Why Dan Is Still America’s Dumbest Homosexual™

ABOVE: B. Daniel Blatt

Shorter B. Daniel Blatt, The Gay Quisling:
Bush-hatred: the liberal obsession that won’t die

  • Obama is completely responsible for the deficit caused by the Bush tax cuts because he didn’t repeal them.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™


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food pron obsessed Emperor of Portland, Pupienus

Awshit, you’re gonna make me swim ashore and I haven’t had my vaccinations.

food pron obsessed Emperor of Portland, Pupienus
Wyatt Watts III

Only 52% of people may approve of God’s job performance, but if it was so gosh darn bad, why did Jesus continue his policies?

Ted the Slacker

Didn’t “Judge not lest ye shall be judged” show up somewhere in the bible?


This thread needs more endless copy/pastes.


This thread needs more endless copy/pastes.


Xecklothayyquou Gilchrist



OK, who ordered the pasta?

Xecklothayyquou Gilchrist

I’m curious to know how this Wal-Mart pork is supposed to win converts or show libruls ar rong or whatever.

Countdown to hickory-smoked LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!


That didn’t take much patience.

I guess I’m next in line after Xecky for nymjacking.


D0nalde? Is that you?


Cripes, dung beetle is back.


Now do Riddley Walker.

Xecklothayyquou Gilchrist

Fake Xecky, the dumb right-wing talking points are no better than the Wal-Mart carcinogenic forcemeat.

I’m taking away your First Amendment rights with a pie filter. Can you feeeeel them SLIPPING AWAY?

Your guns are next!


B. Dan has a good point tho, after all, when the Republicans ran all (yes all) branches of government, they overturned all of the FDR policies they so hated.


As I scrolled through my eyes caught something about cheeseburgers, Alec Baldwin and FEMA trailers. Clearly there is some intelligent material in there just waiting to be read.

food pron obsessed Emperor of Portland, Pupienus

Can anyone explain to me what the trollette gets out of doing that schtick? I mean, I just can not imagine what the reward is, what bizarre mental defect is driving it. I suppose it imagines that we are affected by the method but I can’t even imagine what it thinks the impact is.

Also too and such as, please feel free to join me in poking the gayputzrioters with a sharp stick. I get a kick out of it because it riles them so. It amuses me to stir up their anger – which event is a provable result of my own schtick.


I left a comment at NRO. Jonah tweeted it.


If only Obama hadn’t so comtemptously dismissed the Bush adminstration warnings, 9/11 may not have happened.

Xecklothayyquou Gilchrist

Teaching’s the same. It’s like making donuts. Almost anyone can do it. Even well. Sure, some teachers are complete standouts. But mostly it’s grunt work.


People aren’t equal.

Reconcile, troll! DANCE!


I wonder what B(eansnweenie) Dan feels about the Tintin site administration?


Fake XG deleted and banned.


most favorite comment of all:
Levi’s just mad that President Bush doesn’t share his racist beliefs and has done more for the environment than Clinton and Obama.


I left a comment at NRO. Jonah tweeted it.

l fucking o l!


President Bush … has done more for the environment than Clinton and Obama.

You know, “for” doesn’t mean the same as “to.”


Fake XG deleted and banned.

Thank you!


<i.Fake XG deleted and banned.

Thank you!


food pron obsessed Emperor of Portland, Pupienus

Three cheers for Tintin!


oh, poop…you are too funny…
I could eat a bowl of alpha-bit cereal and poop a better argument than what I see above.


Fake XG deleted and banned.

Oh, just great. Now where am I going to find the same recipe for pork loin 100 times?


<i.Fake XG deleted and banned.

Thank you!


tag fail…not banned…


Tag fail is not a bannable offense.

In fact, on you it’s kinda cute.


Tintin, thanks, you rock.


In fact, on you it’s kinda cute.

awwwww, shucks…


hmmmm…i posted at dblatt’s and it got DELETED!!! wth? i only pointed out to the douchebag eric olsen that his scathing comment to pj that he must be a child, a cuban student or deliberately stupid was not exactly definitive proof that tax cuts make jobs…what a bunch of tools…


so here’s my new comment:

Speaking before a meeting with business leaders, Obama said: “I am absolutely convinced that this tax cut plan, while not perfect, will help grow our economy and create jobs in the private sector.”

so, this is the definitive proof that tax cuts make jobs? uuuhhh…don’t think so…also would like a citation on peej and anyone who voted for obama has come right out and said that we believe obama is never wrong…and your wingnut book of hyperbole does not count as a source…


For added amusement of the kind one gets from watching a total incompetent boob trying to do something way over his head, read Eric Olsens previous post in which he proves that Paul Krugman knows nothing about economics.


i am quite put out that my (monkeyshines) comments keep disappearing…i like to think it’s because of their brilliance…


I don’t feel like any rotten mangos; my stomach won’t handle it, but isn’t the full (standard) GOP argument:

Obama is completely responsible for the deficit caused by the Bush tax cuts because he didn’t repeal them. Of course, any repeal of the Bush tax cuts is an evil tax increase, so that Obama may have even thought of repealing them makes him an evil socialist Islamo-fascist who hates ‘Murka

Xecky Gilchrist

Fake XG deleted and banned.

Many thanks!


IT’S TRUE! Also, Obama treasonously failed to warn FDR of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Wait a minute! Wasn’t there a whole fiscal extortion scenario, where the GOP was happy to refuse to extend expiring unemployment benefits, thus threatening to send millions of their fellow citizens into a living hell of hunger & homelessness, unless Obama agreed to extend the Bush Tax Cuts?

Naaaaah! Nobody could possibly be THAT utterly fucking evil, at least not without being collectively hung by their toes from lamp-posts immediately thereafter & beaten to a pulp like meat-based Tee-Balls, amirite?
So, yeah, let’s see you explain that Pearl Harbour thing, libtards!


I will stay in the boat and laugh at the funny pShop.


Also too and such as, please feel free to join me in poking the gayputzrioters with a sharp stick.

Thanks for the invite, but I’ll my zip up…


This is one of the many reasons why Obama’s tax deal was really fucking stupid. We didn’t get anything out of them since now the Republicans are trying to get all the same entitlement programs cut as part of the debt ceiling deal, while they got the tax cuts they can both claim credit for when they want (as a victory over Obama) and as something foisted on them when they don’t want to own them (as the cause of the huge national debt).

Basically, Obama’s a tactical moron when it comes to actual governance, even if he can sure run a campaign.


On a serious note and back to the original post, it is interesting how even the wingnuts believe it is the height of folly to ever treat wingnut beliefs as worthy of regard or negotiation.

It’s like, “wtf, you listened to us?!? Why would you ever listen to us? Isn’t it obvious we’re a bunch of overgrown man-children throwing a temper tantrum?”

And Obama, whatever his other good qualities, really doesn’t know and might actually be scared (and rightfully so) of handling a government where at least half the participants are throwing a temper tantrum because there’s a black guy in office.


Even if we repealed the cuts today, wouldn’t we still not have the last ten years of taxes they cut?

Or am I mixing up my wingnut causality?


No doubt this has been said many times before, but isn’t a homosexual Republican pretty much the same sort of thing as a Jewish Nazi?

Or a spider-loving fly?


you know, straight Mom chiming in here, but does Daniel Blatt recall at all, that Congress threatened to hold up all other legislation unless the Bush tax cuts were extended? That means DADT would not have been repealed, because we know once the GOP took over the House, that was never gonna get through. Look, I was as angry as the next Dem over those cuts being extended, but it seems to me, an alleged gay activist as Blatt claims to be, would remember that the repeal of DADT rode on whether the Dems capitulated on the Bush tax cuts. Or does Blatt care more about his own little pocketbook than he cares about equality? Frankly, I cannot imagine why any gay person could join the Republican party. Isn’t that a little like an African-American joining the Ku Klux Klan? Another interesting little factoid about the rabid regular posters on his blog which I found out one day when I mistakenly posted, is that V of K, Blatt’s biggest fan, is a straight evangelical moron, who doesn’t believe DADT should have been repealed, nor does he feel DOMA should be repealed, that it “all should be left to the states.” I then asked him if he would support his state if the state legislature passed gay marriage, to which he answered it should be put to a vote by the people. I asked him if he’d vote yes for gay marriage, and he answered “absolutely not!.” Yet Blatt keeps this tool, who posts on his every article, while he bans LGBT activists. How much must that poor poor man hate himself? It’s tragic if you really think about it.


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