to get this jive-ass place up and running again. Srsly, powers that be, get in touch…miss this place and all the peeps…


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