33 Day’s In: Still an intact Polity

My lovely kitten, one Grayson Babylon who remains be-coned, the result of recent spaying is healing nicely and is still sporting those boots resulting from shaving her front paw wrist areas for intravenous injection purposes…They make her look like a grey little fashion plate, as if she could be any more adorable.  And she seems to be healing nicely and should become cone free shortly, and is developing all the signs of a winning personality. I could not be happier camper in the New Kitten department.

Doing the math it seems that we are now just over a month into the Trump Administration…Mar a Lago on the Potomac™, a thunder-dome filled with mini-bike racing, fez be-capped midgets….Shriners!  That’s who I am thinking of, the template for this tableau, because I have seen the mini-motor bike act at the state fair and remember wondering “why the effin Ef!!!” then seeing the kids smiling and realizing that this schmaltz on display was for them, while the Shriners were up to raising money for a world renowned Childrens Hospital up Indianapolis way. One that may even have their name on it.

So I guess the reason a cute kitten and fez wearing monkeys on motorcycle acts come to mind in what might appear a rambling Provider-style meander to who knows where and to what end, The kitten and the administration newly placed into power seem to possess about the same level of maturity, and it will not be long before the kitten, not yet a cat will leave Donald and his minion-ettes in her rear view mirror maturity wise. Of course, while I have yet to come across the thing myself, I am nearly certain that a countdown timer in a basement somewhere is running and that by the time it hits the zero mark, our imperious leader will likely be lurching toward impeachment or have figured out away to awol out the rest of his term from Mara Lago and letting Granny Starver and Box turtle run the show in his stead. Which might not be the worst of options, Which, of course, could just me, being tired as hell looking for a decent nights sleep…


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Think “radars” and “surface to air missiles,” just to scratch the surface.


Mmmmm, smell that irony.

When you’ve lost Ewick son of Ewick, you’ve lost Real Murka.


Jim, you are a dirty dog, and thank you my friend…

I had pleasantly forgotten about that piece of work, to put it nicely, though know that more like them will remain in the shadows for only so long. Just one look at that well fed porcine inflected almost too big for its neck head, demands an answer to what is an obvious request for a mockumentary…

In other more happier news, the kitten is free of her post surgery stitches and is on the dock for some later afternoon or early evening play…

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